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. . . . . . . veterinary interactive labs . . . . . . .12 avma convention preview I www.avmaconvention.orgSaturday, July 16Introductory Acupuncture Techniques You Can Use9:00 am-1:50 pmID# 10612 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 20 registrants.As an adjunct to 'traditional' techniques learned in veterinary school, discover introductory philosophies of medical acupuncture.Narda G Robinson, Bonnie WrightCanine Lameness Interactive Lab9:00 am-1:50 pmID# 10616 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Orthopedic specialists will present and discuss case workups, specific orthopedic maneuvers, and radiographic tips on orthopedic diagnostics and lameness evaluation. Learn skills that can be implemented immediately and practical diagnostics that are applicable in nearly all veterinary practices.Randall B Fitch, Don HulseOtoscopy2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10739 CE: 4.00Fee: $300 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Learn videotoscope techniques from two board-certified veterinarians who utilize these techniques. Approaches to otitis externa/media will be given. Learn normal canine ear anatomy, techniques for deep ear cleaning and irrigation, how to perform otoscopic cultures, biopsies and removal of growths from within the ear, as well as how/when to perform a myringotomy. Microscopes will be available to examine/discuss ear cytology samples.Richard Meadows, David SenterPuppy Behavior2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10618 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Why is it important to start puppies off on the right paw? Learn to recognize what a puppy's body language is telling you, explain why socialization is essential, and learn how to help your clients have well-mannered and polite pets.Kersti SekselSunday, July 17How to Perform a Neurologic Examination8:00 am-11:50 amID# 10617 CE: 4.00Fee: $200 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Learn through video, demonstration, and practice how to perform a thorough neurologic examination. Interpretation of findings and case examples will be used to highlight normal versus abnormal, discussion of upper versus lower motor neuron signs and neurologic versus orthopedic disease.Curtis W DeweyLocal Anesthesia/Anesthetic Blocks2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10613 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Explore a variety of loco-regional techniques including epidurals and dental blocks. Newly described techniques, such as femoral-sciatic blocks and sacro-coccygeal techniques for blocked tom-cats will be presented.Bonnie D WrightMonday, July 18Advances in Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation8:00 am-11:50 amID# 10614 CE: 4.00Fee: $225 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.This lab will begin with 2010 American Heart Association CPR Guideline recommendations. Participate in a series of cardiopulmonary arrest simulations using high fidelity veterinary mannequins, each followed by facilitated group discussions.Daniel J FletcherEmergency and Critical Care Procedures8:00 am-5:50 pmID# 10615 CE: 8.00Fee: $475 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Learn and practice life-saving procedures in the emergent and critical patient. Techniques include tracheostomy, thoracostomy tube, thoracocentesis, Labs Sell Out Quickly-Register Now!

. . . . . . . veterinary interactive labs . . . . . . I avma convention preview 13esophageal feeding tubes, nasoenteral nutrition, abdominocentesis and diagnostic peritonteal lavage, emergency vascular access, and open chest CPCR.Elizabeth A Rozanski, Claire SharpCommon Small Animal Procedures9:00 am-1:50 pmID# 10589 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Designed to offer you the opportunity to gain experience in procedures, handling, physical examination, injections, blood collection, intubation, anesthesia, and monitoring. You will have ample opportunities to practice the techniques commonly performed on selected species of smaller animals: mice, rats, rabbits, and ferrets. Lab will be held at Washington University, transportation provided.Jenny Kalishman, Michael TalcottPractical and Complete Approach to the Ophthalmologic Examination2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10735 CE: 4.00Fee: $250 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Performing an accurate and complete ophthalmic examination can present challenges. Learn how to perform a basic examination, identify normal and abnormal conditions, and accurately perform and interpret intraocular pressures, fluorescein stain, and Schirmer tear tests. After this laboratory you will have the basic skills necessary to approach ocular diseases in your general practice.Elizabeth GiulianoSmall Ruminants Ultrasound2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10620 CE: 4.00Fee: $225 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Learn the transrectal ultrasonographic evaluation of the reproductive organs (male and female) and the transcutaneous evaluation of abdominal content including the reproductive, urinary, and GI tracts. Includes the selection of equipment; how to approach the ultrasonographic examination of the uterus and ovaries and determine the stage of the reproductive cycle in open females. Learn how to evaluate uterine content, urinary bladder and kidneys, peritoneal cavity, GI tract, liver, and fetal/placental evaluation and the evaluation of the testicular tissue, epididymis, and accessory sex glands in the male. This lab will be held at Purina Farms. Transportation provided.Toni A Cotton, Seyedmehdi Mobini, Ahmed TibaryTroubleshooting Cytology2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10628 CE: 4.00Fee: $200 Enrollment limited to 40 registrants.Review, study, discuss and consider potential differential diagnoses using slides from actual cases. The signalment, history, and aspirate site will be provided. Once you have formed your questions and opinions concerning a specific case, attendees will engage in group learning using projection microscopy. A mini-tutorial will be given for each case. Lab is also open to Veterinary Technicians.Jennifer L BrazzellTuesday, July 19Small Animal Patient Rehabilitation8:00 am-5:50 pmID# 10619 CE: 8.00Fee: $500 Enrollment limited to 24 registrants.Explore canine gaits and conditioning, evaluation of the lame canine athlete, rehabilitation modalities, and manual therapies/therapeutic exercise/retraining. The lab will cover normal and abnormal gait patterns, lameness evaluation, and retraining techniques for correcting abnormal gaits and preventing reinjury. Rehabilitation modalities, including therapeutic ultrasound, laser, and electrical stimulation, will be described and demonstrated. Manual therapies, including massage and therapeutic exercises, will be practiced with demonstration dogs.Laurie L McCauley, Janet B Van Dyke, Christine Zink