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0000127857 " Wedon'tjustlistvehicles, wesell, financeandtakeyourtrade- in." ( 866) 669- 6632LIVING HERE May 21, 2009| 63living here COMMUNITIES: LINDSAYBY KIMBERLINA ROCHAkrocha@ visalia. gannett. comf you enjoy outside festi- vals where you can sam- ple some of the bestchili in the area or takein the fragrance of thesurrounding orangeblossoms and enjoy aparade and festival thatelectrify the streets ofdowntown, Lindsay offers that anda whole lot more. The town, located about 15 milessoutheast from Visalia, is nestledamong orange groves and sur- rounding foothills. The stunningvistas of orange blossoms in fullbloom are among the highlights ofthe city's annual Orange BlossomFestival, now in its 77th year. Thefestival also pays homage to thetown's beginnings, which was firstsettled by olive and citrus growersin the late 1800s. " It's just a happy time of year," said Francis Loyd, who sits on thefestival's board of directors. " Things are happening where oldfriends get together and we meetnew friends." The week- long celebration of" Central California's Citrus Center" features a parade with a queen andfive attendants, a pancake breakfastat City Hall, and a festival withfood, music and dancing at theSweet Brier Plaza. The event alsoshowcases works from local artistsand items for sale from vendors. The fall is filled with two otherpopular festivals including theLindsay Community Theatre'sBrewfest in late September and theChili Cookoff in early October. Friday nights are also boomingfor the town of more than 12,000. The Lindsay Friday Night Marketoffers live music, games and enter- tainment for the family at theSweet Brier Plaza. Hundreds offood vendors supply a variety ofappetizing dishes ranging fromMexican fare and deep- pit barbe- cue to Chinese food. Depending onthe season, revelers can purchasefresh fruit and vegetables such aszucchini, tomatoes, onions, grapesand corn. A tour of the town should neverleave out the series of muralsspread throughout Lindsay. Those wanting an adrenalinerush should check out the McDer- mont Field House. The formerpackinghouse is filled with bouncehouses, game rooms, volleyball andbasketball courts and an indoorskate park among other thrills. Lindsay City CouncilMeets 6 p. m. second and fourth Tuesday at City Hall, 251 E. Honolulu St. Information: 559- 562- 5927 or 562- 7103. Public SafetyPolice and fire: 559- 562- 2511UtilitiesWater/ sewer/ trash: City of Lindsay, 559- 562- 5927Gas: The Gas Co., 800- 427- 2200Power: Pacific Gas & Electric Co., 800- 655- 4555MiscellaneousPublic transportation: Visalia City Coach, 559- 713- 4950Schools: Farmersville Unified School District, 559- 592- 2010Library: Tulare County Library, Exeter branch, 230 E. Chestnut Ave., 559- 592- 5361CLIP IT | ESSENTIAL INFOILindsay rocks with McDermott House

50% OFFSelectItemsMon- Sat9: 30- 5: 30pmMANYBRANDNAMES: ROXY• JUICY• LIZBEBE• OSH- KOSHBANANAREPUBLICPOLO117South" K" St.• Tulare• 685- 95061/ 4blocksouthofTulareAvenueClassyFamilyConsignmentStoreNEWSUMMERARRIVALSDAILY! 0000127702FashionsENCORE64| May 21, 2009| LIVING HEREliving here COMMUNITIES: PIXLEYStaff reportshere are plenty of soothingbenefits to living in and visit- ing Pixley, population 2,586. " It's a little calmer attitude," said Bill Van Scyoc, PixleyChamber of Commerce presi- dent. " We don't have crazy traffic goingeverywhere. It's your typical small- towncommunity." A new, affordable apartment complex, a new middle school, restoration of thetown's historic railroad depot and instal- lation of an artesian- well monument arerecent additions to get Pixley residentsexcited. As of press time, a team led by PixleyApartments Investors were putting fin- ishing touches on a 55- unit apartmentcomplex on the southeast side of townat 1167 E. Terra Bella Ave. The apartment complex will be like acommunity, with financial planning, English- as- a- second- language classesand first- time homebuyer classes to beoffered, as well as after- school programsfor children. The apartments were built through astate program headed by the Tax CreditAllocation Committee. Also as of press time, a new watertreatment facility had been built insouthwest Pixley and was to be fired upsoon. The new facility could lead to theaddition of hundreds of new homes. A boon to the community's growth isthe addition of an ethanol plant broughtto Pixley by the Tulare County Econom- ic Development Corporation. A cogen- eration plant and a carbon monoxideplant stand alongside it to processunused product from the ethanol plant. Pixley is also in a business incentivezone that provides tax breaks for compa- nies that move there. Pixley's a small, quiet town; the attitude's ' a little calmer'Ron HolmanDustin Bear and his brother Dylan sit with Blaze atop a 1902 horse- drawn steam fire engine during the CAL FIRE picnic at Pixley Park. Alkali Bullrush growsaround the Pixley NationalWildlife Refuge as a sourceof food for neighboringwaterfowl. Steve R. FujimotoT