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PROFESSIONAL SkinRejuvenation& FillersBOTOXTMCosmeticJuvedermTMRadiesse ® Sculptra ® PERSONALIZEDLaserTreatmentHairRemovalPhotoRejuvenation( red& brownspotsremoved) SpiderVeinSolutionsSKINObagi ® ViviteTM( ExfoliateHydrateProtect) NeoStrata ® ( Acne& RosaceaTreatment) BareEscentuals ® ( CompleteLine) CAREBodyWork& MassageFacialTreatmentsChemicalPeelsMicroDermabrasion5530AvenidadelosRobles• Visalia• 559.625.1060Generalandcosmeticdermatology0000127731named the Acequia Wing as it rests to thesouth of Acequia Avenue. The street itselfwas converted to two- way access fromone- way. A $ 13 million parking facility — opened in 2007 — used a $ 2 million con- tribution fromthe hospital in exchangefor reserved parking for hospital employ- ees. Acequia Avenue was even affordedbicycle lanes — a first for any Visaliadowntown street, and up and readybefore the historic Tour of Californiaprofessional bicycle race whose fifthstage started in Visalia on Feb. 19. But the entire Acequia Wing, whichhouses a newly expanded emergencyroom and state- of- the- art cardiac andmaternity facilities, means that KaweahDelta Medical Center's presence andeconomic benefits will continue to feedan ever- vibrant downtown area. There were some setbacks. CircuitCity, Mervyn's and Gottschalks loca- tions in Visalia shut down when thosecompanies folded nationally, and con- struction of a second Home Depotlocation in north Visalia on North Din- uba Boulevard was abruptly halted. However, a second Target location innorth Visalia right near the proposedHome Depot was built, including ancil- lary businesses in the same commercialcenter. " These are encouraging signs despitethe shutdowns," said Jim Claybaugh, director of the Visalia Economic Devel- opment Corporation, which might seeits own funding cut 50 percent becauseof city of Visalia budget cuts. " We can find other funding," Clay- baugh said. " The key is to remain opti- mistic because we can pull through this[ downturn]." The new Target center is located justsouth of a major recreation facility, theVisalia Riverway Sports Park, whichopened its $ 8 million first phase in2007 and broke ground on the secondphase, worth $ 4.8 million, earlier thisyear. The 80- acre site will soon be a majordestination for out- of- area teamsinvolved in soccer and youth baseballtournaments, officials say — pullingeven more moneyinto the local econo- my. living here COMMUNITIES: VISALIALuke Rasmussenof Visalia, atforeground left- center, leads thestampede ofchildren atthe fourthannualEggstrava- ganza egghunt in Aprilat RiverwaySports Parkin northVisalia. Theevent waspresentedby theVisalia Parksand RecreationDepartment. Ron HolmanGROWTHContinued from page 38LIVING HERE May 21, 2009| 39

English TTY: 866- 735- 2929• NowAcceptingApplications• SpanishTTY: 866- 833- 4703OAKMEADOWS-( 599) 732- 4152111W. SchoolAve., Visalia, CA93291THEMEADOWS-( 559) 734- 32753900W. Tulare, Visalia, CA93277THETOWNMEADOWS-( 599) 627- 2220115W. Murray, Visalia, CA93291• 62yearsorolder• VeryLowIncome• 591- bedroomunits• Eachfurnishedwithrefrigerator& range• Carpeting& windowcoverings• Computer/ mediaroom• Securedentry, gardencourtyard• Communityroom& coin- oplaundry• LowIncome• Mustbe62yearsofage• 1- bedroomgardenapartments& studios• Largecommunityroom• Coin- oplaundry• LowIncome• Mustbe62yearsofageorhandicapped10% ofourunitsareaccessibleunits, mustbe18yearsorolder• Rentincludesutilities• Laundryroom• 24Hr. emergencyresponse0000127945Newin2010! SierraMeadows1120E. TulareAve. 40| May 21, 2009| LIVING HEREliving here COMMUNITIES: VISALIABy DAVID CASTELLONdcastell@ visalia. gannett. comore than $ 5.7 mil- lion in renovationsand expansionhave made theTulare CountyLibrary in Visaliamore a of destina- tion spot for chil- dren and teenagers, while a series ofnew programs are expected to drawmore people to the city's parks. Key to the changes at Visalia's libraryat 200 W. Oak Street at 200 W. Oak St., was the creation of a children's wing. Depending on the day of the week, storytimes may be going on there orperformers may be there entertainingchildren in the converted south wing ofthe library that prior to the renovationshad been an aging storage building. Now that area is filled with kid- sizedchairs and desks with room for a varietyof activities that even include pre- school yoga. Children even have a com- puter room to do homework in or tolearn how to use the technology. The wing, which took six years ofplanning and construction, opened inOctober 2008. Something for everyoneOther parts of the library also wererenovated and converted, including asection in the north end of the mainlibrary building set aside for teenagersand young adults. Plans are to installcomputers and tables there forteenagers to do their homework alongwith a large- screen television for See ACTIVITIES, 41Tulare Coun- ty librarianBrian Lewisshows offthe chil- dren's wingat thelibrary'srededicationceremony. The Visaliabranch ofthe TulareCountyLibrary at200 W. OakStreet inunderwent a$ 3.4 millionrenovation. The newchildrenswing dou- bles avail- able spacefor chil- dren's pro- grams andactivities. Johanna CoyneCity makes sure kidshave plenty to doM