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FRENCH TOAST TM It's the toast of Paris Just stamp your baguette, pop it in le toaster, and suddenly your relaxing along the Champs Ely-sées. French Toast is parfait - know what I'm Seine? Packed on peg-gable blisters. Concept by Amy Ansong. HOLY TOAST! TM the visionary bread stamper In the beginning there was bread. Ho hum. Make that boring bread an inspiration by embossing it before you toast! Our easy- to- use Holy Toast stamper always makes a good impression. Peggable " clam-shell" packaging. Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred Studio. BATTER FINGER TM a handy little spatula Uh, oh... have you been caught with your finger in that delicious cake bat-ter again? Next time, don't gross ev-eryone out – use your BatterFinger instead! It's a handy silicone spatula that stirs, blends, scrapes, and frosts with ease. Peggable, recyclable clear boxes. Design by Jean Laurent Vie. KITCHEN5 NEW

Hop & Pop is three handy helpers in one. He pops off bottle caps with his mouth! He jumps at the chance to unscrew stubborn twist caps with his legs! He loos-ens lids with his prying eyes! You'll wonder how you ever got along without him. Clear, recyclable, peg-gable PET- G boxes. HOP & POP TM the versatile kitchen amphibian Place a Twist & Spout on your soda or water bottles and instantly convert them into ergo-nomic pourers! The shorter Kitchen style is great for pouring drinks; the longer Garden style turns your left- over bottle into a perfect watering can. A great way to reuse and repurpose! Peggable recyclable clamshell blisters. TWIST& SPOUT TM here is my handle, here is my spout Fred- O- Matic is a unique blend of charming retro- style, high- tech functionality, and puréed whimsy! When the brownies are done it doesn't just go ding – it shreds, dices, liquefies, and plays an assortment of 1970' s game- show jingles that will send you dancing to the oven. Your kitchen may never be the same! This timer stands 6.5" tall, includes a handy clock display, and is packed in a colorful window box. FRED-O- MATIC TM the all- singing all- dancing kitchen clock & timer Pops open bottles, jars, & cans 6KITCHEN