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Fo rmoreinformation, pleasevisitourDesignCenterandmeetourprofessionalstaff30158Road68, Visalia559- 651- 2185Open: Mon.- Fri. 7- 5, Sat. 8- 12Winter• 8- 2Summer0000126105• NaturalStone• RoofingProducts• Accessories• CulturedStone• ConcretePavers• RetainingWallsOverwhelmedbyyouroptions? Letushelpyoumakesenseofthepossibilities... living here COMMUNITIES: TULARELIVING HERE May 21, 2009| 43By Mike Hazelwoodmhazelwo@ visalia. gannett. comulare is in the midst of an edu- cation boom and new cam- puses are springing up tokeep pace with population. Tulare's public schools aregrouped into two districts. Tulare City School District is made up ofelementary and middle schools. TulareJoint Union High School District includestraditional high schools, vocational andalternative schools and the Tulare AdultSchool. In 2007, Mission Valley School opened itsdoor to elementary students in northeastTulare's Del Lago neighborhood. Built withthe architecture of California missions inmind, as the name suggests, the school isTulare's 10th campus for elementary stu- dents. Tulare also has four middle schools. Mission Valley opened with higher- than- expected enrollment, which has districtofficials already making plans for a newcampus — for kindergartners througheighth- graders — expected as early as2011. That campus would be built on the south- eastern edge of Tulare — which is turninginto a hotbed of learning. Tulare's newest high school opened inthat part of town in 2008 and College ofSequoias will soon start building a com- munity college campus nearby as well. Thearea is on Bardsley Avenue, east of MooneyBoulevard. Mission Oak High School opened tofreshmen and sophomores in the 2008- 09school year. It's the third traditional highschool in Tulare and the first built since1959. The COS campus, which is to be a fullyfunctioning community college, is expect- ed to be ready in 2012. It was mostly fund- ed by Measure J, a $ 60 million bond meas- ure passed by voters in 2008. Tulare also has two private schools with- in city limits, St. Aloysius Parochial Schooland Tulare Christian School. First- gradestudentShaun Steverson, 7, throws a pieinto the faceof CypressSchool PrincipalValerieBrown during aschoolassembly inApril toannouncethe amountof moneyraised fortheLeukemia & LymphomaSociety. Luis HernandezNew campuses going upto keep up with demandT

L IVING HERE COMMUNITIES: TULARERon HolmanNate Upshaw competes at the Rotary Skate Park in Tulare. Ivy Rideout, 8, standsstill as abeardeddragonlizard restson her headduring apresentationat the TularePublicLibrary. Teresa DouglassTeresa DouglassTulare Preferred Outlets continues to grow.