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REVENGE TM 20 ways to calm down your noisy neighbors Ah, Revenge is sweet, especially when extract-ed from your annoyingly loud neighbors! This CD features some really disturbing noises... un-forgettable tracks like Inhuman Screams, the agonizing squeal of Violin Practice, and the ex-quisitely excruciating din of House Party. So, don the handy earplugs that we've thought-fully included and crank up the volume! GENUINE IDEAS BY ATYPYK PACKIN' HEAT TM reusable portable heat packs gel- filled Packin' Heat hot packs will warm you instantly for 20 minutes or more and they can be used again and again! Packin' Heat comes with two generous packs in each peggable clamshell. Caliente! Design by Jason Amen-dolara, Fred studio. PLEASE HOLD TM the handy handset for your hand- held phone Instantly turn your state- of- the- art cell phone into a relic from the 50' s! Just plug our retro Please Hold handset right into the earphone jack and get cool. 4 classic colors with matching coiled cord. Three plug adaptors included to fit most cell phones. Clear peggable packs. LIFE49 Baby, when it's coold outside you need to pack some heat. Our

COMIC BLOCKS TM a week @ work Ever feel like of?ce life is just a series of unconnected, random events? Is every work-week a mere blur of mindless activity? Wel-come to the rat race! Now you can keep a set of Comic Blocks on your desk to help putter away the days. Remember... Friday is just ?ve blocks away! Clear display boxes. KILL TIME TM life's too long not to waste time Got too much time on your hands? This is just the activity book for you. Inside you'll find page after page after page after page of creative " activities" that only require a pencil and a blank mind. Kill Time is the cool way to doodle without breaking a sweat. Individually wrapped. GENUINE IDEAS BY ATYPYK BORROW MY PEN? TM pens guaranteed to leave an impression You know those pens that end up in your pocket or purse promoting Joe's Garage or Nancy's House of Insurance? Well the sick minds at Fred have taken it one step too far with this subversive collection of immortal advertising keepsakes. Hand ' em out to your friends, your parole officer, your boss… when you say " Borrow My Pen?" you'll ALWAYS make an impression. Eight memorable styles packed on a peg-gable blistercard. Concept by Tabitha White. 50DESK