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EACH SPRING, LOCAL REMODELERSlook forward to seeing how their best work stacks up by competing in the annual ROMAAwards. Begun in 1982, the award program has grown to become one of the highest honors a remodeler can receive. Entries are judgedfor design, quality, value, and how well the project was able to meet the homeowners' requirements. A panel of professionals reviewed eachentrant to select the ROMA winners. In 2010, a total of 81 entries in 17 categories were judged."The ROMA Awards are the highest honor a local remodeler can receive," explains 2007 award banquet emcee and former BATCExecutive Vice President, Bob Hanson. "Judged by skilled industry professionals, ROMA winners can be proud that their work has beencompared with that of the area's top remodelers and found to be the best."ADDITIONSProjects that enlarge a house by adding anew, enclosed space such as a bedroom/bathwing, a family room, or an eating area.ADDITIONS - UNDER 300 SQ. FT.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCADDITIONS - 300-800 SQ. FT.Stonehouse Designs, Inc.ADDITIONS - OVER 800 SQ. FT.Awad + Koontz Architects Builders Inc.BATHROOMSAdding a bath, replacing old fixtures,resurfacing walls and floors, adding storageand counter space, or enlarging the bathwith a bump-out or space from adjoiningroom.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCDECKS/PATIOSOutdoor decking, patio, or other exteriorconstruction (not including porches).Showcase Renovations, Inc.INTERIORSInteriors refer to improvements within theconfines of an existing house, excluding thekitchen and bathroom. Examples might beconverting an unused attic into a familyroom, resurfacing walls and floors, addingarchitectural details such as alcoves or bays,dividing one large room into two, orremoving partitions to combine small roomsinto one large space.Plekkenpol Builders, Inc.KITCHENSKitchen remodeling projects that improvetraffic flow, storage, and/or efficiency.Examples include installing new cabinets,counters or flooring, constructing an island;adding a planning center; or adding aneating area.KITCHENS -UNDER 150 SQ. FT.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCKITCHENS -150 - 300 SQ. FT.Plekkenpol Builders, Inc.KITCHENS -OVER 300 SQ. FT.Affordable Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, Inc.LOWER LEVELBasement (walkout or standard) levelremodeling.LOWER LEVEL -UNDER 1,000 SQ. FT.Finished Basement CompanyLOWER LEVEL -OVER 1,000 SQ. FT.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCOWNER'S SUITE/BEDROOMThis category looks at remodeled bedroomsor bedroom suites.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCSPECIAL - COMMERCIALThis category looks at commercial buildingremodels.L. Cramer Designers & BuildersSPECIAL - OTHERThis category looks at the design of aremodeling project that does not fall intoother ROMA categories.Stonehearth Custom Homes, Inc.SPECIAL - DETAIL COMPONENTSThis category looks at the design detailcomponents of a remodeling project of anytype.Bob Michels Construction, Inc.TOTAL HOUSEThe total-house category refers to anyremodeling project that involves three ormore of the previous categories and mustretain 20 percent of the original structure.TOTAL HOUSE -UNDER 2,500 SQ. FT.Knight Construction Design, Inc.TOTAL HOUSE -OVER 2,500 SQ. FT.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCBEST NEW-COMERADDITIONS - UNDER 300 SQ. FT.Kuhl Designers Builders LLCBEST OF SHOWKuhl Designers Builders LLCWinning projects can be viewed onlineat Click on Awards. We're proud to present to you these 2010 ROMA Award winners:Diamond Sponsors:Gold Sponsors:

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