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BEER BANDS TM never lose your beer again WINELINES TM I. D. tags for your stemware All beers are created equal, or so it seems when you're trying to find yours at a party. So just stretch a Beer Band around your bottle or can and separate yourself from the pack! Beer Bands are durable, reusable, stretchy molded rings sized to fit bottles, cans... and wrists! We've packed 12 bands into every peggable clamshell, perfect for pool parties or just lounging around the old rumpus room. There are three series – Personalities, Mine, and Bombed! - choose the one that says it best for YOU. Design by Mary Beth Cryan, Fred studio. Can't find your chianti? Misplaced your merlot? Don't fret. Wine Lines are here to save the soiree. Insert the band through the slot and tighten around the stem of your glass. Voila — your rosé is recognizable! Four themes, by style or assorted. Peggable clamshell packs. 32PARTY

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