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CASSETTE TOTE mix it up with this retro carry- all Time to unwind and rewind with this low- tech tote bag. Full- color printed flexible plastic, complete with handles that look like the tape is unravelling ( didn't you just hate it when that happened)? Casual and roomy, our Cas-sette Tote is the perfect way to pack your important stuff ( like your leg warmers, mini skirt, and jelly shoes). What a feelin'! FUZZ the crime scene scarf Create your own crime scene with this extra- long, extra cozy knit scarf. The coppers may question it, but you'll get off, we guarantee. It's acrylic wth a touch of spandex for extra oomph; it's just shy of five feet long; and it's packed all rolled up in a clear drum for handy display. Design by Michelle Kempner. XPOSED get in touch with your inner stuff Here's a subversive new line of bags that subtly reveals the real you, as well as your spiked collar and snub- nose revolver. Xposed comes in two styles — a handy zip-close cosmetic bag, and a grocery tote. Durable non- woven plastic fiber. Uhhh, not recommended for airline carry- on. 46LIFE

GOLDEN EGG TM hatch a dream TINSEL TAPE TM make your boxes sparkle Inspired by the fable of The Goose with the Golden Egg, this highly polished, 6" tall, " gold-plated" porcelain egg is cleverly transformed into a money bank. The Golden Egg is a great gift for children's birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions. The beautiful gift box cites the famous tale. What's silvery, tinsely, garlandy, and an elf's best friend? Why it must be Tinsel Tape from our friends Atypyk. It's 75 feet long, nearly 2" wide, super clear, super sticky, and equipped with a handy reusable dispenser. So... ready, set, tape! GENUINE IDEAS BY ATYPYK INANIMATE TM add character to your inanimate objects Peel some InAnimate stickers and place ' em on your stapler, decorate your pencil holder, jazz up your morning java, personalize your mouse… then bring on the smiles. Each pack includes LOTS of eyes and mouths, and yes they're re-movable! Packaged in crispy clear peggable headerbags. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred studio. LIFE47