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. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 . Page 11 We have the full range of Stannah Stairway Elevators for your home. Easy to use, Stannah Stairway Elevators will carry you safely and reliably up and down indoor & outdoor stairways. Custom for your stairway, folds away, leaving the stairs for others to use. Call for a FREE Home Evaluation: 1- 720- 457- 0403 or Toll Free 1- 888- 542- 3834 3795 Cheetah Dr, Loveland ANNUITY OWNERS COULD pAY Up TO 40% TO ThE IRS IN TAxES Many annuity owners are posi-tioned to lose a significant por-tion of their annuity's value to taxes, and most are not even aware of the problem. The IRS is not required to notify annu-ity owners about an exemption to the tax code that could save thousands of dollars in income and estate taxes. A complimentary booklet is available that shows current annuity owners how to avoid mistakes and possibly save thousands! This complimenta-ry booklet creates an aware-ness around the most costly annuity owner mistakes and provides tips and stragities to help you make the most of your hard earned assets. Call 1- 866- 547- 0056 today to get your no cost, no obligation copy of the 16- page " Guide to Avoiding Common An-nuity Mistakes" and learn how to potentially: . Avoid paying unnecessary taxes . Increase your retirement income by properly handling your annuity . Avoid mistakes that could cost you or your beneficia-ries thousands of dollars. The Money Dr. Host of " The Ron Caskey Show" 11- Noon Saturdays on 1060AM Call ( 866) 547- 0056 today for your complimentary 16 page booklet! Cleo Parker Robinson Dance proudly presents the 16th Annual International Summer Dance In-stitute from June 21- July 23. This premier dance institute is a five-week long artist in- residence pro-gram that is the event for dancers and instructors who come from around the world. This year's world class instruc-tors come from various plac-es such as New York, Haiti and Guinea. It also features Colorado Dance Masters such as Cleo Park-er Robinson, Hannah Kahn, Ke-hinde Ishangi and Rachael Ashley Harding. These instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experi-ence ranging from the acclaimed Alvin Ailey Dance School to per-forming in Rap and R& B acts. " We invite dancer's young and old, beginning and experienced, to join us for this exciting 16th An-nual International Summer Dance Institute. Dance is truly a univer-sal language that we hope everyone will learn to speak with One Spir-it, Many Voices," said Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder and Executive Art Director. Despite a difficult economy with many arts organizations struggling, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance commitment to bring world- class dance to the public is a shining bea-con of hope to all those who care about performing arts. Through the various classes, performances and activities it provides to thou-sands each year, CPRD is not just a dance company, but a cultural arts institution. Registrations are now being ac-cepted; please visit www. cleoparke-dance. org for a PDF registration form. For more information please call 303- 295- 1759, ext. 10. International Summer Dance Institute Deadline to purchase discount ad-mission tickets online is by noon on Thursday, July 15. Admission is $ 7 at the door and $ 6 if pur-chased in advance from any Plan-ning Committee member or on-line. Remember, if you send your entry forms in for our FHQ show by May 15th ( Early Bird deadline), the fee is only $ 10. There is still time to enter online for that lower fee. After that, the fee goes up to $ 15 per quilt. The final deadline to enter a quilt in our show is June Action Care Ambulance received 76 quilts. 8 employees, Fran Auda and Dusty Darrah are pictured here in front of the ambulance. Advance Quilt Show Tickets Available On- Line 19th. If at all possible, please en-ter and pay online www. firehouse-quilts. org; click on Quilt Show. Again this year, we have some great prizes to give away for prizes: overnight stays with a special meal at different locations.

Page 12 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 Michelle Rahn, Ms. Senior America 2004, is an innovating and enthusias-tic speaker available to instill in your group momentous ways to improve well- being in ourselves and those around us. Her topics include: " Aging with Atti-tude to Make a Difference", " Becoming Significant," " Whose Crown Are We Really Wearing?" and " All In God's Perfect Time." Call Michelle at 720- 289- 8398 looking for a Dynamic Speaker for your next meeting? annual Flag Day Celebration. All ages welcome to this unique event that offers a better understanding of the importance of our national flag. A variety of ice cream and topping available. Entertainment provided by the Tip Top Tappers. M, Jun 14, 12: 30- 2: 30 pm. Free. angels are near. Angels are spe-cial creations made to assist us in our times of need. Sister Georgeanne, well- known speaker and author, dis-cusses angels and how they help us. Registration requested: 303 730- 4605. Thurs, Jun 17, 1 pm, $ 3/ $ 2 R Consumer protection. Monthly program presented by the District Attorney office on a variety of con-sumer protection and crime preven-tion issues. Jun. 10: Keeping Safe at Home, Thurs, 1 pm. Free. Capturing your life stories. Shared memories are the glue that binds each generation of a family to the next. Give your family the gift of memories and wisdom. An overview and see how fun and easy this project can be! Tues, Jun. 15, 1- 3 pm, Free. line Dance extravaganza. Kick up your heels. Learn steps and perfect common dance moves. At Buck Rec. Center. Lunch & hand-outs included. Sa, Jun. 12, 10- 3 pm, $ 27/$ 25 R living history; A visit with Ame-lia Earhart. Arguably the most fa-mous Aviatrix of her time, Amelia Earhart was more than a noted pi-lot, because of her courage, determi-nation and spirit of adventure. Af- South Suburban Recreation 303- 797- 8787 ternoon tea served. Mon, Jun 28, 12 pm. Afternoon tea: $ 10 / $ 12 non res, program only: Free. workshop for women. Become a Handywoman. Save money and time. Learn how to do the easy stuff yourself: Info: www. workshopfor-women. com. line Dancing. Line up and kick up your heels to a variety of music and line dance fun. Drop in: $ 4/$ 3 res. Tues, 2- 3 beginners, 3- 4 interme-diate, Lone Tree Rec. Center. Wed, 1- 2 pm beginners, 2- 4 intermediate, Buck Rec. Center Computer Classes. Ezy- Bytes Computer Lab. Open to all adults. At Buck Rec. Center. IBM Compa-table and Macintosh classes. Dates and fees available online at www. sspr. org or by calling 303 730- 4609. senior tap Dance. Learn the basics to keep your feet a- tappin'. Learn flaps, shuffles, the shuffle-ball- change combined into simple routines. It's great fun and great ex-ercise. Beginning & Intermediate classes available. Mon. & Fri, 10 am, $ 24/$ 18 district rate. Digital Camera. Anticipate buying a Digital Camera or having trouble using one you've purchased. Discuss selection, operation, printing with-out a computer, interfacing and/ or photo storage card ( Mac or Win-dows PC), improving photos, and storing, printing, and emailing se-lected photos. If you own a camera, bring it and the manual to the class. Mon, Jun. 21, 9- 12 pm $ 16/$ 13.50 res. the european union. Tues, Jun. 1, 10 am. Formed in the wake of World War II, the European Union was created to provide a unified trading bloc. Explore the historical roots of the EU, the economic and social issues that challenge its future. Jewish Community Center, 350 S. Dahlia St, Denver, Free. RSVP: Lil Shaw: 303- 316- 6359 the european union Wed, Jun. 2, 2- 4 pm See previous description. Garden Plaza of Aurora, 14221 E Evans Ave, Aurora, Free. RSVP: 303- 750- 0820 al Qaeda. Tues, Jun. 8, noon - 1 pm. An in- depth look at the Al Qae-da terrorist organization. Discuss the origins of the group and how it has changed over time. The role of Osama Bin Ladin and other leaders is explained. Describe the organiza-tional structure and how it operates and how its functioning has been impacted by the war on terror. End with an assessment of our safety. First Presbyterian Church of Lake-wood, 8210 W 10th Ave, Lakewood. Free. Info: 303- 235- 6907 Indonesia: A Functional Islamic Democracy. Tues, Jun. 8, 12: 30- 1: 30 pm. Examine what's working in the world's largest Islamic country. Tat-tered Cover, 9315 Dorchester St, Highlands Ranch, call 303- 470- 7050 for directions. Free. south africa: Journey from Apartheid. Wed, Jun. 9, 3- 4 pm. Ex-plore the history of South Africa, its struggle with Apartheid, and its journey to rejoin the international community since Apartheid's end in 1994. RiverPointe, 5225 S. Prince St, Littleton, Free. RSVP: 303- 797- 0600 the Future of Iraq: A Path to Self Sufficiency? Thur, Jun. 10, 6: 30- 8: 30 pm. 7 years after the invasion of Iraq, the U. S. policy objective is now withdrawal. This only works if Iraq can govern itself and main-tain peace within its borders. Look at the path for Iraq to stand on its own and the challenges that may be encountered along that road. 1375 High St., Denver, Free. RSVP: 303- 399- 5555 medical marijuana. Thur, Jun. 10, 7: 30- 8: 30 pm. Marijuana dispensa-ries have proliferated in Denver to the point where there are more of them than Starbucks locations or liquor stores. Why has this trend exploded here and what the vari-ous arguments are in this debate. We will explore the legal issues, so-cietal challenges, and medical pros and cons of this interesting issue. Koelbel Library, 5955 S Holly St, Centennial, Free. RSVP: 303- LI-BRARY or www. arapahoelibraries. org nasa and the Future of Space Exploration. Fri, Jun. 18, 10- noon. NASA is preparing to decommis-sion the Space Shuttle program. Look at the future of manned and robotic space travel at this pivotal juncture. Covers the future of the International Space Station and the debate over how to prioritize invest-ing in NASA versus other pressing needs. Stratford at Flatirons, 400 Summit Blvd, Broomfield, Free. RSVP: 303- 466- 2422 the Future of pakistan. Tues, Jun. 22, 11- noon. Formed in 1947, Pakistan has a history characterized by periods of tension and warfare with its neighbor India. Explore the seeds of the current situation and discuss the ongoing political strug-gle in this important country, par-ticularly as it relates to the US in- Active Minds ® 303- 320- 7652 . www. ActiveMindsForLife. com volvement in Afghanistan. Temple Emanuel, 51 Grape, Denver, Free. RSVP: 303- 388- 4013 x307 water in Colorado. Tues, Jun. 22, 2- 3 pm. Water may well become the most disputed natural resource of the 21st century. Competing water interests have affected Colorado's history for over 100 years. Learn about our water history, the cur-rent challenges, and what the future holds for our use of this precious resource. Park Lane Community Room, 460 S Marion Pkwy, Denver, Free. RSVP: 720- 381- 2470 medical marijuana. Tues, Jun. 22, 5: 30- 6: 30 pm. Marijuana dispensa-ries have proliferated in Denver Ex-plore the legal issues, societal chal-lenges, and medical pros and cons of this interesting issue. Tattered Cover, 2526 E Colfax, Free. the european union. Wed, Jun. 23, 10 am. See previous description. Malley Senior Center, 3380 S Lin-coln St, Englewood, Free. RSVP: 303- 762- 2660. the Korean war Fri, Jun. 25, 2- 4 pm. As we approach the 60 year an-niversary of the start of the Korean War, look at the origins, key events, and the lasting legacy of this con-flict. Also examine the role played by the U. S., China, and the Soviet Union as part of the broader Cold War. The Cottages at Dayton Place, 2032 S Dayton Ct, Denver, Free. RSVP: 303- 338- 4338