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. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 . Page 7 50PMN 05/ 10 GA © 2010 The Salvation Army The Salvation Army Patricia Owen, Planned Giving Director 1370 Pennsylvania Street Denver, CO 80203 Toll Free: ( 800) 357- 0856 E- mail: patricia. owen@ usw. salvationarmy. org Visit: www. salgift. org Name( s) Address City, State, Zip Birth Date( s) Phone ( ) E- mail Job No: SA- 5766- M Publication: 50 PLUS MARKETPLACE Product: 2- Color ad Ad Headline: CGA LI Donor Size: 4.875" x 7.75" Insertion Dates: May, 2010 04/ 13/ 10@ 1: 30 PM Art Director: GG NEW MATERIAL - CHANGES OR REVISIONS NOT AUTHORIZED! ( 310) 322- 2210 Fax ( 310) 322- 0617 Stephanie@ bprco. com Lock In A Secure Stream Of Income Age Rate 55 5.3% 60 5.5% 65 5.7% 70 6.1% 75 6.7% 80 7.6% 85 8.9% 90+ 10.5% Two- life rates available. Rates subject to change. ONE- LIFE RATES For information call 800- 357- 0856 or return coupon. With A Charitable Gift Annuity. ¦ Fixed income for life ¦ Relief from taxes ¦ Income now or later ¦ Support for your community Let our charitable gift planner show you and your advisors the many tax- wise giving options available through The Salvation Army. Since 1865 Call today to arrange your tour. 303- 797- 0600 Live LIFEyour in style. . Spacious, Bright Apartments with Spectacular Views . Weekly Housekeeping, 24- Hour Security . Health & Wellness Programs . Exciting Excursions, On- Site Concerts & Dances . Convenient Shopping & Golf Course Nearby . Scheduled Transportation . Dining Room & Much More! www. riverpointeseniorliving. com Senior Community 5225 S. Prince Street, Littletonof Littleton 6005 South Holly Street Centennial, Co 80121 303- 773- 1000 orchardparkhealthcare. com Orchard Park Administrator Beth Williams, NHA Services and Benefits: . 7 day a week rehab for or-thopedic joint replacement and other diagnosis . Private & semi- private rooms . Rehabilitation Gym and Residential Skills Training Gym . Admissions 7 days a week . Concierge . Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy . Facility van for outside follow- up appointments . RN coverage 24/ 7 . Physicians and Nurse Practitioners 7 days a week . IV Therapy . Respiratory Services . Hospice Care . Enteral Nutrition . Accepting Medicare, United Healthcare Products, Cigna, Humana & Private Pay . Specialized Therapies o Physical o Occupational o Speech ? Electrotherapy ? Ultrasound ? Diathermy ? Vitalstim Dysphagia Therapy ? Wound Care ? Lymphedema Management Under New Management as of October 2009 What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen Resolving the consequences of identity theft is left largely to vic-tims. Act quickly and assertively, and keep re-cords/ copies of all contacts and reports. . File a report with local law enforcement and get a copy of the report for the credit agen-cies, banks and credit card com-panies. Also request and complete the ID  eft Affi davit from the Federal Trade Commission. . Notify your credit card compa-nies as soon as possible and follow their advice. If you report the loss you may not be responsible for any unauthorized charges. As always, carefully monitor your credit card statements for evidence of fraudu-lent activity. . If your checking account is com-promised, notify your fi nancial in-stitution, close aff ected accounts and complete " affi davits of forg-ery" on unauthorized checks. . Report the theft to one of the fraud units of the credit reporting agencies.  at agency notifi es the other two of possible fraud. Re-quest the credit reporting agencies Consumer ALERT! to fl ag your credit fi le for fraud. Add a victim's statement to your report, such as: " My identifi cation has been used to apply for fraud-ulent credit. Contact me at ( your phone number or address) to veri-fy ALL applications." . Consider putting Security Freez-es on your credit fi les at the 3 credit agencies. Information at Denverda. org/ Fraud Alerts or call 720- 913- 9179. . Ask utility companies ( especial-ly cellular service) to watch for anyone ordering services in your name. If you have trouble with fal-sifi ed accounts, contact the Public Utility Commission. ID  eft As-sistance: Federal Trade Commission www. consumer. gov/ idtheft or 1- 877- ID-  eft Colorado Attorney General: www. ago. state. co. us/ idtheft Identity  eft Resource Center: www. idtheftcenter. org Remember: You are not respon-sible for losses from ID theft. Your credit should not be permanently aff ected. No legal action should be taken. Cooperate, but don't be coerced into paying a fraudulent debt! ? Want a Power Against Fraud Presentation? Call the Denver DA's Offi ce: 720- 913- 9036. From the Offi ce of Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey fy Mitch Morrisseyanyone

Page 8 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . May 2010 Assisted Living: ( Accepts Medicaid) Barth Hotel Denver Cinnamon Park Longmont Cli  view Kremmling Madison House Cortez Mesa Vista Parachute Park Hill Residence Denver Princeton House Denver Apartment Living: ( HUD subsidized) Emerson Gardens Denver The Olin Denver Grand Living Granby Silver Spruce Kremmling September House Denver The Decatur Denver Servicios Denver To  nd out more information about any of these residences contact Hilarie Olson at: 303- 595- 4464 ext. 17 TDD 1- 800- 659- 2656 www. seniorhousingoptions. org A 501 ( c)( 3) nonpro  t charitable organization celebrating 30 years of service! Peace Activist Peter Yarrow Performs, May 26 Singing songs of peace and activ-ism in the opposition to the Viet Nam era of the 1960s, Peter Yar-row of Peter, Paul, and Mary, sings " Puff the Magic Drag-on", " If I Had a Hammer", and " Leavin' on a Jet Plane" at the Sa-lute to Seniors on May 26, at the Colorado Convention Center. Grandparents are invited to bring grandchildren to this live concert. Yarrow performs at 10 am and again at 1 pm. Most recently Peter organized Operation Respect and is spend-ing his time to create compassion-ate, safe and respectful environ-ments for children. Using his many years of suc-cessful song writing and produc-tion, Peter is traveling the country singing for seniors and children to promote his now very popular children's book " Puff the Magic Colorado Gerontological Society Eileen Doherty Dragon". Complete with CDs, his other hardback books include: " Let's Sing Together", " Day is Done", and " Sleepytime Songs". Signed copies of these books with the CD are on sale on for $ 18.26 per copy including tax, courtesy of the Tattered Cover. Perfect for birthdays or holiday gifts.  e AARP Walgreens Well-ness Tour Bus is providing health screenings worth more than $ 140. Screenings include total cholester-ol levels, blood pressure, bone den-sity, glucose levels, and waist cir-cumference. No appointments are necessary. Several attendees who took advantage of the screenings last year were advised to seek med-ical attention, crediting the Salute and the Wellness Tour Bus with saving their lives. More than 100 exhibitors show-case services and products. In a backdrop of the 50s and 60s, ven-dors and exhibitors are in costume to evoke memories of that era. Ex-hibitors range from banking, long term care, and health care and home care products.  e Vintage Aero Flying Mu-seum houses one of the most his-torically signifi cant and interna-tionally recognized collections of World War I memorabilia in the world, provides virtual tours and programs.  e collection features Golden Age of Aviation ( 1918 - 1939) and World War II avia-tion aircraft.  is material includes memorabilia from Japan, Germany and other axis countries. On the 65th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 1945, the Salute honors veterans with a tribute to those twenty- four Coloradoans who have been awarded the Medal of Honor citations to the nation's bravest soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guardsmen since the decoration's creation in 1861. Musical productions highlight the day. Lara Carabajal, Ms. Se-nior Colorado 2007 is accompa-nied by Wells Music in an organ production. Coming together for the love of music, the John Philip Sousa Band of Colorado' s reper-toire perpetuates the American tradition of marches, show tunes, popular music, operetta, and patri-otic music.  e Rockyettes enter-tain with a show of choreographed tap and dance routines to show tunes like " Another Opening, An-other Show," " I've Got Rhythm" and " Jump and Swing." Set to John Denver's Rocky Mountain High, former and current Ms Senior Colorado queens sing a new re-lease and entertain with songs and tambourine routines. With something for everyone, other events include trivia bingo of the 1950s and 60s with great priz-es; a fi re truck on display courtesy of the Firehouse Museum; and a 1956 Ford showcased by the Uni-versal Lending Foundation. In ad-dition, there are several educational programs. Eight artists sell quilts, hats, leatherwork and other crafts for those who are looking for gifts for loved ones or hand crafted trea-sures to take home. Also, residents of Argyle Square are selling hand-made bracelets. Open from 8: 30 am to 4: 00 pm. Cost for the event is $ 9 for the fi rst ticket and $ 4.50 for the sec-ond ticket. Groups of 10 or more can purchase tickets for $ 6 each. Lunch is available for an addition-al charge. Free parking is available at the Pepsi Center Lots A and B with free shuttle service to the Convention Center, courtesy of Sunrise Assisted Living. To pur-chase tickets or for more informa-tion, call 303- 333- 3482 or visit www. senioranswers. org ? Eileen Doherty, M. S. is the Execu-tive Director of Senior Answers and Services and the Colorado Geronto-logical Society. She has more than 35 years of experience in gerontology in administration, research, training and education, and clinical practice. She can be reached at 303- 333- 3482 or at doherty001@ att. net. When you are driving east on C- 470 and you cross over Santa Fe Dr., do you notice the large resident com-munity on the right called Wind Crest? Of course you do, because it's huge! Next time you go that way slow down and look near the high-way and you will see an old farm-house tucked in the trees beside the High Line Canal. It has a met-al fence around it now. It is waiting to see what its future will be.  is old house has two names, the" Plews House" and " Fly ' n B." Plews, because they built the house, and " Fly ' n B," because the Bowens owned the property and had a hangar and runways south of it. Why planes? Well, they also owned property in Strasburg, CO, and fl ying was the way Johnny Bo-wen chose to get back and forth in order to take care of both places. Caroline's Corner "  is old house" is waiting to see what unfolds. I spent a cou-ple of days inspecting it and it is a mess. A great deal of work will have to be done to make it use-ful to the community. Fortunately, Metro Districts, who are renown in Highlands Ranch for their ex-cellent care, have the " ball in their court" to decide what and how to deal with this relic of the past. It is hard to put a dollar value on memories of the past, but realities set in and future use isn't suffi cient to justify fi nancing fading memo-ries and achievements of those who have passed. Whether Metro can fi nancially satisfy relic- lovers and future real-ists will be interesting to observe. As President of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society I feel that we can support their decision whatever it may be. ? Caroline T. Smith, is the president of the Highlands Ranch Historical Society. Suggestions welcome for the " Corner". Email: foxycaroline@ hot-mail. com. ple Caroline Smithdeal