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January Accelerated Program INNOVATION. TRANSFORMATION. Westchester County, White Plains, New YorkACCELERATION.

Accelerate: Your Future is WaitingAt Pace Law School, our expertise is matched only by our innovation, our vision, and our legacy of graduating well-prepared, forward-thinking lawyers. We are known nationally and internationally for our stellar clinics, institutes, externships, legal publications, and curricula.Now, with our January Accelerated Program, we have taken that spirit of innovation to even greater heights. With an accelerated curriculum and a truly intimate learning atmosphere, the January Accelerated Program is an innovative offering that will allow you to graduate in just two-and-a-half years, without sacrificing any aspect of our exceptional learning experience.It's about quality. And, as with everything else at Pace Law School, the January Accelerated Program is about transformation.Given its small size, the January Program is a unique learning opportunity that provides students a chance to interact in a meaningful way with first-year professors and for the professors to probe into greater depth the course material. Professor Randolph McLaughlin""