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. 50 Plus Marketplace News . Weld County . September 2010 . Page 5Union Pacific Depot, 902 7th Ave., GreeleyFor information, call 970-350-9783 or at: and EBT cards accepted.Wednesdays 3 - 6 pm Saturdays 7:30 - NoonCaregivingRecent Studies On Day Care CentersAn article in the New York Times, Mar. 31, written by Paula Span, gave some snapshot-type pictures of what Adult Day Care centers do in practice plus what help they provide to both caregivers and participants. The article also ref-erenced several scholarly stud-ies conducted by Penn State University from as early as 1998 through 2009. Span visited an adult day care center near Montclair, NJ, but what she described could be more or less replicated over the US where more than 4,000 centers care for people. Span outlined programs and daily activities as varied as a self-defense class, an art class, an exercise group that completes circuits of walking in the unit, and hot lunches. These options closely parallels the daily happenings at Eldergarden where there is a daily exercise class, arts and crafts projects, outdoor walks around our enclosed garden, plus a daily hot lunch. Span also pointed out some of the other benefits for participants who might "otherwise sit at home alone, or who might move into a facility because they can't stay home alone"; but who instead have the option of choosing from a vari-ety of activities for as many days a week as they prefer to come. Then Span talked about the ben-efits for the caregivers (as the Penn State University research projects illustrated). The studies showed that adult day programs helped reduce stress levels in caregiv-ers, lowered their reports of feel-ings of depression and anger, and increased the amount of well-be-ing for the caregivers. (Zarit, Ste-Paul Martinphens, Townsend, and Greene 1998, Stress reduction for family caregivers: Effects of day care use. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sci-ences, 53B, S267-277). A second study in 2009 showed that family caregivers experience 66% less care-related stress on days that their relative uses the adult day care as compared to the days on which they do not use day care. (Zarit, Femia, Kim, and Sav-la, 2009, Daily Stress and well-be-ing of caregivers. Presented at the meetings of the Gerontological Society of America, Atlanta GA)Another interesting study to which Span referred was conducted by the University of California, San Fran-cisco, Institute on Aging that was reported in The Gerontologist in which the participants themselves were asked what they thought their attendance at the day care center was doing for them. The researchers asked the participants questions that measured their so-cial functioning and their health when they first enrolled in a day care center and then measured the same things at six- and at twelve-month intervals after that enroll-ment. The responses from partici-pants were compared with those of a control group that did not attend day care centers. The lead researcher, Eva Schmitt, said that the participants reported that the impact of their various emotional and physical problems lessened when they attended day care at least two days a week. It is to be hoped that the result of these studies will lead lawmakers and private foundations to realize the importance and the cost-effec-tiveness of adult day care centers and make financial decisions about funding accordingly.v Paul H. Martin, Community Re-lations Director. Eldergarden Adult Day Program. 970-353-5003

Page 6 . 50 Plus Marketplace News . Weld County . September 2010houRSm-S 8:00-6:00Sun 1:00-5:00310 8th Stgreeley970-352-0544800-289-2447www.bigrofgreeley.combIgRhaS eVeRythIngFoRDoIng It youRSelFplumbIng . eleCtRICaltoolS . paIntFlooRIng . tIlelawn & gaRDenwoRKweaR . gloVeSSenIoR DISCounteVeRyweDneSDayGenealogyThe Family RecordFamily Record Forms, contain-ing specific information about the family groups on the pedi-gree chart, are important ele-ments of com-piling a fam-ily history. A family group is determined by the marriages on the pedi-gree chart; parents and each set of grandparents account for three family groups; great grandparents add another four groups. Family Record Forms generally contain more information than the pedi-gree and allow for entry of infor-mation about all the children in a particular family, not just those who are direct ancestors. The Fam-ily Record also provides a place to record sources. Note that the sub-ject of the genealogy appears as a child on the family record for his/her parents. Linda Peters Family record forms are avail-able, free, from a variety of online sources; they are also available free at the Centennial Park Library, 2227 23rd Ave., Greeley, (970) 506-8600. If you need help com-pleting the form, contact the li-brary Monday through Thursday, 9 to 4 p.m. when the Genealogy desk is staffed by volunteers. Even if a genealogy database program such as Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, Re-union, etc. can be used, I recom-mend starting with the pencil and paper approach. This "old fash-ioned" way of doing things is an aid in understanding how/why in-formation is recorded and verified as well as allowing work on a fam-ily history without simultaneously learning how to use a computer program. v Linda Peters,, is the Genealogy Desk Coordinator and also teach beginning and inter-mediate genealogy classes at Centen-nial Park Library in Greeley, CO.2010 Weld County 50+ Health FairThis year's "Pit Stop to Health and Wealth" 50+ Health and Job Fair Expo will be held on Friday, Oc-tober 8 at the Island Grove Exhi-bition Hall, 525 N. 15th Ave. The Health Fair will be from 7:00 am - noon. The Job Fair will be from 9:00 am - noon. The job workshops will start at 9:15 am with "Designing a Dy-namic Resume" and continue at 10:15am with "Interviewing in Today's Market". Come prepared to interview and, of course, dress for success! If you want to have your blood drawn between 7 & 9:30am, call (970) 350-6633 between Septem-ber 13 and October 1, 12 - 4 pm for an appointment. Please say it's for the Senior Health Fair. Fees apply for the blood work. The fol-lowing tests are available: Chem 24 blood panel: $30; Prostate Spe-cific Antigen (PSA): $23; Com-plete Blood Count (CBC): $18; Homocysteine: $30; C-Reactive Protein (HCRP): $20; Hemoglo-bin A1C: $27. A 12 hour fast is recommended for the Chem 24 test only. Dia-betics should consult with their physician before fasting. Everyone is encouraged to drink plenty of water which makes drawing blood easier for everyone. Vaccines for pneumonia, flu, tetanus and tetanus/whooping cough combination are available. Medicare billing is available only for pneumonia and flu vaccines. We do not accept any other insur-ance. Please note: the Health Fair is not a substitute for a thorough ex-amination by a physician. An im-portant aspect of wellness is work-ing with a physician to reduce modifiable risk factors. No medi-cations should be altered unless on the advice of your physician. Free screenings offered: bone density screening, BMI informa-tion, blood pressure, agility and dynamic balance testing, spinal and postural screening, hearing screening and more! Education booths include: NCMC bariatric center, Cardio-vascular Institute, Forever Fit and Silver Sneakers, acupuncture in-formation and more! The 2010 Health fair is spon-sored by RCC Medical Supply, Area Agency on Aging, City of Greeley, Employment Services of Weld County, 50+ Marketplace News, North Colorado Medi-cal Center, Northern Colorado 5, Greeley Tribune, and the Univer-sity of Northern Colorado.2010 Weld County 50+ Health Fair