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And all of that for a remarkably good price. The local currency may be pegged to the euro, but average prices are still stupidly cheap, making a week- or even two- week trip to Klaipeda laughably affordable compared to the same trip to the great majority of European destinations. Connected to the rest of the world by air, train and bus, Klaipeda also has the added advantage of being reachable by ferry. The trip may take a while, but if you've got the time there's no more romantic way to travel.

DON'T MISS THIS SUMMER Vilnius Opera Festival 9 June - 6 July Vilnius The first International Opera Festival will be presenting acknowledged classics and modern experimental works. Famous theatre groups and artists from Lithuania and abroad will also present original work written just for the festival. http:// www. opera. lt Music and art festival Be2gether 12 - 14 June Vilnius The largest musical and artistic festival in the Baltic States takes place in Lithuania in the unique forested surroundings of Dieveniskes - an enclave almost completly surrounded by the adjoining country of Belarus. This year the visitors will hear performing British electro- music star Roni Size, Touch and Go and others. http:// www. b2g. lt The opening of National Art Gallery 20 June Vilnius The museum re- opens with a dynamic exhibition of the national collection of 20th century Lithuanian art plus the international exhibition " Dialogues of Colour and Sound'. ( June 20 - August 23, 2009) http:// www. ndg. lt Culture Night: Let There Be Night! 20 - 21 June, 6pm - 6am Vilnius The new tradition of a night of culture in Vilnius - from 6 pm till 6 am - presents an ocean of events which are organized and held in many parts of the capital. The event that keeps people awake as they drift on a cultural sea of film, dance, theatre, exhibitions, children's creativity sessions, museums openings and classical music. http:// www. culturelive. lt/ en/ 2009/ events2009- special