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500XL TM bigger, better, louder, cooler Sometimes bigger IS better, especially when it comes to sound. That's why we took a puny pair of earbuds, put them in Fred's highly technical Way Big machine, and created 500XL – it's 500 times the size of the original! And how great will these look on your desktop along-side your MP3 player or PC? These speakers include a built- in amp, and they're powered by either batteries or computer USB ( cords included). Stand- up, peggable clamshell packaging really shows them off. Design by Winnif Pang. HACKED! TM the OH! *#% flash drive Holy crap – somebody just went and TORE MY FREAK-ING USB CABLE IN HALF while it was still attached to my laptop! No – wait – sorry. That's just my USB flash drive. My bad. Never mind. Mammoth 2- gig capacity. Peggable blistercard packaging. Design by Windell Oskay. DESK51

ICONOCLASPS TM the new shape of paperclips and bookmarks Grasp the possibilities... and your papers, too! Iconoclasps are inventive, modern paperclips that elevate your paperwork to artwork. They make groooovy bookmarks, too! Choose from Emoticons, Sign Language, or People – each style comes in two assorted colors, packed in peggable clear headerbags with a sample neatly clipped in place. ONE MAN TRY TM mr. p, the human tape dispenser Mr. P is always getting himself into sticky situ-ations. In this case, you can help him out - just pull the end of the tape from Mr. P's mouth, and tear out what you need with his serrated shoes... Voila! One Man Try is packaged in a clear display box. emoticons, sign language, and people! TOASTED NOTES TM the hot buttered desk accessory! This piping hot slice of toast is pretty hard to miss on your desktop, so you'll always be able to put your fingers on a buttery little self-stick note when you need one. Toasted Notes comes with 5 handy pads in each peggable clamshell and more refills are available on our website. Peggable clamshell packaging. 52DESK