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34BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010Because the Builders Association of theTwin Cities sends only one copy of Builders'Digestin the mail per company, my guess isthat this quarterly goes straight to the top. And fortunately, that's exactly who I'd liketo talk to. Perhaps you already know this Africanproverb, it's a great reminder to those start-ing in their careers."Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakesup. It knows it must run faster than thefastest lion or it will be killed. Every morn-ing a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrunthe slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or agazelle... when the sun comes up, you'd bet-ter be running."Basically, act now or someone else will. What does this have to do with you?Depending on your experience level, youmight assume that a young professionalsgroup no longer relates to your career orbusiness.But if you employ young professionals,that mind-set could be hampering your busi-ness.You know how valuable BATC is for find-ing business partners and staying current onindustry knowledge, but do you encourageyoung professional employees to seek outopportunities to do the same?Enter BATC Young Professionals, a newgroup focused on events that provide net-working and professional developmentopportunities to those less-established in thebuilding industry (i.e. generally those underthe age of 40). What we're about: .Connecting with peers to bounce ideasoff each other .Getting comfortable networking withinour industry .Becoming involved in the decision-making process that keeps BATC in thetop 10 strongest Builders Associationsin the nation. Not to mention that having a network ofindustry peers and future decision-makersmakes a career more fulfilling. On a larger scale, bringing fresh faces intothe industry and into BATC will help theassociation in the long run and strengthenthe entire membership.The sun's coming up, so help your youngemployees to start "running." E-mailMichelle Bruhn ( to getmore info or to sign up for the next event. It's not tortuous stuff, either. We're plan-ning everything from generational differ-ences training and social media seminars tobrewery tours and winter sporting events. BYJULIEWARNER//Warners' Stellian //jawarner@warnersstellian.comYOUNGPROFESSIONALSscene it.Did you get snapped? Check out our member snapshopsfrom BATC events. View more pics at Volunteers and press were invited to learn moreabout our upcoming trip to Haiti, sponsored by BOFand coordinated by Michelle Bruhn 2. Attendeeswatched a slide show about Haiti from partner WorldWide Village 3 & 4. Chatting about the upcoming trip 5.BATC's Michelle Bruhn with BOF Chair John Zirbes(Lyman Lumber) and BOF Director Jan Berg12435