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GOLDEN EGG TM hatch a dream TINSEL TAPE TM make your boxes sparkle Inspired by the fable of The Goose with the Golden Egg, this highly polished, 6" tall, " gold-plated" porcelain egg is cleverly transformed into a money bank. The Golden Egg is a great gift for children's birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions. The beautiful gift box cites the famous tale. What's silvery, tinsely, garlandy, and an elf's best friend? Why it must be Tinsel Tape from our friends Atypyk. It's 75 feet long, nearly 2" wide, super clear, super sticky, and equipped with a handy reusable dispenser. So... ready, set, tape! GENUINE IDEAS BY ATYPYK INANIMATE TM add character to your inanimate objects Peel some InAnimate stickers and place ' em on your stapler, decorate your pencil holder, jazz up your morning java, personalize your mouse… then bring on the smiles. Each pack includes LOTS of eyes and mouths, and yes they're re-movable! Packaged in crispy clear peggable headerbags. Design by Christina Sciullo, Fred studio. LIFE47

SMART COOKIE TM tasty bites of wisdom Smart Cookie knows all, tells all. Yes, Fred concedes it's a take- off on the classic " Magic 8 Ball," but fresh, tasteful, and lotsa fun. It feels and looks a lot like the genuine article, and it combines the ancient wisdom of the Ori-ent with a splash of Fred's wise- ass attitude. Some of its twenty- one inscrutable answers... See what we mean? Smart Cookie is packed in a clever clear plastic Chinese take- out box with " try me" function. Future sticky like rice You don't wonton know Try the egg roll Answer Sweet & Sour Remember that schoolyard staple Dodge Ball, where one kid had the ball and everybody else had to " dodge?" Dodge ' Em is a kinder, gentler version ... and this time you've got the ball! Line up the target kids on a flat surface – desk, table, or floor – and see how many you can topple with each throw. Dodge ' Em is a set of 8 screen- printed hard-wood blocks measuring around 3" x 1/ 2" along with a lightweight sponge- ball. Packaged in a nice printed clear box with frosted highlights. DODGE ' EM TM the desktop dodgeball game HEAD GAMES TM blocks that build character Twist ' em, spin ' em, smile at ' em - it's the fun way to make faces! Colorful hardwood Headgames is a great stacking toy for young and old alike ( Fred can't keep his hands off them, and he's really old). They're screen printed all around so you can make thousands of amusing faces, and if you stand your Headgame up on a table it actually makes TWO different faces – one from the front and a completely different one from behind. Each block is a generous 1.75" thick and they're all packed together in a clear plastic storage box. 48LIFE