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Designed like an accident in progress, Spilt Milk will add a splash of fun to your table. It's made from soft, flexible silicone that's practically indestruc-table. So, even if Junior whips it across the room you'll never need to cry. 6" x 3", perfect for a helping of Cheerios. Individual gift- boxes. Design by Laura Strasser and Milia Seyppel. SOUPER! TM bif! bam! pow! let's eat Invite a super- hero to your table and any meal becomes mighty fun. Souper! has posable arms and legs, just like an action figure, so he can soar through the Spaghetti- O's at warp speed. His bulked- up sonic-sealed body and stainless head are fully food- safe and washable. Clear peggable giftboxes. Design by Carl Misch, Fred studio. SPILT MILK TM the splish splash cereal bowl TABLE17 NEW NEW

FLOPTOPS TM eat, play, and be merry Flop Tops are moppy- haired characters that can't stand still while you eat – they bob and swish with every spoonful, leaving a trail of giggles every time. And if they manage to get a little sauce in their hair ( hey, it could hap-pen), their silicone- and- stainless construction makes them a snap to clean. Dishwasher- safe, kid- size, all fun. One spoon & one fork in each peggable, recyclable, clear box. SNACK& STACK TM take along utensils Snack & Stack is sized for kids and grown- ups alike. The silicone handles snap together se-curely for easy storage and packing, not to mention endless amusement. Perfect for lunch boxes, picnics, your desk drawer or glove box. Each set of three dishwasher- safe utensils is packed in a peggable recyclable clear box. De-sign by Liz Goulet Dubois and Winnif Pang. AIRFORK ONE TM for perfect in- flight meals Airfork One is now ready for take- off! It's made of sleek stainless steel encased in food-grade, dishwasher- safe silicone, just the thing to bring those mashed potatoes and peas in for a safe landing. It's high- flying meal- time fun for the little ones. 6.5" long, packed in a recyclable clear peggable PET box. Design by Sibylle Stoeckli/ ECAL. 18TABLE