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Page 6 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 Michelle Rahn, Ms. Senior America 2004, is an innovating and enthusias-tic speaker available to instill in your group momentous ways to improve well- being in ourselves and those around us. Her topics include: " Aging with Atti-tude to Make a Difference", " Becoming Signifi cant," " Whose Crown Are We Really Wearing?" and " All In God's Perfect Time." Call Michelle at 720- 289- 8398 Looking for a Dynamic Speaker for your Next Meeting? Why Computers Slow Down A computer can slow down for many reasons. Today's software uses lot's of memory. If your com-puter is older it may not have enough for to-day's uses, and could make it slow. Also, how fast is your inter-net connection? Dial- up internet of any kind. Real high- speed internet is either Ca-ble or DSL. It doesn't cost much more and is totally worth it. What takes several minutes with dial-up, might only take seconds with high- speed. Periodic maintenance also helps. Regularly remove temporary inter-net fi les, cookies and browsing his-tory. Do this under Internet Prop-erties, in the Control Panel. Also, if you delete lots of things, your fi les may eventually become frag-mented.  e Windows Defrag-menter ( under Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools) can analyze your disk and if needed, reorganize your computer's fi ling Computers Marianna Madison system to locate fi les faster. Win-dows also includes a Disk Cleanup program you can run to clean old unused fi les. Also, you can sched-ule big jobs like your virus protec-tion's full- system scan or updates when you are not using the com-puter. If you run those bigger jobs while you are on the computer, it may sometimes make you wait. You should also restart your com-puter periodically.  ere's no harm in leaving it running, but sometimes interrupted tasks are unintention-ally left running in memory. ( Have you ever had a song in your head you couldn't forget?) As its mem-ory gets too tied up, the computer slows down. Likewise, use the se-lections in the Start menu to shut off or restart your computer.  is allows the computer to power off gracefully after cleaning up things and avoids orphaned settings, fi les and processes.  ese are a few of the things you can do. If you are still having trou-ble, call in an expert. ? Marianna Madison has a 20 year background in information systems and provides computer tutoring to Seniors. For more information, call 303- 731- 7932. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A reverse mortgage may be the answer to your fi nancial needs.  is proven tool enables se-nior homeown-ers, 62 years and older, to convert a part of the equity in their home into tax-free income without having to sell the home, give up title, or take on a new monthly mortgage pay-ment. As there are virtually no re-strictions on the use of funds, the process can be used to improve quality of life and make retirement years more enjoyable. Funds received from a reverse mortgage can be used in virtually any way the borrower chooses. A borrower may receive the funds in a lump sum, in monthly incre-ments, or a combination of these. As for repayment, the loan is re-payable when the borrower sells the home or moves out.  is fl exibility paired with no monthly mortgage payments al-lows senior borrowers to use their Reverse Mortgage Gary S. Kottler equity for many diff erent purposes, such as paying off debts, assisting with medical bills, creating a cash reserve for future needs, or reno-vating their homes. Reverse mortgages create peace of mind that fi nances will be better covered and taken care of. "  is re-verse mortgage has not only eased my concern at having to make a monthly mortgage payment, but has also given me a sense of secu-rity," says a satisfi ed borrower from Denver. A reverse mortgage could be right for you if you are 62 years of age or older, would like to remain in your home, and could use some extra cash to help you with your fi nancial needs. ? Gary Kottler is a Reverse Mort-gage Specialist for Financial Free-dom ( www. fi nancialfreedom. com). For more information, contact 303- 568- 9222 or GKottler@ fi nancial-freedom. com. © 2010 Financial Freedom Acquisition LLC. All rights reserved. Financial Freedom Acquisition LLC is a Subsidiary of OneWest Bank ® , FSB. Consult fi - nancial advisor and appropriate government agencies for any eff ect on taxes or government benefi ts. Make sure you understand the features associated with the loan program you choose and the eff ect of an adjust-able rate to your overall loan cost. Consolidating debt may result in higher overall interest cost over the life of the loan. Consult your fi nancial advisor on paying short term debt with your mortgage loan.  e Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library, Broomfi eld, hosts the Digital Bookmobile, an im-mersive experience inside a 74 ft, high- tech tractor- trailer, Friday, May 7, 10- 4 p. m. Readers of all ages can engage in downloading through interactive demos at this free event. Library card holders can check out and download digital ti-tles 24/ 7 at http:// frontrange. lib. overdrive. com or at www. broom-fi eldlibrary. org. Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library Hosts Digital Bookmobile National Tour Equipped with internet- con-nected PCs, high- defi nition moni-tors, and premium sound systems, allowing visitors explore the li-brary's download service. Once downloaded, digital titles can be viewed on a computer or transferred to supported mobile devices. At the end of the lending period, titles automatically expire and are returned to the collection. Visit May 7 and enter the draw-ing for a SanDisk MP3 player!

. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 . Page 7 50PMN 05/ 10 GA © 2010 The Salvation Army The Salvation Army Patricia Owen, Planned Giving Director 1370 Pennsylvania Street Denver, CO 80203 Toll Free: ( 800) 357- 0856 E- mail: patricia. owen@ usw. salvationarmy. org Visit: www. salgift. org Name( s) Address City, State, Zip Birth Date( s) Phone ( ) E- mail Job No: SA- 5766- M Publication: 50 PLUS MARKETPLACE Product: 2- Color ad Ad Headline: CGA LI Donor Size: 4.875" x 7.75" Insertion Dates: May, 2010 04/ 13/ 10@ 1: 30 PM Art Director: GG NEW MATERIAL - CHANGES OR REVISIONS NOT AUTHORIZED! ( 310) 322- 2210 Fax ( 310) 322- 0617 Stephanie@ bprco. com Lock In A Secure Stream Of Income Age Rate 55 5.3% 60 5.5% 65 5.7% 70 6.1% 75 6.7% 80 7.6% 85 8.9% 90+ 10.5% Two- life rates available. Rates subject to change. ONE- LIFE RATES For information call 800- 357- 0856 or return coupon. With A Charitable Gift Annuity. ¦ Fixed income for life ¦ Relief from taxes ¦ Income now or later ¦ Support for your community Let our charitable gift planner show you and your advisors the many tax- wise giving options available through The Salvation Army. Since 1865 Call today to arrange your tour. 303- 797- 0600 Live LIFEyour in style. . Spacious, Bright Apartments with Spectacular Views . Weekly Housekeeping, 24- Hour Security . Health & Wellness Programs . Exciting Excursions, On- Site Concerts & Dances . Convenient Shopping & Golf Course Nearby . Scheduled Transportation . Dining Room & Much More! www. riverpointeseniorliving. com Senior Community 5225 S. Prince Street, Littletonof Littleton 6005 South Holly Street Centennial, Co 80121 303- 773- 1000 orchardparkhealthcare. com Orchard Park Administrator Beth Williams, NHA Services and Benefits: . 7 day a week rehab for or-thopedic joint replacement and other diagnosis . Private & semi- private rooms . Rehabilitation Gym and Residential Skills Training Gym . Admissions 7 days a week . Concierge . Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy . Facility van for outside follow- up appointments . RN coverage 24/ 7 . Physicians and Nurse Practitioners 7 days a week . IV Therapy . Respiratory Services . Hospice Care . Enteral Nutrition . Accepting Medicare, United Healthcare Products, Cigna, Humana & Private Pay . Specialized Therapies o Physical o Occupational o Speech ? Electrotherapy ? Ultrasound ? Diathermy ? Vitalstim Dysphagia Therapy ? Wound Care ? Lymphedema Management Under New Management as of October 2009 What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen Resolving the consequences of identity theft is left largely to vic-tims. Act quickly and assertively, and keep re-cords/ copies of all contacts and reports. . File a report with local law enforcement and get a copy of the report for the credit agen-cies, banks and credit card com-panies. Also request and complete the ID  eft Affi davit from the Federal Trade Commission. . Notify your credit card compa-nies as soon as possible and follow their advice. If you report the loss you may not be responsible for any unauthorized charges. As always, carefully monitor your credit card statements for evidence of fraudu-lent activity. . If your checking account is com-promised, notify your fi nancial in-stitution, close aff ected accounts and complete " affi davits of forg-ery" on unauthorized checks. . Report the theft to one of the fraud units of the credit reporting agencies.  at agency notifi es the other two of possible fraud. Re-quest the credit reporting agencies Consumer ALERT! to fl ag your credit fi le for fraud. Add a victim's statement to your report, such as: " My identifi cation has been used to apply for fraud-ulent credit. Contact me at ( your phone number or address) to veri-fy ALL applications." . Consider putting Security Freez-es on your credit fi les at the 3 credit agencies. Information at Denverda. org/ Fraud Alerts or call 720- 913- 9179. . Ask utility companies ( especial-ly cellular service) to watch for anyone ordering services in your name. If you have trouble with fal-sifi ed accounts, contact the Public Utility Commission. ID  eft As-sistance: Federal Trade Commission www. consumer. gov/ idtheft or 1- 877- ID-  eft Colorado Attorney General: www. ago. state. co. us/ idtheft Identity  eft Resource Center: www. idtheftcenter. org Remember: You are not respon-sible for losses from ID theft. Your credit should not be permanently aff ected. No legal action should be taken. Cooperate, but don't be coerced into paying a fraudulent debt! ? Want a Power Against Fraud Presentation? Call the Denver DA's Offi ce: 720- 913- 9036. From the Offi ce of Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey fy Mitch Morrisseyanyone