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DON'T MISS THIS SUMMER Pazaislis Music festival in Kaunas 1 June - 31 August Kaunas The visitors of every taste will find in the festival programme something what interests them, starting from the old music and finishing with jazz, from the subtle chamber music to the grand vocal instrumental pieces, from the modern music premieres to the impressive pageants of Lithuanian history. http:// visit. kaunas. lt 10th Auto- Moto Fan Fiesta Bike Show Millennium & AutoShow 13 June Kaunas Baltic Drag race competition. The 16 most powerful cars from the Baltics will try to spin planet Earth a little bit faster at Bracket ET race in Kaunas. http:// www. bikeshow. lt/ International Operetta Festival 4 - 5 July Kaunas " Operetta at Kaunas castle" is an original festival; the first of its kind in East Europe. At the traditional annual event popular fragments of musicals and operettas along with some new pieces, never heard before, are performed by singers and musicians from Lithuania and surrounding countries. http:// visit. kaunas. lt Hansa Kaunas 2009 22 - 23 August Kaunas The Midlle Ages, the knights, and Hansa markets in Kaunas downtown. http:// visit. kaunas. lt Sea Festival 25- 26 July Klaipeda The main event in Klaipeda city, celebrated annually in the last week- end of July since 1934. During the festival there are more than 100 various events organised ( concerts, fairs, exhibitions, art shows and a celebration of the sea and seamen). A popular festival so come early. http:// www. klaipedainfo. lt/ en/ index. php? page= 7& sub= 18 Europeade ( The festival of European folk culture) 22 - 26 July Klaipeda The festival celebrates a ' free and peaceful Europe, where cultures of different nations coexist". Artists from more than twenty European states present dancing, song and music during five days of ' Europeade' attracting thousands of visitors with their performances. http:// www. europeade. eu ' The Tall Ships' Race - Baltic 2009' 31 July - 3 August Klaipeda This splendid regatta of sail training ships " The Tall Ships' Race" was first held in 1956. As they compete against each other over weeks of sailing the demonstrate that the days of sail are at a beginning rather than an end. This year the finals rounds of the race take place in Klaipeda and such a gathering of sial and sailors should not be missed. http:// www. tallships. lt 27