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Page 4 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 Supplement your income with a home based business. Share a product everyone loves, a billion people ate chocolate yesterday! " The amount of antioxidants that you maintain in your body is directly proportional to how long and healthy you will live." - Dr. Richard Cutler Get your antioxidants eating healthy chocolate! Healthy Chocolate ?? Increase ?? your ?? income ?? and ?? live ?? healthier! ?? Timing could not be better to get involved, call today! Inspire Change with Chocolate LLC www. changeyourworldwithchocolate. com 303.805.2999 janelle10@ Q. com chaMbers Cherry Creek Nursing Center 303- 693- 0111 Specialized Rehabilitation Therapies and Nursing Care Your Extended Family For N P haMpden . Advanced Rehabilitation Therapies . Skilled Nursing Care . Complex Medical Treatment . Specialized Wound Care . Alzheimer's Care . Respite care 14699 East Hampden Ave. Aurora, CO 80014 cherry creek nursing center, a nexion affiliate Per Show Tracking Attitude Changes Through Handwriting As the 40s decade ended, a move to the suburbs began. The dream of home ownership, a family car, and a new television to provide entertainment in the comfort of one's home became a reality. Fam-ily unity, patriotism, pride and a strong work ethic defined society during the fifties. However, as the fifties ended, these values would be threatened when society began to take a new direction. By the end of the twentieth century traditional values and standards, so important in past years, had been replaced by a more mundane, self- absorbed focus To better understand this tran-sition, I made use of my skills as a handwriting analyst to study the handwritings of high school seniors. Gathering hundreds of handwriting samples contained in high school yearbooks, during the decades from 1950 to 2000, I be-gan to research traits representing What America Lost: Decades That Made A Difference This seems like an oxymoron but research and science have begun to unlock the potential health bene-fits of nature and you may already know dark chocolate is powerful. In April Dr Steven Warren pre-sented an audience in Denver with information on the health ben-efits of cocoa. But not all choco-late is created equal. Xocai is pro-duced by MXI, a company at the forefront of the healthy chocolate revolution. MXI is first- to- mar-ket with a truly healthy chocolate product retaining the health ben-efits from cacao that have been found to aid with heart health, weight loss, stress, and diseases caused by inflammation and oxi-dation. The result is a sweet tast-ing chocolate with health benefits unlike traditional candy. Xocai products have no caffeine, no pro-cessed sugars, no gluten, no waxes, no fillers or bad fats. This choco-late is diabetic- friendly. The link between high- quality dark choco-late and improved health is evident. This rapidly growing company is not only looking for chocolate eaters, but distributors who would like to earn income shar-ing these remarkable Healthy Chocolate! Dr. Steven Warren, MD, board certified in family medicine, hospice and palliative medicine teaches the health benefits of chocolate. ?? products. Chocolate has been spot-lighted as, " one of the best busi-ness opportunities for the next ten years" by Entrepreneur Magazine. MXI offers this recession proof opportunity with low start up costs, low overhead, training and the support of an experienced local team. If you really want to change your life, whether it's your health or your financial future, put lever-age to work for you on a schedule of your choice. Join a team that is experiencing unbelievable growth in a down economy! For more in-formation see our ad or go to our website: http:// www. changeyour-worldwithchocolate. chocolate-health4u. com/ index. html attitudes. Each in-dividual is influenced by values and soci-etal norms; handwrit-ing anal-ysis en-ables us to identify this influence. As each decade is reviewed, readers will un-derstand how events slowly shaped a new society. Each decade left its mark on young minds. Now, ten years later, the nineties graduates are taking their place in society, a new generation of young adults whose influence is strong. They bring their values and prin-ciples forth to set standards and shape the future. ' What America Lost: Decades That Made A Difference,' provides a fascinating insight and under-standing of how a gradually chang-ing culture determined today's at-titudes.

. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 . Page 5 Independent Living & Affordable Housing for Ages 55 and Better " Quality Living for a Modest Price" Quiet . Comfortable Elevator . Therapeutic Pool . Library . Fitness Room . Billiards 5820 S. Windermere Street . Littleton, CO 80120 303- 795- 2902 www. southviewplace. com S Southview Apartments gardener's: stay safe from tetanus Spring is here once again! For many, that means spend-ing time in your garden. But many garden-ers don't know that they face increased risk for tetanus, a potentially deadly disease caused by bacteria found in dirt, potting soil and manure. Working in the yard often leads to cuts and scrapes- which is how tetanus enters your bloodstream. You can even get infected through an insect bite. Most people think of puncture wounds with teta-nus, but nearly a third of cases are caused by garden and farming in-juries, not that rusty nail. Tetanus is very painful, and can be difficult to diagnose and treat, taking weeks or months for recov- Take Care Christy Harmon ery. Symptoms can begin 3 days to 3 weeks after exposure. The first symptoms are usually stiffness in the neck and trouble swallowing, and can progress to painful muscle paralysis, and about 20% of cases are fatal. Older adults have an in-creased risk of tetanus, but accord-ing to the CDC less than half of all adults in the US are protected against this disease. There are simple steps you can take to protect yourself from teta-nus when you garden. First, wear gloves and protective clothing when working in the garden or yard to limit cuts and scratches. The best protection is getting a tetanus and diphtheria booster shot every 10 years, which you can get from your doctor or pharma-cist. If it's been 10, do it again! Be-fore you start tending your garden this year, tend to yourself. v Christy Harmon, PharmD, is the Pharmacy Care Manager for Safe-way Pharmacies. The North Denver High School Alumni Assoc. hosts an All Classes Reunion at Lakeside Amusement Park, Thursday, June 17. Anyone identifying themselves at the gate as a former North High School Student is admitted to the park FREE, along with their guests. Reduced- Rate unlimited- Ride Wrist Tags are available for $ 9.00. The Association hosts a dinner for Assoc. Members, Friends and their guests in the Royal Pa- North High School All Classes Reunion Recently, Rebuilding Together Metro Denver was awarded Doug-las County CDBG grant funds for services to low income elderly ho-meowners and homeowners living with a disability that might pre-vent them from being able to per-form or access needed repairs to help make their homes warm, safe & dry. To be eligible for services: . Homeowner must be at least 55 years of age, or younger if liv-ing with a disability or providing permanent residence for a family member living with a disability. . Applicants must own and oc-cupy the home, with no plans to move or sell, and have neither the financial resources nor the ability to do the work themselves. Rebuilding Together Metro Denver offers the following pro-grams for eligible homeowners: . Rebuilding Day held in April and Oct., brings a team of volun-teers into the selected home for a full day of work on the home. Rebuilding Together Metro Denver receives funding for Douglas County . A Home for All Seasons pro-vides minor safety repairs year-round to eligible homeowners. . Energy Services Program may be offered in conjunction with one of the above services and addresses those needs to help make homes more energy efficient. . Emergency Repair Services ad-dresses urgent needs that would present an immediate danger to the residents of the home or that would leave a person without heat, water, or electricity. Rebuilding Together Metro Denver helps homeowners stay in their own homes, living in safety and with dignity. A safer home en-vironment enhances independence and the quality of life for older adults and eases the burden and costs of care- giving. For more information, contact Rebuilding Together Metro Den-ver at 720- 524- 0840, or visit the website at www. rebuildingdenver. org vilion next to the kiddie land beginning at 6 p. m. The Dinner is $ 7.50 per person. Advanced registra-tions may be made by sending a check to the North Denver High School Alumni Asso-ciation, North Denver High School, 2960 North Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80211. Make your dinner reserva-tions by Wednesday, June 16. For Information: 303- 431- 0103, or 303- 477- 4125. See you there! applying For medicare online Is Quick and easy We've been telling people how quick and easy it is to apply for Medicare benefits online - even if you're not ready to apply for re-tirement benefits. And our celeb-rity spokespeo-ple - the tele-vision family of The Patty Duke Show - have been spreading the word in a series of public ser-vice announcements. Reunite with television's favorite identical cous-ins, and the whole family, at www. socialsecurity. gov/ medicareonly. But perhaps the best advocates we have for the online Medicare application are the people who are using the application and discover-ing that it really does take less than 10 minutes. Just ask your average John. John from Wisconsin told us, " filing for Medicare online was simple and I couldn't believe what little time it took to complete." John from Indiana said, " This month I filed for Medicare at www. socialsecurity. gov. Filing on-line took less than five minutes from start to finish. Finding the place to start my application, an-swering its simple questions, and submitting my claim was an easy Social Security Today Mike Baksa process. 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Visit www. socialsecurity. gov and select the " Retirement/ Medicare" link in the middle of the page. Go online to apply for Medicare ben-efits, even if you're not ready to re-tire. It takes less than 10 minutes! v Public Affairs Specialist Mike Baksa may be reached at michael. baksa@ ssa. gov.