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English TTY: 866- 735- 2929• NowAcceptingApplications• SpanishTTY: 866- 833- 4703OAKMEADOWS-( 599) 732- 4152111W. SchoolAve., Visalia, CA93291THEMEADOWS-( 559) 734- 32753900W. Tulare, Visalia, CA93277THETOWNMEADOWS-( 599) 627- 2220115W. Murray, Visalia, CA93291• 62yearsorolder• VeryLowIncome• 591- bedroomunits• Eachfurnishedwithrefrigerator& range• Carpeting& windowcoverings• Computer/ mediaroom• Securedentry, gardencourtyard• Communityroom& coin- oplaundry• LowIncome• Mustbe62yearsofage• 1- bedroomgardenapartments& studios• Largecommunityroom• Coin- oplaundry• LowIncome• Mustbe62yearsofageorhandicapped10% ofourunitsareaccessibleunits, mustbe18yearsorolder• Rentincludesutilities• Laundryroom• 24Hr. emergencyresponse0000127945Newin2010! SierraMeadows1120E. TulareAve. 40| May 21, 2009| LIVING HEREliving here COMMUNITIES: VISALIABy DAVID CASTELLONdcastell@ visalia. gannett. comore than $ 5.7 mil- lion in renovationsand expansionhave made theTulare CountyLibrary in Visaliamore a of destina- tion spot for chil- dren and teenagers, while a series ofnew programs are expected to drawmore people to the city's parks. Key to the changes at Visalia's libraryat 200 W. Oak Street at 200 W. Oak St., was the creation of a children's wing. Depending on the day of the week, storytimes may be going on there orperformers may be there entertainingchildren in the converted south wing ofthe library that prior to the renovationshad been an aging storage building. Now that area is filled with kid- sizedchairs and desks with room for a varietyof activities that even include pre- school yoga. Children even have a com- puter room to do homework in or tolearn how to use the technology. The wing, which took six years ofplanning and construction, opened inOctober 2008. Something for everyoneOther parts of the library also wererenovated and converted, including asection in the north end of the mainlibrary building set aside for teenagersand young adults. Plans are to installcomputers and tables there forteenagers to do their homework alongwith a large- screen television for See ACTIVITIES, 41Tulare Coun- ty librarianBrian Lewisshows offthe chil- dren's wingat thelibrary'srededicationceremony. The Visaliabranch ofthe TulareCountyLibrary at200 W. OakStreet inunderwent a$ 3.4 millionrenovation. The newchildrenswing dou- bles avail- able spacefor chil- dren's pro- grams andactivities. Johanna CoyneCity makes sure kidshave plenty to doM

Wh yVisaliaTile? ExperiencedInstallers, Warranty, QualityProducts, Friendly& KnowledgableShowroom& DesignCustomerService,& More! ScheduleyourFREEInstallationEstimateToday! Highway198Highway99NicholasAmericanSt. ( Road76) GoshenAve.( Ave. 304) PlazaDr.( Road80) NewShipmentJustArrived! OurFamilyServingtheCentralValleySince197712" x12" 13" x13" 95sq. ft.¢ Only10¢ sq. ft. morefor18" and20" sizes! LostValue& EquityinYourHome? LETUSHELP!! 917N. AmericanSt. Visalia, CA93291559.651.2925www. vctile. comHighGradePorcelainTileWhileSuppliesLast0000127883after- hours teen movie nights and as wellas for youths to play Wii videogames. Library officials also are looking at hav- ing Saturday morning movie and Wiigames for families in the children's wing. For information on these programs, call559- 713- 2732 or go online to www. tulare- countylibrary. org. 70th anniversarySeveral special programs are plannedby the Visalia Parks and RecreationDepartment to mark its 70th anniversary. Currently, 17 of those events areplanned for the spring at various cityparks, followed by 15 to 20 in the summerand about as many in the fall. They include: iFree Friday movie nights at RiverwaySports Park, off Highway 63 in northVisalia, where moviegoers can sit on thelawn and watch " Kung Fu Panda," " Surf'sUp," " The Spiderwick Chronicles," " WALL- E," and other family movies pro- jected on an outdoor screen. iFamily walks Saturdays at a differentpark each week. iA family Olympics. iA variety of festivalsAt each event, a 70th anniversary tentwill be set up where attendees can getpassport books. Each time they attend an anniversaryevent, they can get a stamp and later turnin their passport books to be entered intodrawings for prizes. In addition, starting in May 2009, theParks and Recreation Department isoffering a $ 20 fitness pass allowing usersto attend up to 10 sessions of any fitness- classes the department offers. So rather than signing up for just oneyoga, swimming or aerobics class, thecardholder can go to a yoga class, and thenswimming and then aerobics and then anadult water polo class or any of the otherfitness classes until they reach the 10mark. To learn about 70th anniversary eventsas well as recreation classes, go online towww. ci. visalia. ca. us, click on " Visitors," and then on " Parks and Recreation," orcall 559- 713- 4365. living here COMMUNITIES: VISALIAJohanna CoyneJanette Montoya, left, and Anabel Campo play in the interactive water feature April 21 atRiverway Sports Park. LIVING HERE May 21, 2009| 41ACTIVITIESContinued from page 40