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POT TM PUPPETS glovin' for the oven Do you like to cook? Or maybe you just ACT like you like to cook. Either way, Pot Puppets love to join in on the fun - they can take the heat and emerge with a smile. Choose the Bear or Monkey, avail-able by style or assorted. Individual peg-gable foil bags. Design by Winnif Pang. CHOP CHOP TM just leave it to cleaver Chop Chop is a serious beachwood cutting board with a 5" chef's knife built right in. This trompe l'oeil cleaver is perfect for prep, for parties, for display, for gift- giving. In-dividual giftboxes. Design by pbb& o, Thailand. EQUAL MEASURE TM kitchen measurements in a whole new light View your measurements in a surprising new light — next time you make brown-ies, use a tyrannosaur's brain of flour, or sugar equal to the water in a cumulus cloud the size of the bus. Equal Measure is half measuring cup, half laboratory beaker, and all fun. And don't worry, we included ounces, milliliters, and cups on the scale too! 2 1/ 2- cup capacity, heat-resistant, dishwasher- safe borosilicate glass, individual giftboxes. Research and 4KITCHENdesign by Dr. Harry White. NEW

FRENCH TOAST TM It's the toast of Paris Just stamp your baguette, pop it in le toaster, and suddenly your relaxing along the Champs Ely-sées. French Toast is parfait - know what I'm Seine? Packed on peg-gable blisters. Concept by Amy Ansong. HOLY TOAST! TM the visionary bread stamper In the beginning there was bread. Ho hum. Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy- to- use Holy Toast stamper always makes a good impression. Peggable " clam-shell" packaging. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio. BATTER FINGER TM a handy little spatula Uh, oh... have you been caught with your finger in that delicious cake bat-ter again? Next time, don't gross ev-eryone out – use your BatterFinger instead! It's a handy silicone spatula that stirs, blends, scrapes, and frosts with ease. Peggable, recyclable clear boxes. Design by Jean Laurent Vie. KITCHEN5 NEW