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WWW.BATC.ORGOCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010| BUILDERS' DIGEST13DECEMBER 78:30 amBuilders Outreach FoundationOperating Committee11:30 amToastmastersDECEMBER 88:00 amEPA Lead Renovator CourseDECEMBER 99:30 amParade of HomesSMCommitteeDECEMBER 148:30 amBuilders Outreach Foundation11:30 amProfessional Women inBuilding Council2:00 pmPR Task ForceDECEMBER 15BAM Symposium9:30 am50+ Housing CouncilLeadership GroupDECEMBER 203:00 pmAssociates CommitteeDECEMBER 2112:00 pmExecutive Board of DirectorsMeetingDECEMBER 229:3 0 amAwards Committee10:30 amMembership CommitteeDECEMBER 23-24Office Closed for the HolidaysDECEMBER 31Office Closed for New Yearsget yourfree stuffGRAB YOUR BATC BUCKS ANDTUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH4:30 pm Annual Meeting5:30 pm Auction will beginComplimentary Event held at BATC2960 Centre Pointe Drive, Roseville, MN 55113RSVP to Kate Liberko by November 10th, 651-697-7594 or

14BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010WWW.BATC.ORGMarketingMarketingA Recipe Made by Members toSatisfy Your Marketing Appetite.Events are a strong com-ponent of our marketingstrategy, because theyallow us to truly interactwith our customers - bothhomeowners and members of the trades.We take advantage of heavier traffic during salesevents by bringing a culinary chef into our stores todemonstrate specialty products, like coffee systems andsteam cooking. Customers see these new types of prod-ucts in action and can start considering how these newproducts could benefit their life.An upcoming fundraiser held in our store not only willearn us positive exposure, but nearly 200 people -- whomight never have checked us out otherwise -- will comethrough our doors. Customers feel good about doingbusiness with us because we support the community.But getting people in the door is only half the battle.The time we get to spend with them is limited, so wereally do our best to leverage it. This involves everythingfrom keeping the stores clean and welcoming to creatingmultiple touch points through updated promotional dis-play materials and high-definition TVs that stream ourcontent. Our stores are one of our greatest assets, so wefocus on getting as much from them as possible. INGREDIENTPROVIDEDBY:Carla Warner,Warners'Stellian