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The Millennium Song Festival 1 - 6 July Vilnius Continuing our country's significant cultural tradition dating back to the memorable 1924 when Lithuania first gained access to the coast and the Baltic. The Millennium Song Festival will be one of the most prominent events this year as we celebrate the millenium. Lithuania's Song and Dance festival was proclaimed by UNESCO as the masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. About 40,000 performers from Lithuania and emigrants from all over the world will take part in different programmes. http:// www. dainusvente. lt Grand Official Opening of the Reconstructed Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania 6 July Vilnius The restoration of Palace of the Grand Dukes is one of the most important projects dedicated to Lithuania's millennium. The reconstructed Palace will be the pride of Lithuania and will be an educational centre promoting a greater understanding of the country's history and cultural heritage. http:// www. valdovurumai. lt/ Istorija/ Rumu_ istorija. en. htm Christopher Summer Festival 1 July - 28 August Vilnius The Christopher Summer Festival is the largest and one of the most impressive summer events in Vilnius. The events, music and theatre premieres will be performed in the unique surroundings of Vilnius Old Town with its wealth of courtyards and churches. http:// www. vilnius- tourism. lt/ Klezmer Festival 25 - 29 August Vilnius Klezmer Music Festival - the first in the Baltic States will confirm once again that Vilnius has been open to different nations, religions and cultures at all times. The main idea of the Festival is to introduce music which can be played and enjoyed irrespective of religion. http:// www. culturelive. lt/ en/ 2009/ events2009- re/ 2009re- 4a- 9/ Midsummer Day - Feast of St. John 23 June, 8pm - 5am Kernave The traditional Lithuanian feast for Midsummer's Day. During the feast, wreaths are made and floated down the river, herb markets and herbal magic take place. Wheels and gates twined with herbs are the symbol of Jonines or Mid- summer. http:// www. kernave. org/ reng_ en. htm Medieval Festival of Trakai Castle 7 - 8 June Trakai On the territory of the Peninsular Castle guests may visit workshops temporarily set by craftsmen. Prime focus of this event is demonstrations of the fighting skills of medieval knights with swords and battleaxes. Everyone has the chance to taste dishes from the Middle Ages. http:// www. trakai. lt Festival of experimental archaeology: " Days of Live Archaeology" 4 - 6 July Kernave The historic and cultural heritage of Lithuania and other European countries from prehistoric to late medieval times will be presented during the event, through the use of archaeological reconstruction associated with medieval crafts, lifestyles, and medieval fights. http:// www. culturelive. lt/ en/ 2009/ millennium/ kernave/