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h e Visalia Times- Deltaand Tulare Advance- Register have a robustWeb site that is growingevery week. Fueled by our staff ofreporters and editors, the site gets a large partof its content directly from the commu- nity. Here's a quick overview of what you'llfind online, starting at the left of the topnavigation bar: CONTACT USIf you have any questions about ourWeb site, which is changing all thetime, feel free to contact us atOnline@ VisaliaTimesDelta. com. HOMEiTimes- Delta/ Advance- Register: Clicking here will bring you back to thefront page of our Web site. Breakingnews, videos and photos are featuredhere, updated constantly throughoutthe day. iEl Sol: Created in 2003, El Sol is ourSpanish language weekly publication. Content on this page is updated weekly. Also, our partners at CareerBuilder andCars. com offer search modules in Span- ish. iROI Sequoia Valley magazine: Ourbusiness- to- business Web site is updat- ed throughout the week. Also featuredis quarterly county economic data. iLiving Here: This section is updatedyearly with information about living inTulare County. Important phone num- bers, information on local government, profiles on cities and special photos arealso included. Also, an interactive mapof Tulare County landmarks is featured. NEWSiLocal News: This is your source forlocal news from across Tulare County. The current day's news is always avail- able. Also accessible are stories fromthe past seven days. iNews Archive: If you are looking fora story from the Times- Delta/ Advance- Register for access to those beyond ourfree seven- day archive. Access to thesestories incurs a small fee. iDatabases: Go here for a listing ofthe databases we house on our Website. One of our most popular Web fea- tures — a listing of the weekly TulareCounty restaurant inspections — islocated here. iNation/ World: Click here to find rel- evant Associated Press news fromacross the nation and the world. iPhoto Galleries: Another one of ourWeb site's major draws, our staff photogalleries range from weekend events tobreaking news coverage and sportingevents, and much more. iVideo: Your source for Times- Delta/ Advance- Register video. Ourreporters cover the stories you won'tfind on the six o'clock news. Some ofour recurring features include the MakeYour Own cooking series and Choicesweekend picks, your guide to the weekand weekend entertainment in TulareCounty. iBusiness: Click here for a listing ofour business stories, as well as link torecurring business columns, such asour Valley agriculture writer Don Curlee. ENTERTAINMENTThis is your connection to our weeklyFriday entertainment section, Choices— but online, we're bringing you yourlocal entertainment news around theclock. Here you can find news and infor- mation about Tulare County arts & events, movies, music, and — new thisyear — a site dedicated to dining out inTulare County. ChoicesInDining. com isall things food. Find a restaurant, rate arestaurant, and read about our fabulousTulare County fare on this site. SPORTSClick here for the latest in localsports, such as high school football, soccer, swimming and much more. LIVINGiLiving: Our living section, whichpublishes Saturday/ Sunday thoughThursday, spans the many feature sto- ries that make living in the Valley sospecial. Special features include theSociety for the Prevention of Cruelty forAnimals pets for adoption as well as ourarchive of Master Gardeners'columns. iCelebrations: Click here toread a collection of our paidCelebrations announcement, which run weekly in theTimes- Delta/ Advance- Registerweekend edition. iTravel: If you're planning atrip, check out the USA TODAYtravel Web site for tips. WEATHERClick here to get your weather fore- cast from our weather partnerAccuweather. VOICES & VIEWSYour voices and views are presentedonline along with our newspapers' sto- ries and editorials. iGet Published!: Have an event youwould like to share with your communi- ty? Click here to learn how to submitstories online. Also, you can read otherstories that have been submitted fromreaders like you. iBlogs: This is the gateway to ourblog site, which features communityblogs, staff blogs and special- topicblogs. iOpinion: Editorials, letters and spe- cial comments appearing in the printeditions of the Times- Delta andAdvance- Register appear here online. Our Web site also enables readers tocomment on Times- Delta/ Advance- Register editorials in real time. Join thecommunity conversation! iViewpoint: This is a link to our spe- cial weekly series exploring importantcounty topics. An archive of past View- point topics is also available. iForums: Ground zero for interactivecommunity conversation, our forumsallow you to sound off on pressingissues currently highlighted. Also fea- tured is our special Showdown forumfeaturing columnists Tom Fife and JoeAltschule, who represent the right wingand left wing perspectives on news andpolitics. OBITUARIESReprinted from our newspaper, hereis where you can find informationSee WEB, 18 LIVING HERE May 21, 2009| 17There's a wealth of knowledge on our Web sitesnewsopinioncolumnsblogscalendarsdatabasesentertainmentsportsfeaturesobituariesTliving here LOCAL INFORMATION CENTER

r elated to recent deaths in and aroundTulare County. We've recently partneredwith Legacy. com to to provide you witheven more services online. You cansend condolences to the family, sendflowers, or create your own memorialpage. MORE ONLINEHere is where you can find informa- tion on all of our high- tech Web fea- tures. Want text message updates? You've got it. E- mail newsletters? It'syours. Here's what we have to offer. iPhoto Galleries: A link to our staffphoto galleries and YOUR photo gallery. That's right. Submit your photos to beincluded in our online photo galleries. And you could even see it in the paper. iText Messages: Here's where youcan sign up for text messaging. You canpick and choose what you want, too. Need only breaking local news? You'vegot it. Get daily weather and air qualityupdates sent to your cell phone eachmorning and get high school footballscores in the fall. iRSS Feeds: If your Web browser isdesigned to handle real simple syndica- tion links, here's where you can set thisup. That way you can browse recentWeb site updates as they are posted toour feeds. iMobile Edition: We're seeing thatmore and more of you are looking at ourWeb site on your phone, so we'veenhanced it recently, adding moreupdates and links. And it's still toneddown and loads quickly on your mobiledevice. It's also available at m. visalia- timesdelta. com and m. tularead- vanceregister. com. iE- newsletters: Sign up for e- mailalerts online! You can get your dailyheadlines, afternoon updates and evenspecial breaking news e- mails sentdirectly to your inbox, 24/ 7. iVideo: A link to our Times- Delta/ Advance- Register videos. iForums: A link to our Times- Delta/ Advance- Register forums — oneof our most popular features online. CLASSIFIEDSHave to find a job? Need to sell a car? Our online classified section can helpyou do just that and more. We haveareas online for: iJobs: Your information is posted toCareerBuilder. com, one of the premierWeb sites designed to connect potentialemployees to the employers that willsuit them best. iCars: Need to sell or buy a car? Youcan find what you're looking for onCars. com, one of our valued partners. iHomes: Looking for a home in TulareCounty? With our partner Homescape, we can give you a much needed boost. iShopping: If your looking for a deal, our partner ShopLocal. com has got afew for you. iDating: If your looking for a specialsomeone, get a free personality profilewith our online personals partner eHar- mony. com. iCoupons: For decades, consumershave turned to newspapers for theirSunday coupons. Now you have thissame valuable service online, thanks toour partner Boodle. CUSTOMER SERVICEOur Web site affords us many oppor- tunities to best serve you, the reader. You can request service from us any- time online. Here, you can: iSubscribe to the Times- DeltaiSubscribe to the Advance- RegisteriPlace an AdiSend Us Your FeedbackWEBContinued from page 1718| May 21, 2009| LIVING HEREliving here LOCAL INFORMATION CENTERCHECK OUT THE PHOTO GALLERIES — AND POST YOUR OWNwww. VisaliaTimesDelta. com/ photos ¦ www. TulareAdvanceRegister. com/ photosJohanna CoyneJanett Phethvilay, 15, is Miss Lao New Year at the 12th annu- al Lao New Year Celebration at the Lao Buddhist Temple ofVisalia. A gallery of photos from the celebration are online atwww. VisaliaTimesDelta. com/ photos. Ron HolmanRick Alexander of Tulare walks along South Plaza Drive dur- ing the 2- mile walk or run for the 14th Annual Walk for Lifeearlier this year. Alexander had heart surgery in Aug of 2003. The event was hosted by Tulare- Kings Right to Life. Johanna CoyneCharlie Andrews tries to put a post through a hoop at the20th annual Tulare County Renaissance Festival earlier thisyear. More photos can be found online.