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8BUILDERS' DIGEST| OCTOBER-NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010As we near the end of 2010, I wanted to take thisopportunity to thank you all for your support andencouragement during what I might describe as avery interesting year. While nationally this year has marked a tentativerecovery in the housing market at best, locally we'vebeen in a much better situation. Our unemploymentnumbers have averaged about two points lower thanthe national figure, and our permit activity stabilizedlate last year. Reports from our spring Parade ofHomesSMwere very encouraging, and while we expect-ed a dip after the national tax credits expired, we werepleased that it was relatively minor in our market.Those of us who remodel have also seen a strength-ening in demand this year. In fact, the Harvard JointCenter for Housing released a very positive report inJuly. In their quarterly Leading Indicator ofRemodeling Activity (LIRA), Kermit Baker, director ofthe Remodeling Futures Program, says "The recoveryin home improvement activity appears to be movingbeyond simple replacement projects and energy retro-fits to broader remodels and upgrades.""The LIRA points to growth accelerating to thedouble-digit range in the first quarter of 2011," notesEric Blesky, managing director of the Joint Center forHousing Studies. "Absent a reversal of recent econom-ic progress, there should be a healthy upturn in homeimprovement activity by year-end and into next year."What I'm hearing from many of our remodelersconfirms that area homeowners are beginning to feelmore confident about investing in their homes. Andthey're investing in bigger jobs than had been the caseover the past couple of years. I think we all know theresidential construction market won't again reach thevolume of the mid 2000s, but I am optimistic that theTwin Cities market will continue to be one of the bestplaces in the United States to practice our craft.Welcome our New Executive DirectorOne of the challenges at BATC this year was to finda new executive officer. I'm very pleased to say I thinkour search committee did a great job, and has broughtus an exceptional person to fill the "corner office."David Siegel has a very strong association backgroundas well as the personal skills and charisma that willserve our industry well. I urge you to read his intro-duction on page 10, and to make it a point to intro-duce yourselves to him. I know you will all makeDavid feel very welcome. It's been an honor serving you. I'm looking forwardto the coming year at BATC. With Rich Riemersma,Imperial Homes, Inc. at the helm and David Siegelproviding in-house leadership, I am confident ourassociation is in good hands. Working For You Atthe LegislatureEXECUTIVE DIRECTORDavid SiegelVICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE &ADMINISTRATION AND PUBLISHERColeen SeversonEDITORWendy DanksGRAPHIC DESIGNER/PROJECT MANAGERDawnita ParmelyPRODUCTION ARTISTCasey HafnerEXECUTIVEBOARDPresidentGary Aulik, Aulik & Associates, Inc.Builder Vice PresidentRichard Riemersma, Imperial Homes, Inc.Associate Vice PresidentKori Meewes, Midwest Home MagazinePast Associate Vice PresidentTim Liester, Lyman Lumber Co.SecretaryJon Coty, Arrow Building CenterTreasurerCurt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction, LLCPast PresidentMike Swanson, Rottlund HomesPast President Council RepresentativeCraig Plekkenpol, Plekkenpol Builders, Inc.BOARDOFDIRECTORS50+ Housing CouncilAlisa Boroff, Access SolutionsAssociates CommitteeKori Meewes , Midwest Home MagazineBuilders Association of the Twin CitiesRemodelersSMBob Michels, Bob Michels ConstructionBuilders Outreach FoundationJohn Zirbes, Lyman Lumber Co.Developers CouncilDavid Pattberg, Woodside Communities of MinnesotaEducation CommitteeCarole Griffith, Homes by Tradition, LLCLarge Volume Builders CommitteeStephen Paul, D.R. Horton - MinnesotaMembership CommitteeJon Coty, Arrow Building CenterParade of HomesSMCommitteeCurt Christensen, Lee Lyn Construction, LLCProfessional Women in Building CouncilConstance Koopman, Relocation Team WorldwidePublic Policy CommitteePamela Belz, Senior Housing ParntersRemodelers ShowcaseSMCommitteeJack Williams, J.W. Williams Construction, Inc.Sales & Marketing CouncilKerry Mulcrone, Mulcrone & AssociatesSmall Volume Builders Committee Jeff Schoenwetter, JMS Custom Homes, LLCSpecial Events Committee Jon Coty, Arrow Building CenterPRESIDENTfrom the president's deskBYGARYAULIK//President, Builders Association of the TwinCities //Owner of Aulik & Associates, Inc.952-591-1500 //

9SNIPITSThank You Writers!Our thanks to those of you who contributed tothe Builders' Digestin 2010. We truly appreciateyour willingness to share your expertise andinsight with our membership.Specifically we want to thank:Richard Stone and Pat Huelman, University ofMinnesota Cold Climate Housing, for keepingeveryone up on construction technology.Kerry Mulcrone, Kerry Mulcrone and Associates;Rick Storlie, New Home Coach; and DonLehnhoff, T&T Designs for exceptional sales andmarketing articles.Tim Hassett, Felhaber, Larson, Fenlon & Vogt,for keeping everyone up on the law.Jon Coty, Arrow Building Center, our WII FM DJextraordinaire.Pam Belz,Senior Housing Partners, and PeterCoyle, Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren, forhelping us understand public policy, and toPeder Larsonand Julie Perrius, also of LarkinHoffman for their insights on ReformingEnvironmental Review.Jim Lynum, Builders Insurance Services for tipson insurance.Julie Warner, Warners' Stellian for sharingBATC's Young Professionals (YP) viewpoints.Betty Hardle, Market Graphics, for excellenthousing data.Daniel Locher, MN Dept. of Health for helpingus better understand the new EPA Lead Rule.Pam Perri, Builders Association of Minnesota,for our BAM Updates.Jan Berg, Builders Outreach Foundation, andBOF Chair John Zirbes, Lyman Lumber, forkeeping us up on our charitable foundation.Plus, of course, BATC President Gary Aulik,Aulik & Associates, and BATC staffers MichelleBruhn and James Vagle for articles that help uscreate a fun and informative publication for you.And we'd also like to thank YOU our members.From our Mem Spots to our Scene It photos andMember News, your participation helped makeBuilders' Digesttruly memorable.Coleen Severson, PublisherWendy Danks, EditorDawnita Parmely, Project Manager/Designer Professional Women in BuildingPartners with Habitat for Humanityand Builders Outreach FoundationBy Constance Koopman, Professional Women in Building ChairWhat happens when you get 15women together who have the passionfor construction and making a differ-ence? You have Habitat for HumanityWomen Build. National Women Buildheld annually challenges U.S. womento devote at least one day to the effort ofeliminating poverty housing.A very special THANK YOU to theBuilders Outreach Foundation whosponsored our one-day Women BuildEvent.The 2010 project in NorthMinneapolis marked the 14th home to be completed bygroups of Twin Cities' women volunteers since the localprogram's inception in 1992. On July 29th, in 92 degree heat, our team of PWB vol-unteers worked on installing 1,184 square feet ofsheetrock, laying the cement foundation wall for thedetached garage and installing corbels around the home. Through this experience our team of women wereencouraged to have fun while making a difference for afamily in need of safe, affordable housing. The revitaliza-tion of this home brought attention to a neighborhood thatmight have not otherwise been noticed.Despite the heat, at the end of the day we all agreed thatwe felt empowered. Some of the women on our teamlearned how to use power tools and hammers for the firsttime, as well as understanding the importance of safety ona construction site. Many of us have a new found appreci-ation for the builders and contractors who truly are crafts-men and women in the construction field.We know that together we can make a difference, onefamily at a time. ProfessionalWomen inBuildingScholarshipsAnnouncedThe BATC ProfessionalWomen in Building Council ispleased to announce theavailability of one $350 andtwo $200 scholarships. Ourcouncil is interested in fur-thering the educationalopportunities for women inthe construction relatedfields. You can download anapplication at,click on "Join a Council" andthen click on scholarshipapplication, or contact MarySchweich at 651-697-7572 2010| BUILDERS' DIGEST