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6BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010WWW.BATC.ORGWhen I spent a fewhours at our Parade ofHomesSMbooth at theState Fair last month, Iwas reminded onceagain how lucky we areto have such a greatbrand. It was fun to talkto so many folks whoknew and loved theParade of HomesSM. Wegot some excellent videofootage, too (check it outon our YouTube chan-nel). I was also reminded how marketing is so muchmore than ads and promotion. Watching our mem-bers in action as they talked to fair goers and repre-sented the Parade of HomesSMreally made clear thateach of us can influence how our brand is viewed.There's tremendous power in one-on-one interactionto humanize and personalize a brand. Using the personal to connect with customers issomething our sales people have known for a longtime, and is one of the main reasons social media hasbecome so important so fast. It's also why we've addedour "real people" editorial to the Parade of HomesSMguidebook, and enlisted on-air personalities for ourradio spots. In the end, everyone in your organization is mar-keting for you every day. Each time they answer thephone, respond to an inquiry, meet with a prospect,or run into a past client, they are leaving an impres-sion about your brand. Take the time to discuss yourphilosophy, your brand, and your marketing withevery member of your organization. Then take a fewminutes to read through this, our marketing issue ofthe Builders' Digest. You'll learn more than a few tipsfrom our expert marketers. You'll also find plenty of industry information andof course lots of photos and information aboutyou in our Scene It and Member News. Please remember, this is your publication!Let me know if you have ideas to make it bet-ter, want to write an article, or have a fun mem-ber photo to share (especially if it involvestights). Just drop me an email at wendy@batc.orgor call me at 651-697-7565.WE HID IT.A nail is hidden somewhere inevery issue of the Builders'Digest, including the oneyou're holding right now.It could be anywhere - tuckedinto a photo or stuck in a draw-ing. in a margin. in the textbody. even used as an excla-mation point at the end of aheadline. It resembles a real-lifenail and looks something likethis.The nail above is just an exam-ple - it is not the real one hid-den for this issue's contest.We've concealed the real oneelsewhere in this issue, and itcould be a different color or size.Keep in mind, the Spike Clublogo's nail doesnot count.When mem-bers findthe nail,they mailor fax anote to theBuildersAssociation of theTwin Cities, telling what page it'son. Participants will be enteredinto a drawing to win a businesscard size ad in this publication ora set of member labels (non-electronic version). All otherentries receive $20 in BATCBucks. Entries must be receivedby November 15, 2010.Found the nail?Email the pagenumber of your guess, mail or fax to: BATC NailHunt, 2960 Centre Pointe Dr.,Roseville, MN 55113, Fax: 651.697.7575. FINDTHISfound it!Wayne Brunn with BrunnRemodelingfound the nailon page 18 of the July - September 2010 issue of theBuilders' DigestWe're All MarketersEDITORBYWENDYDANKS//Builders' Digest Editor and MarketingDirector for the Builders Association of the Twin Cities651-697-7565 //wendy@batc.orgWant to be published?Wewould love to print your articlein this magazine. [it's easy, just drop us anemail at]The BATC Staff would like tosend a huge Thank You out toPat Hegseth, Lampert Yards, Inc.and John Zirbes, Lyman Lumber,for the donation of materials andconstruction of our first everBATC picnic table. Our summerMember Mixers will be a lotmore fun out in the sun!Thank You