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Capital had different meaning before than today. Borders and capitals of countries were moving according to strategical and political situation. Back in the Middle Ages Lithuania was called Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and pleading from the Baltic to the Black sea. Even today Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic states, though it is now smaller than Ireland. The country has wake up from a half- a- century soviet occupation just in 1991 and is opened to the world since. Come and see our beautiful country with happy welcoming people. And what a history! This tour will help you discover the rich history of Lithuania, travelling through its 4 capitals, among them 2 are on the World heritage list of the UNESCO. Weekend programme " 4 Capitals of Lithuania" Day 1. Arrival to Vilnius. Arrival at Vilnius ( long- time and current capital city of Lithuania, since 1323). Welcome drink and short city sightseeing " City Born to be a Capital". Options for the afternoon depends on weather and mood of a group. Day 2. VILNIUS Sightseeing of Vilnius. Options for the afternoon depends on weather and mood of a group. Day 3 KAUNAS - TRAKAI - KERNAVE Visit to Kaunas ( temporary capital city of Lithuania in 1920- 1939). Coffee- break at the historical Presidential Palace. Trakai ( capital city of Lithuania, 14th century), Kernave ( capital of Lithuania, 1279) visit part includes cultural part and the special copyrighted happening. Special happening in Kernave: Trace for the Tears of the Princess of Pajauta © Short scenario: Guests are provoked to search for the tears of the legendary princess of Pajauta valley. They find the tears on one of the hills. But they fail to get them back home - they are captured by the pirates of Kernave. They are forced into the wooden bus " Kernavette" of the pirates and start their journey in time. The tears of the princess of Pajauta are being degusted during the ride. The prisoners are introduced to the nowadays of Kernave village and the soviet- time kolkhoz, where they are finally set to freedom. ( Optional husky and/ or horse rides are possible. Due to be reserved at the time of booking the tour). Everybody is now thirsty for civilization and culture. No force is needed to bring them into the " Kernavette", going to the local art gallery, where everybody will enjoy some nice time, hosted by the Minister of Culture of the village. Now everybody is taken to Kernius mill. Brown Lithuanian bread is only as a welcome ceremony. Superb local dinner is just ahead. And a folk band is here to help you enjoy the evening. Day 4. Departure home. The whole programme can be adjusted to the Time available at groups' disposal. Kernave part is recommended as special happening for incentive programmes. Total tour price: from £ 425 / ? 470 per person ( based on double occupancy and a group of 10 persons) Recommended for Incentive groups: Kernave happening can be separately used in the frames of any incentive programme. Price from £ 110 / ? 120 per person ( based on a group of 10 persons).