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56Two Larkin Hoffman Shareholders ReceiveDesignationsLarkin Hoffman Shareholders Gary Van Cleve and GregKorstad have been designated as Minnesota State CourtAdministrator qualified Rule 114 neutrals and are listedin the Rule 114 neutral roster. Both attorneys are availableto mediate and arbitrate civil disputes in the real estateand land use areas.Van Cleve is the Chair of Larkin Hoffman's Real EstateLitigation Department and is a seasoned trial attorney and appellate advo-cate in real estate related litigation areas in state and federal court. He isalso a National Board of Trial Advocacy Certified Trial Specialist and aMinnesota State Bar Association Board Certified Real Property Specialistand Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist.Korstad is the former Chair of Larkin Hoffman's RealEstate and Land Use Department and represents publicand private clients on environmental issues includingacquisition and development of environmentally sensitiveproperties, environmental compliance, auditing andmanagement, Superfund liability defense, air emissionscompliance, and waste recycling and disposal issues.Visit them online at Homes Celebrates 15th Year!Pillar Homes celebrated their15th year in business on July14th with a barbecue andplenty of good camaraderie.The Prior Lake Water SkiTeam made a big splash, too. ON THE MOVEHedberg Landscape and Masonry SuppliesExpandsHedberg Landscape & Masonry Supplies is pleasedto announce a 500 square-foot expansion to theirmasonry showroom at 975 Nathan Lane North inPlymouth.'We are thrilled to offer clients the largest, most beau-tiful showroom in the Midwest. With this newexpansion, we're able to showcase even more stonepanels to show clients many new options in decorat-ing and building with stone and brick," said ReginaHiller, Plymouth Masonry's Branch Manager."With the explosion of manufactured stone optionswe're seeing more interior use of stone includingaccent walls, wine cellars, kitchen areas, fireplaces and much more. Withthe ever growing variety of styles, shapes and colors; manufactured stoneworks well with any style of home. We hope people will stop in and seeour new displays," concluded Hiller.For more information, call (763) 392-5920 or Design Center Announces NewDivisionInspiration DesignCenter has expand-ed and added a newdivision: Tile. Theirextensive selectionof high qualitystone, glass andceramic tile products offer unique and distinctive choices forbuilders, remodelers and homeowners. You're invited to check outthe beautiful new tile division, covering more than 1,000 square feetof their 7,500 square foot showroom in Burnsville.Visit them online at Design Studio for James Barton DesignBuildIt's been a busy summer for James Barton Design Build, as the com-pany opened a brand-new design studio in August. A Grand Openingparty was held early in the month, complete with a joint ribbon cut-ting ceremony with the Apple Valley and Lakeville Chambers.Visit them online at to learn more.NEW PEOPLE & PROMOTIONSWestwood Professional Services AnnouncesEnergy Company AcquisitionWestwood Professional Services Inc. announces the acquisition ofWestwood Renewables, LLC in August. Prior to the acquisition,Westwood held a thirty- three percent stake in the company.Mario Monesterio is nationally recognized for his expertise in renewableenergy design and engineering. He will join Westwood as the director ofthe firm's Renewables System Design group and continue to developWestwood's expertise in photovoltaic (PV) system design and other renew-able energy technologies. Nathan Franzen will join Westwood as the director of the company's SolarEnergy business unit and focus on expanding Westwood's national renew-able energy client base in the distributed and utility-scale solar markets.The merger is expected to go smoothly, as the two firms have partnered onthe recently completed 400kW Saint John's Solar Farm and the currentlyunder construction 600kW Minneapolis Convention Center RooftopSolar Project.Greenhagen credits their partnership on Saint John's Solar Farm as a turn-ing point in Westwood's solar business. "Saint John's solar project provid-ed Westwood an opportunity to learn all facets of PV solar integration. Weworked closely with all stakeholders from the very beginning and gainedknowledge that will provide added value to our clients through enhancedKC CHERMAK WITH RUTH PETERMANNAND DEB EARL>>MEMBERNEWS, CONTINUEDTOPAGE57HEDBERG'SSHOWROOMINSPIRATIONDESIGN CENTERGARYVAN CLEVEGREGKORSTADBUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010WWW.BATC.ORG

WWW.BATC.ORGOCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010| BUILDERS' DIGEST57project designs. It would have been difficult to achieve that experience anyother way."Check them out online at Sales Associates Join the Team atLampertsLamperts is excited to announce the addition of new members totheir sales staff. Eldon Peterson and Dave Zych have joined theRockford sales team. Jayson Bartolain and Mark Gieseke have joinedthe sales team at Lake Elmo. Lamperts is also pleased to announce thepromotion of Joe Koury to Sales Manager at their Lake Elmo location.We wish them the all the best!Visit them online at Key Realty/Key Land Homes WelcomesNew AgentsHome Key Realty/Key Land Homes is proud to name two new agentsto their team, Melissa Potvin and Doug Peterson.Visit them online at Systems Welcomes Brett RemmeIn-Focus Systems, an Audio Video Contractor is proudto announce that Brett Remme has joined their team asDirector of Business Relations. Brett brings more than20 years of experience in the consumer electronicindustry with product and business development,sales, and account management.Brett's focus has been with the specialty AV independents and thelargest national electronic retailers. He has collaborated with clients,builders, and the manufacturers to enhance their overall relationships.With his well rounded knowledge of the audio video, low voltage busi-ness, Brett will take the lead in establishing builder/contractor commu-nication and their overall satisfaction.Visit In-Focus online at Niebeling Joins the Team at MidwestHome MagazineMidwest Home Magazineis excited to announce the hiringof their new Junior Account Executive, Tara Niebeling.Tara is a recent graduate from the University of St. Thomaswith degrees in both Advertising and CommunicationStudies. She brings a lot of excitement and enthusiasm toher new position. You will no doubt see her around atBATC events and she is ready to be a part of many BATCcommittees. Welcome Tara!Visit Midwest Homeonline at' Stellian Welcomes Pat Phillips to theFamilyPat Phillips is Warners' Stellian's newest member oftheir corporate sales team. Many of you know Patfrom his 35 years in the business,19 of them withGuyers, and most recently with All, Inc."Im glad to be part of this organization," said Pat."Their slogan, we work hard to earn your business, isnot just a slogan, the Warners really do work hard tomake sure their customers are happy with the whole process. Theyare just good people."Visit Warners' Stellian online at Announces Two NewEnvironmental Group AdditionsWestwood Professional Services, Inc., announces thatDr. Jim Arndt has joined Westwood's Eden Prairieoffice as a Senior Environmental Scientist. Jim holds adegree in Soil Science from North Dakota StateUniversity with an emphasis in biogeochemistry, wet-land soils, soil development, hydrology, and soil inter-pretations.Jim is a licensed professional soil scientist in several Midwest statesand has 30 years of environmental experience in the Minneapolis-St.Paul area and the upper Midwest. His areas of expertise include wet-lands and aquatic resources with an emphasis on hydric soils,groundwater hydrology, and geochemistry; preparation of NEPA doc-uments; GIS-assisted assessment of soil properties and limitationsalong large linear corridors (interstate and intrastate pipelines); andthe assessment and mitigation of adverse project agricultural impacts.Jim has also worked on several Environmental Impact Statementsassessing potential adverse mining and flood control impacts toaquatic ecosystems. Jim will be assisting the environmental groupwith permitting on major energy projects and inexpanding clientele in the energy and mining sectors.Westwood would also like to announce that KellyKunst has joined the Eden Prairie office as anEnvironmental Scientist. She brings more than sevenyears of expertise in wetland delineations, mitigationcompliance monitoring, wetland permit applications, habitat assess-ments, and plant identification including tree surveys. She will beproviding these skills and services on developing properties in theresidential, commercial, wind, transmission, and solar markets. Kellyspent the earlier part of her environmental career in the state ofWashington, where she also received her Master of Science in ForestResources.Visit Westwood online at>>MEMBERNEWS, CONTINUEDTOPAGE58BRETT REMMEJIM ARNDTKELLY KUNSTPAT PHILLIPSTARANIEBELINGStaying Connected with Member News Send all your important news