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60BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER JULY-AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 20102010WWW.BATC.ORGscene it.Did you get snapped? Check out our photos from BATC events. View more pics at Plus, videos at, BATC MEDIAROMA - Remodeler of Merit Awards2564311. BATC President Gary Aulik with his son and employee, Tom Aulik (Aulik and Associates) 2. Winners Patrick Felton, Jennifer Jorgensen, Chris Koch and Matt Cook (FinishedBasement Company) 3. John Zirbes (Lyman Lumber), John Taylor (Marvin Windows and Doors), Mike Swanson (Rottlund Homes), and Curt Christensen (Lee Lynn Construction)4. The nights big winners from Kuhl Design Builders Mitch Tuthill, Rachel Thibault, Dan Murphy, Ashley Miltyng, Craig Favorito, Shauna O'Brien, Nikki Wakal, Steve Kuhl, EricMaciazka, and Shawn Kelly 5. Curt and Deb Christensen (Lee Lyn Construction) 6. Ross and Sara Anderson (Orion Home Systems) 7. Karen Filloon (Southview Design), Maryand Caity Michels (Bob Michels Construction) 8. Kerry Mulcrone (Mulcrone & Associates), Julie Krahn and Kori Meewes (Midwest Home Magazine), Ruth Petermann (BATC),Pamela Belz (Senior Housing Partners) 9. Dennis Barth (Affordable Kitchen and Bath) with Gary Aulik (Aulik & Associates)879

WWW.BATC.ORGOCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010| BUILDERS' DIGEST61scene it.Did you get snapped? Check out our photos from BATC events. View more pics at - Remodeler of Merit Awards123456897121. James Vagle (BATC) and John Zirbes (Lyman Lumber) filling the donation box to help send BATC members on a build-trip to Haiti this winter 2. Emcees Lucas Phalen fromKDWB and BATC Prez Gary Aulik, our own comedy team! 3. Kelly Knight and Kristen Peck (Knight Construction Design) 4. Stepen Roche and Kevin Kish (Showcase Renovations)5. Jayne Carey Peterson, Michelle Eernisse, and Regan McKone (Mpls. St. Paul Magazine) 6. Jim Cuzzy, Plekkenpol Buildes 7. James Madsen and Mary Jo Lageson (JamesBarton Design Build) 8. Bob, Mary and Caity Michels (Bob Michels Construction) enjoying some great networking during dinner 9. Kevin Hanley and Brian VanderLee (StarTribune) 10. Ali and Debbie Awad (Awad & Koontz Architect Builders) 11. Woody Leininger (Award Sponsor Brush Masters) with winner Gary Knight (Knight Construction Design)12. Andy and Bob Michels (Bob Michels Construction)1011