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Extreme Lawyering16Pace Law InternshipsInternships allow students to integrate classroom instruction with on-the-job experience, develop confidence and professionalism, test career goals, network for future employment, build a resume, earn a salary-and, more importantly, acquire pre-professional work experience and skills through hands-on lawyering.The Human Rights in Action (HRIA) Summer Internship ProgramPace Law offers one of the best and most expansive International Summer Internships Abroad Programs in the country. Established in 2003 in response to students' passionate interest in human rights, Pace Law's summer internship program offers extraordinary opportunities to gain hands-on experience-before graduation-in international human rights, asylum and refugee law, immigration law, international criminal law, the prosecution of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, as well as in environmental justice. Students choose a country based on language skills or interest, then participate in an in-depth academic seminar in Vienna or Hong Kong prior to their six-week tenure. Through the HRIA Summer Internship, students work with international courts and war crimes tribunals to respond to war crimes and achieve justice for victims of war atrocities, not only witnessing but playing a vital role in the international justice process. Students are typically placed in one of the following war crimes tribunals or international human rights organizations:. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, The Hague, Netherlands. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Arusha, Tanzania. The International Criminal Court, The Hague. The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, The Hague. Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi, Indiago2: INTERNshipsJeffrey DeCruz '12 spent his 1L summer in Arusha, Tanzania, interning with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Each kind of work experience is totally different from the other. I read all their daily work journals and often I feel like I'm there with them in Arusha, Tanzania, or Freetown, Sierra Leone. It has been, in every case, the life-changing experience that it promised to be.Professor Gayle WestermanFormer HRIA Director

17Public Interest Law InternshipsWith funding from the law school's Public Interest Law Scholarship Organization (PILSO) and federal work-study program, each summer Pace Law students make significant contributions to their communities through internships in service of the public interest. Students undertake work in a wide range of legal areas, spanning direct legal services, prosecution, environmental law, government work, and civil rights.Recent Internship Placements in Public Interest Law :. Advocates for Children. American Civil Liberties Union. Bronx District Attorney's Ofice. Connecticut Attorney General's Office, Environmental Department. Connecticut Legal Services. Eastern Environmental Law Center. Environmental Protection Agency. League of American Bicyclists. Legal Aid Society. Legal Services of the Hudson Valley. Mental Hygiene Legal Services. Middlesex County Prosecutor's Ofice. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. N.Y.C. Law Department . N.Y.S. Attorney General's Ofice . N.Y.S. Division of Human Rights. N.J. Attorney General's Ofice. N.Y. Attorney General's Ofice. N.Y.P.D., Legal Department. N.Y.S. Division of Human Rights. Riverkeeper . Rockland County District Attorney's Ofice. Southern Environmental Law Center. U.S. Attorney's Ofice for the Southern District of New York . United Nations Ofice for Partnerships. Westchester County Board of Legislators. Westchester Residential Opportunities For more information about public interest opportunities, go2: Dubin '12 interned with Human Rights Law Network in New Delhi, India.HRIA Summer Domestic InternshipsFor students who cannot or choose not to spend a summer overseas, Pace Law offers domestic human rights placements with the following organizations:. Commission for the U.N. Consular Corps and Protocol at the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York. Human Rights Committee at the New York City Bar Association. Human Rights in China (U.S.-based position). United Nations Environmental Scientific and Cultural Organization . Westchester County Commission on Human Rights. Women's Environmental Development OrganizationThe International Commercial Law Internship Abroad ProgramWith the immense growth in cross-border transactional law, Pace Law's International Commercial Law Internship Abroad Program is one of our most popular programs. For students with language fluency, Pace Law offers opportunities to refine legal skills in the language and Civil Law of another country. Students have worked with leading law firms in Australia, Korea, Japan, China, India, Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Greece, Russia, Lebanon, Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia, among other nations. British Legal InternshipsThrough the London Law Program, students become "citizens of the world" by living, learning, and studying the law of the European Union at the University of London, University College Faculty of Laws, one of Europe's premier law schools. The spring semester study-abroad program hosts approximately 40 students each year from Pace Law School and other law schools. In addition to taking courses, students participate in the British Legal Internship, which places them with London barristers or solicitors, an international trade firm, a member of British Parliament, or an international human rights or environmental organization. go2: learn more about internship abroad opportunities at Pace Law, go2: