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. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 . Page 7 50PMN 06/ 10 GA © 2010 The Salvation Army The Salvation Army Patricia Owen, Planned Giving Director 1370 Pennsylvania Street Denver, CO 80203 Toll Free: ( 800) 357- 0856 E- mail: patricia. owen@ usw. salvationarmy. org Visit: www. salgift. org Name( s) Address City, State, Zip Birth Date( s) Phone ( ) E- mail Lock In A Secure Stream Of Income Age Rate 55 5.3% 60 5.5% 65 5.7% 70 6.1% 75 6.7% 80 7.6% 85 8.9% 90+ 10.5% Two- life rates available. Rates subject to change. ONE- LIFE RATES For information call 800- 357- 0856 or return coupon. With A Charitable Gift Annuity. ? Fixed income for life ? Relief from taxes ? Income now or later ? Support for your community Let our charitable gift planner show you and your advisors the many tax- wise giving options available through The Salvation Army. Since 1865 Each year thousands of caring in-dividuals use the Charitable Gift Annuity ( CGA) to secure a life-time income and provide criti-cal financial support for Salvation Army programs and services in their communities. What is a Charitable Gift An-nuity? It's both a charitable gift and an annuity- a secure promise of lifetime income. When you es-tablish a CGA you do not sacrifice income from your gift asset. Ac-tually, you may be able to increase your income. Your payments are fixed for life and are not affected by changes in the stock market. The CGA is a simple contract between you and The Salvation Army promising fixed payments for life at an attractive rate based Maximize Your Income and Impact With a Salvation Army Charitable Gift Annuity on the age of up to two annuitants. For example, our annuity rates range from 5.7% if you are 65 to 10.5% if you are 90. Your income can begin immediately or be de-ferred to a later time, like retire-ment. You can fund the annuity with cash or other property, such as appreciated stock or real estate. Your gift also qualifies for major tax benefits. Finally, your gift serves as a per-sonal statement of your commit-ment to the men, women, and children in your community. To learn more about how a Charitable Gift Annuity could work for you, simply call Patricia Owen, Planned Giving Director at The Salvation Army at 303- 866- 9215. Service comes in many forms. Frank and Laura Mabley began their service to our coun-try decades ago when they were enlisted in the United States Army. These veterans have kept on giving during their civilian lives, this time with ongoing in-volvement in senior activities. Active in their Arapahoe/ Centennial/ Denver community, they have been involved in es-tablishing a number of AARP chapters while participating in numerous senior fairs, and senior programs. They have been loyal followers and friends of Seniors and 50 Plus MarketPlace News during our 20 years of existence. When their health challeng-es began, friends and neighbors took their turn in serving this wonderful couple. With Laura under hospice care in a residen-tial facility, Frank ( 91, and no car) receives daily rides to visit her. Now it's time to be served by others who care about them as much as they have done for numerous others over the years. As Frank said in a recent letter, " Love is well and thriving in our Greenwood South Com-munity. Several residents have selflessly volunteered to bring together two aged veterans. The husband is 91 years old and liv-ing alone without a car; with his ailing wife in a nursing home under the supervision of hos-pice nurses. In order to accom-plish the daily visit, one volun-teer drives the husband in the morning, another picks him up in the afternoon. This " delivery and pick up" has lasted for many weeks by these devoted volun-teers. Do stop and think about this caring which is nothing short of a miracle in: 1) Green-wood South 2) Any neighbor-hood 3) In this world today! AGAPE at its best!!" We salute you for your ser-vice to our Nation, community and to our senior neighbors. We treasure you and appreciate all you have given to us. Thank you Frank and Laura!

Page 8 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Denver Metro . June 2010 Senior Answers and Services presents Elder Care Consulting Services . On- Site Counseling for Employees . Lunch and Learn Seminars at the Workplace . Senior Resource Guidebook . Information Resources at www. senioranswers. org . Discussion Roundtables in Community Locations Sponsored by Senior Answers and Services 3006 East Colfax Denver CO 80206 303- 333- 3482 303- 333- 9112 ( fax) www. senioranswers. org Senior Answers and Services provides counseling and consulting for seniors and their families as well as information, resources, and services to improve quality of life for older adults. the new health Care legislation. What's In It for the Elderly Now that the bill has passed and been signed into law, a his-toric event of great propor-tions, the pub-lic is left to fig-ure out how it will affect them. From the point of view of the seniors the whole process was extremely unsettling. With all of the contradictory in-terpretations, it was hard to dis-cern the truth from the fairytales. Here are some points that will translate into fairly quick benefit to the senior: The " Doughnut Hole" which to some seniors was more of a pit than a hole is set to be eliminated by 2020. until then the seniors will receive a $ 250 rebate starting this year upon reaching the so called doughnut hole, which is a cause of great hardship to millions of se- I have had the good fortune of working with wonderful compa-nies, and awesome people. From non- profit and for- profit, fund - raising, higher education, tele-com, & most recently CEO of a 17 million dollar credit union. Today I am proud to say that I have joined the Horan & McConaty Advanced Planning team of caring professionals. The staff and reputation drew me to Horan & McConaty. Everyone is a good person with a kind heart and very inspiring to me to see each and everyone care and inter-act with the families. Let me help you celebrate your life and make an important difference for your loved ones. about advanced planning A gift of love... to those we leave behind. What is Advanced Planning? Advanced Planning is a gift to your loved ones that lets them know your wishes. This planning can include the type of service you desire, music, and flowers, casket or urn selection, and other information. You and your family The Golden Years Elder Law Dr. Eva Mor Carol Rusler niors. As of 2011 seniors will re-ceive a 50% discount on all brand name drugs. Free annual exams as well as free preventive care will also be added. The reforms are projected to cost $ 940 billion dollars over the next 10 years, but will be paid for by reining in abuse, waste and fraud, which cost the Medicare program many billions. With cuts in sub-sidies to private Medicare Advan-tage plans that the government had provided, and some taxes on high end health plans, the Con-gressional Budget Office has pro-jected that the reform will trim the federal deficit by $ 138 billion in the next 10 years. It is still an open question as to how the final product will evolve, and what the bottom line cost will be. But it seems that the seniors among others will see an immedi-ate benefit. v Dr. Eva Mor is the author of Making the Golden Years Golden For more information: www. gold-enyearsgolden. com receive a copy of your preferences, and Horan & McConaty keeps a copy as well. Keeping your re-cords in an accessible place is im-portant to your surviving family members. Why Plan in Advance? Peo-ple plan ahead for many reasons. Some have definite preferences concerning the funeral service or merchandise and want their fami-lies to be informed. Some individuals who have been faced with making selections for loved ones may wish to spare oth-ers from the indecision, guessing, emotion, or anxiety they experi-enced. Still others may plan ahead because no one else is capable of making responsible decisions. Many like the benefit of financial savings hat come from pre- paying expenses. In any case, Advanced Planning can alleviate many con-cerns and is often viewed as an el-ement of estate planning. Those who plan in advance, usu-ally do so together with the peo-ple who would be surviving at the time of death. Funerals ought to meet the needs of the living, while respecting and honoring he mem-ories of those who have died. v Carol Rusler, 303- 249- 6078, crusler@ horancares. com, www. Hor-anCares. com ing, racquetball, road race, rowing, shuffleboard, swimming, table ten-nis, tennis, track & field, trap & skeet shoot, triathlon and weight lifting. In addition to sporting events athletes and their guests will enjoy many social activities which include the Celebration of Athletes, a Texas Hold'em Tourna-ment, Adventure Mini Golf, Taco and Margarita Social and a Line Dance Workshop. Rocky Mountain Senior Games is a proud member of the Na-tional Senior Games Assoc. and is governed by the Colorado Se-nior Sports Development Council ( CSSDC), a 501( c)( 3), non- profit organization. Visit www. rmse-niorgames for more information about the Rocky Mountain Se-nior Games or call Carrie Feh-ringer, Recreation Coordinator, at 970.350.9438. CSSDC thanks its primary sponsors: Humana, Dan-iels Fund and the City of Greeley. n RMsG from page 1 Professionals who serve the se-nior adult population should at-tend the Colorado Association of Senior Centers 2010 Professional Development Conference on Fri-day, July 23 at the Summit County Community & Senior Center in Frisco, CO. The Conference theme is " It's All in The Attitude, Not The Age!" Presenter Ramone Yaci-uk, provides strategies to improve your attitude and your life. Jeremy Bloom, Olympic Skier and Found-er of Wish of a Lifetime, makes a special presentation on develop-ing and working with foundation boards. Afternoon sessions address the ever changing dynamics of the new boomer generation and sur-viving these tough economic times learning techniques to secure grant funding. Time is also allowed for networking with other profession-als who work with senior adults. Register today by calling the Colorado Parks and Recreation Office at 303- 231- 0943 or regis-ter on- line at www. cpra- web. org. Conference fee: $ 55 for CPRA members or $ 65 for non- members. Additional $ 10 after June 30. CASC 2010 Professional Development Conference The Denver Commission on Ag-ing ( DCOA) is comprised of volunteers who advise Denver's Agency on Human Rights and Community Relations and the Mayor's office on issues of the ag-ing community. DCOA's goal is to promote and advocate for equal rights and opportunity for the ag-ing communities in Denver. They also researches legislation; develop partnerships with service provid-ers; and develop media strategies to promote community awareness of older adult issues and to out-reach for community volunteers. DCOA meetings are open to the public. The next meeting is at Denver Commission on Aging Focus' on Elder Abuse Awareness the DAV Office, 8720 East Colfax, June 17, 9: 30- 11: 30 am. The Com-mission meets the third Thursday each month. Locations vary. This population has given so much to our nation, our state, our city and our individual neighbor-hoods that their protection is one of the most important things that we can do for them. This concept prompted Governor Ritter and Mayor Hickenlooper to sign a proclamation for June 15th to be Elder Abuse Awareness Day. For information on general Commission questions, please call the Denver Office on Aging at 720- 913- 8477.