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You've never seen a chimpanzee burn himself on a hot pan, have you? Of course not. That's because BananaHandle's heat- resistant sili-cone construction protects hands, both hu-man and primate. Slide the ripe yellow peel onto any pan handle and you're fully protect-ed, hands down. Packed in peggable, recycla-ble clear boxes made from PET- G. BANANAHANDLE TM the appealing non- slip handle grip BUBBLE SCRUBBER TM the bubble wand scrub brush Stirring a watched pot can be tiring, especially for your spoon. That's why we've created Spoon Rest, a soft silicone pillow especially designed to cradle your ladle. It's heat- resistant, stain-resistant, non- scratching, and dishwasher- safe. Clear recyclable boxes. Design by Liz Goulet Dubois, Fred studio. SPOON REST TM cradle your ladle Why shouldn't washing the dishes be just as much fun as charades or a torrid game of scrabble? Introducing Bubble Scrubber, the kitchen brush with an ergonomically correct bubble wand hidden right inside the bristles. And, as everybody knows: bubble wand + dish soap + water = FUN! Hey, maybe you can even get the kids to do the dishes! Design by Jason Amendolara, Fred studio. 8KITCHEN

Oh Snap! is a really nice 9" x 5" beechwood cheeseboard that comes with a handy stainless- steel cheese slicer, and it's all disguised as a giant mousetrap. This one makes us squeak with glee. Individual gift boxes. Design by Sancho Hemelsoen and Jason Amendolara. OH, SNAP! TM finally, someone's built a cheddar mousetrap TABLE9 NEW