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1 - mile trail next to the Buckeye FlatCampground. iIndian Head River Trail: An easy, quarter- mile trail is just off the AshMountain entrance station. Moro Rockand Alta Peak are visible from the trail. iMarble Fork Trail: A moderately dif- ficult 3.7- mile ( one- way) trail that leadsto Marble Falls. iHospital Rock River Trail: A shortand easy hike of a few hundred yards. Native American pictographs are fea- tured along the trail. iMiddle Fork Trail: A moderate 3- mile hike that provides views of theupper Middle Fork Canyon area, MoroRock and Castle Rocks. iKid- friendly: Paradise Creek Trail isgood for families, as long as the childrenare old enough to walk well on theirown or small enough to be easily car- ried. Other easy trails are great for allages. For other trails that are more inten- sive, get maps and trail guides from thepark visitor centers and through theSequoia Natural History AssociationBookstore. Permits are also required fordispersed camping. For more informa- tion on trails and wilderness permits, call the Wilderness Office at 559- 565- 3766. Dispersed camping is allowedthroughout the Sequoia National Forest, but campers must " pack it in and packit out," which means removing all evi- dence of their camping, includinghuman waste. All campers should alsocarry bear canisters to contain theirfood. Free fire permits are also required forfires. Check on fire restrictions at thetime, too, before starting a fire. Permitsare available from any CalFire, U. S. For- est Service or Bureau of Land Manage- ment Office, or on- line atwww. fs. fed. us/ r5/ sequoia under Passesand Permits. The parks have more than 1,200 campsites, most of which are available on afirst- come, first- served basis. Thesesites have water, picnic tables, fire pits, bear- proof containers and bathrooms. There are fees for these sites, whichvary from one campground to the next. For more information about campingand hiking in the parks call 559- 565- 3341or go to www. nps. gov/ seki/. To check on what trails and campingopportunities are open in the SequoiaNational Forest call 559- 539- 2607 or 559- 338- 2251 or go to www. fs. fed. us/ r5/ sequoia/. T- N- T BeautyNew Location!!! Still offering fi ne quality Wigs and HairpiecesCome in and check out our selectionof high quality wigs. Now offering the new No Sew, No Glue Micro Technique Extensions! 125 S. K Street • 559- 684- 8868Ask about our Wig specials0000128219living here OUTDOORS: CAMPING AND HIKINGHIKINGContinued from page 31These twosisters takea closer lookfrom theedge of Little Baldywhile hikingwith theMountainRamblers inSequoiaNationalPark. Teresa Douglass32| May 21, 2009| LIVING HERE

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