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. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 . Page 13 Independent Living & Affordable Housing for Ages 55 and Better " Quality Living for a Modest Price" Quiet . Comfortable Elevator . Therapeutic Pool . Library . Fitness Room . Billiards 5820 S. Windermere Street . Littleton, CO 80120 303- 795- 2902 www. southviewplace. com S Southview Apartments 303.477.8088 www. thesweetlifedenver. com All our products are made from scratch with the highest quality ingredients available and lots of Love... Arapahoe County Council on Aging 303- 271- 3487 . www. jeffcoccoa. org and more fi nancially secure than their predecessors, they are spend-ing more time making signifi cant contributions through volunteer opportunities. In fact, older Americans are a core component of service deliv-ery to seniors- embodying and modeling the drive to Age Strong! Live Long!  ey volunteer at group meal sites and deliver food to homebound seniors; they act as escorts and provide transportation for older adults who cannot drive; they help seniors with home repair, shopping and errands; and they provide vital counseling, informa-tion and referral services.  eir en-ergy and commitment reminds all Americans- not just 60 plus citi-zens and their caregivers- to do their part to enhance the quality of life for older generations. Please join us May 24th for the monthly meeting- a great oppor-tunity to Age Strong! Live Long! ?  e Arapahoe County Council of Aging invites all seniors 60 plus and service providers to attend the 4th Monday each month, Greenwood Village City Hall, 6060 South Que-bec, Greenwood, Village. 303- 273- 2855; accoa@ comcast. net; www. ac-coa. info May is Older Americans Month 2010: Age Strong! Live Long! May is Older Americans Month- a tradition dating back to 1963 to honor the legacies and ongoing contributions of older Americans and support them as they enter the next stage in life. ACCoA was rec-ognized in Feb. 1975 as the offi cial spokesman for the County's 60 plus population and to represent the agencies and organizations serving that population.  is year's Older Americans Month theme, Age Strong! Live Long!, recognizes the diversity and vitality of today's older Amer-icans who span three generations.  ey have lived through wars and hard times, as well as periods of unprecedented prosperity.  ey pioneered new technologies in medicine, communications, and industry while spearheading a cul-tural revolution that won equal rights for minorities, women, and disabled Americans.  ese re-markable achievements demon-strate the strength and character of older Americans, and under-score the debt of gratitude we owe to the generations that have given our society so much. But the con-tributions of older Americans are not only in the past. Older Americans are living lon-ger and are more active than ever before. And with the aging of the baby boomer generation- the larg-est in America's history- senior population is expected to num-ber 71.5 million by 2030. While keeping the growing population of older Americans healthy and ac-tive increases the demand for se-nior services, what is remarkable is the extent to which older Ameri-cans themselves are supporting each other. As the new generations of seniors become better educated Jefferson County Council on Aging 303- 271- 3487 . www. jeffcoccoa. org powered community that supports a vibrant older adult population in Jeff erson County.  e survey will focus on a series of older adult residents' needs and the community supports that fos-ter successful aging. More than forty common needs aff ecting older adults' well being will be as-sessed.  ese forty issues fall into the larger categories of health and wellness, community design and land use, participation in produc-tive activities, and community re-sources for information and plan-ning. Older adults' opinions about current community amenities and opportunities will be measured in the survey. Please assist the County in its planning for older adults by fi lling out the survey, should you receive one in the mail.  e surveys will be sent out the end of April. For more information on  e Jeff erson County Council on Ag-ing call ( 303) 271- 3487 or visit www. jeff coccoa. org. ? For more information on  e Jef-ferson County Council on Aging call ( 303) 271- 3487 or visit www. jef-fcoccoa. org. Survey Of Older Adults To Be Sent To Residents Of Jefferson County  rough funding from Rose Community Foundation, Jeff er-son County Department of Hu-man Services has contracted with National Research Center ( NRC) in Boulder to conduct an assess-ment of the strengths and needs of its older residents. Based upon the perspectives of older residents themselves, the CASOA was de-veloped to provide a statistical-ly valid survey of older adults in communities across America.  e study fi ndings will be used by staff , elected offi cials and other stake-holders to plan for older adult ser-vices, programs and facilities.  e objectives of the CASOA are to: . Identify community strengths in serving older adults. . Articulate the specifi c needs of older adults in the County.  e results of this exploration will provide useful information for planning and resource devel-opment as well as strengthen ad-vocacy eff orts and stakeholder engagement.  e ultimate goal of the assessment is to create an em-www. 50plus marketplace news. com Now you can read us online! www. 50plusmarketplacenews. Now you can read us

Page 14 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 Per Show " Volunteering gives me the op-portunity to do something that matters," says Lila Burkholder, a Lakewood Heritage Culture Center vol-unteer. Her relation-ships with others re-ally mean something to her, not to mention the experience she gains through volun-teering that make her more diverse. Lila devotes her time to a multitude of activities and projects; making this volunteer's world only grows larger and more interesting with each passing year. Lila's association with the Her-itage Center started in 1984 as a staff member. When she retired 12 years later she became a RSVP ( Retired & Senior Volunteer Pro-gram) volunteer and continued her association with the Heritage Center. Her passion for preserving Lakewood's historical background and sharing the stories with the area's citizens- school children in particular- has engaged her many skills in a variety of projects Lila's husband, Dick, teams with her to present the Discov-ery Trunk program featuring ar-tifacts from Lakewood's agricul-tural history.  is popular program is a natural for the Center.  e re-stored home of the Swedish family whose dairy farm was established in the late 1800' s is now the site of the Center and surrounding park.  e annual Cider Days celebrating Lakewood's history is one of Lila's favorite events. It gives the Cen-ter's volunteers and staff the op-portunity to dress in period cloth-ing and reenact what life was like in " the olden days." Lila also volunteers once a week in the Center's gift shop. Lila noted, " Even the gift store off ers a vari-ety of experiences for volunteers because the merchan-dise changes according to the mu-seum's current exhibits." Variety is a good word to describe Lila's community involvement. She is a quilter, a caregiver, a creative face painter at events drawing children, a member of her church choir, helps with mailing the RSVP newsletter, and has edited the Center's Volun-teer Newsletter for seven years. According to Jean Jackson, a Cen-ter volunteer who works with Lila, it isn't just her physical presence at the Heritage Center that makes a diff erence. " Lila's great sense of humor, love of people, and positive outlook creates a positive environ-ment for Center visitors, volun-teers, and staff ." If you are 55 years of better and want to know how you can make a diff erence in your community and expand your horizons contact Jef-fco RSVP. Find out about the wide variety of volunteer positions wait-ing for someone like you. Contact Kathy Novoselac, 303- 235- 6946, or knovoselac@ srcacing. org. RSVP Volunteer of the month Lila Burkholder Platt Park Senior Recreation 720- 865- 0630 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Fri., May 28 and Mon, May 31. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Wed, 1 - 3: 15 pm dance to live music with Tom Yook. $ 5 includes live band, and refreshments. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? : 1- 3: 15 pm, May 5, 12, 19, 26. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 10- Noon $ 6.50. Wed. May 5, Mushroom Olive Chicken Bowties. Fri. May 21, Sausage Topped Polenta, Cia-batta ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? is June 4, 1 pm $ 2. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? : Tues. 11- 12: 30 pm and  urs. 10- 11: 30 am. $ 2. 50 senior/$ 4 under 65. Drop in. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? :  ur. 1- 3 pm $ 2.50/$ 4 under 65. Drop in. ? ? ? ? ? : Tues. 1- 3 pm $ 2.25 for 4 cards. Drop in. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching, Swimnastics, Weight Training ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Spanish, German, French ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jewelry, pottery and more ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Don't miss the chance to get tickets weekly to sporting events, symphony etc. ? ? ? ? ? ? Bridge, Pinochle. Call for dates and times: 720- 865- 0630. Castle Rock Senior Center 303- 688- 9498 VoA Lunches every Tues. &  ur. at Noon, a balanced & nutritious meal for a donation of $ 2.50. Chocolate Fair. May 7 5: 30 pm, $ 8/$ 10 non- members, for trans-portation only. Samples of choco-late of every ilk from dark and pure to sweet and milky. Enjoy wine tastings along with a cash bar. $ 12 at the door, Denver Merchandise Mart. Dolphins And Whales. Sat. May 15, 10: 30 am $ 3/$ 4 non- members for transportation only. Start with brunch at Great Beginnings Café, then to  e Wildlife Experience. Purchase tickets $ 9, under age 65 or $ 8, 65 or older. Financial Services. most Fri. 9 am. Topics from Annuities to Tax- Free Income. Free review of portfolio or other investments and review long- term goals, call Paul Donahue with Edward Jones ( 303- 688- 4220).