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58BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010WWW.BATC.ORGEVENTSJ. Knutson & Associates Hosting DecemberEventOn December 8th, J. Knutson & Associates will be hosting an all day eventin St. Paul for construction professionals called JKA Business Managementand Technology Day. It will be a great networking opportunity and educa-tional experience for contractors, builders, business owners, office staffand associates/vendors.For more information and to check out registration options, Resawn Timbers Open HouseManomin Resawn Timbers in Hugo invites you to their open houseon October 14th, from 4-7 pm. Join them for BBQ pork and turkey,salads, beer, wine and beverage - and to check out their beautifulshowroom filled with gorgeous reclaimed wood flooring and othercustom wood projects.Manomin Resawn Timbers specializes in creating beautiful wideplank flooring from antique lumber. With years of professional expe-rience, their craftsmen are experts in both milling and installing ofthese magnificent floors.Please RSVP to if you will be attending andvisit them online at - BABIES,WEDDINGS AND MORE...Congratulations are in order for Jeff Kraemer,Project Manager at John Kraemer & Sons,Inc., and his new bride, Megan Friend. Theywere married on June 5th in a lovely ceremo-ny, and have been together since high school.Jeff and Megan now reside in Carver.It is official! Grant Pehrsonof Shane Homes,Inc. married Brenda Beamof C.N. Ostrom &Sons on Saturday, July 10th on LakeMinnetonka. They thank everyone for theirwell wishes and support!Welcome to the world, Jude Thomas! ChrissyBurrof CS Media Inc., along with her hus-band Jeremy, welcomed a baby boy on July29th, at 11:37 pm. Jude Thomas was 6pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long.According to Christy, Jude is a blessing andhas been a perfect angel allowing these firsttime parents to adjust very well to parenting.Congratulations!CONDOLENCES Our sincere condolences to the entire Rebers family on the death ofSidney Reberson August 19th. Sid founded Rebers ConstructionCompany in 1958, and built 387 homes and a number of commercialproperties over the years. His company motto was "Quality is remem-bered long after price is forgotten." Sid certainly won't be forgotten. Ourdeepest sympathy.SPECIAL THANK YOUThank you to Lyman Lumber and Pat Hegsethfor building our brandnew and very sturdy picnic table. We debuted our new table at ourAugust barbecue/mixer and will be using it over and over in the years tocome.We'd also like to again thank Dwight Deisting, All Aspects Constructionfor all his "Honey Do" Help. Dwight has recently spent a number ofhours at BATC taking care of several handyman items for us.JUDE THOMASKRAEMER WEDDINGPEHRSON WEDDINGPhoto courtesy ofPeterson Portraitsresource to others, become known as an expert in your own field..Ask questions of others that will provide more than yes or noanswers.Show genuine interest in their stories, and start theprocess of building a relationship based on trust. Remember thatpeople will always choose to do business with someone they knowor someone who was recommended to them, over a total stranger!.Tell people what you want. "I am looking for.." Can you help mewith.".Practice helping others, it will make you feel good, and you will gohome happier for having networked. Words to the wise-In thebeginning, it is better to give than to receive.Effective networking is inexpensive and in many cases it is free! Putyourself out there; be active, be present and be attentive. Your new Company Champions and Partners in Business are waitingto meet you! Will it happen this week?>>NETWORKING, CONTINUEDFROMPAGE18>>INTHEFIELD, CONTINUEDFROMPAGE30the basement. The exterior waterproofing recommended to manage capil-lary action will also manage diffusion. Wherever the foundation is in con-tact with the soil, there needs to be an effective barrier to manage the mois-ture drive toward the inside of the basement. The exterior is the best placefor that barrier to stop moisture flow. Once the moisture gets inside thebasement, energy consuming equipment must be used to ventilate ordehumidify the interior space. The one time expense of placing an effectivemoisture barrier will be less than that of installing mechanical systems andoperating them for the entire life of the building. When building new,choosing effective exterior moisture barriers will provide more options forthe use of basement space. When retrofitting, the exterior solutions towater-manage foundations and basements will still be the best choice, butthere will be limitations imposed by the site, the water level around thefoundation, and the soil contact of the footings and slabs. Whatever thesource of the water, testing to identify and evaluate the moisture sourcesacting on the foundation will provide the best guidance on how basementspaces can be safely used.Richard Stone, Extension Educator in Housing Technology, University of MinnesotaExtension

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