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. . . . . . . workshops and computer learning center . . . . . . .14 avma convention preview I www.avmaconvention.orgWorkshopsSaturday, July 16EXCELlent Epidemiology Basic: Learning to Use the EXCEL Spreadsheet9:00 am-11:50 amID# 10155 CE: 3.00Fee: $35 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Get more value from your data by using Microsoft Excel. Learn how to import data, make it ready for analysis, and use Excel functions and commands to describe, tabulate, and chart data. Learn to build contingency tables using Excel pivot tables to evaluate associations between possible risk factors and outcomes.Eric D Ebel, Elizabeth L Hannah, Wayne D Schlosser, David R Smith, Robert W WillisSunday, July 17EXCELlent Epidemiology Advanced: Using EXCEL for Veterinary Decision-making8:00 am-11:50 amID# 10156 CE: 4.00Fee: $35 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Learn to use Microsoft Excel to review basic statistical concepts (e.g. median, mode) and use spreadsheets to conduct basic analysis for decision-making. The course notes and CD will allow you to continue to use Excel at home to examine issues such as improved diagnostic test interpretation or answer specific clinical or business questions.Eric D Ebel, Elizabeth L Hannah, Wayne D Schlosser, David R Smith, Robert W WillisComputer Learning CenterSaturday, July 16Adobe's Photoshop Elements: Basic Picture Editing1:00 pm-2:50 pmID# 10590 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.A picture is worth a thousand words but what if the picture isn't quite the message you want to send? Learn the basic skills of image editing using Adobe's Photoshop Elements including: resizing; rotating; cropping; changing brightness and contrast; using brushes and erasers; sharpening and using layers. Batch renaming will be used to change the image names assigned by a digital camera to a more descriptive file name.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinAdobe's Photoshop Elements: Advanced Picture Editing3:00 pm-4:50 pmID# 10591 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.It is suggested that participants first take Part 1 of this series. Learn additional image manipulation skills using Adobe's Photoshop Elements including: managing color (e.g. color casts, color replacement); using selection and extraction tools to remove parts of an image or to composite several images; filters and effects; and creating projects such as posters or cards.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinWindows 7 and Office 20105:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10592 CE: 1.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Snap, peek and shake. Sounds like a new dance move, but these are just a few of the new features of Windows 7 that we will explore. Learn how to navigate and customize your PC desktop, quickly find files, and use components of Windows Live Essentials to organize and display photos and videos. We will also explore the fluent user interface of Office 2010 including the ribbon, galleries and live preview.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinSunday, July 17Create a Basic Presentation: PowerPoint Version 20102:00 pm-3:50 pmID# 10593 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Learn the components of an effective presentation and create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Topics include the PowerPoint 2010 interface; overview and use of templates; navigation between views; insertion and editing of text, images and objects; creation of speaker notes; printing handouts; and creation of tables and graphs.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinCreate an Advanced Presentation: PowerPoint Version 20104:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10594 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.This session is for those who already have experience using PowerPoint (e.g. skills acquired in PowerPoint basic). Topics include the insertion of Microsoft Excel charts and worksheets; hyperlinks; sound clips; movie clips; graphics; Word Art; page footers; modification of the slide master as well as grouping and ungrouping objects; and use the drawing tools and add special effects using animation and slide transitions.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel Schedin

.. . . . . . . workshops and computer learning center . . . . . . I avma convention preview 15monday, July 18Finding Veterinary Information on the Internet8:00 am-9:50 amID# 10595 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.How do you sort through data on the internet to find that one piece of information? You will learn how to refine Internet searches and use Web-based databases for free access to veterinary literature and diagnostic programs. During our 'road trip' down the information superhighway we will stop along the way at sites such as PubMed, Toxnet, the National Agricultural Library, and Consultant. We will also look briefly at blogs and social network sites. Should you be on Facebook?Cheryl R DheinExcel 2010: Introduction to Spreadsheets10:00 am-11:50 amID# 10596 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Learn how to use Excel to create a spreadsheet. Some of the tasks you will practice in this course are navigating around a workbook and large spreadsheet; entering information; sorting and filtering data; the creation of formulas; separating and joining columns/rows; creating and formatting graphs; and utilizing various formatting techniques to impact the appearance of the entire document.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinAdobe's Photoshop Elements: Basic Picture Editing (repeat)2:00 pm-3:50 pmID# 10597 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.See description on page 14Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinFinding Veterinary Information on the Internet (repeat)4:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10598 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.See the 8:00 am descriptionCheryl R DheinTuesday, July 19Microsoft Word 2010: Beyond Type, Copy, Cut and Paste8:00 am-9:50 amID# 10599 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.Learn skills that can be applied to any form of written communication: posters, newsletters, client education handouts, etc. Create page layouts using templates, columns, textboxes and tables; and apply backgrounds, borders, shading, text effects and graphics to enhance documents. Learn how to use track changes to allow multiple authors to contribute to and edit a document and the use of mail merge for creation of mailing labels or distribution of a document by email. Explore the new features of Word 2010 including new graphic effects and the mini translator.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinMicrosoft's Web Expression: Create a Web Page10:00 am-11:50 amID# 10600 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.No code writing required to use this WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Web editor (although we will take a peek at the html code behind the scenes). Basic word processing skills are recommended. Attendees will learn the basic skills of Web page creation including page layout and consistency, hyperlinks, tables, images and navigation menus by creating a web site for your practice. They will also use dynamic Web templates to allow for convenient changes to many web pages at once. Take the raw materials home with you to continue development of your Web site.Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinExcel 2010: Introduction to Spreadsheets (repeat)2:00 pm-3:50 pmID# 10601 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrants.See the Monday, 10:00 am descriptionCheryl R Dhein, Laurel SchedinComputer Health and Maintenance 1014:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10602 CE: 2.00Fee: $25 Enrollment limited to 16 registrantsMaintaining your computer system is critical in today's high-tech environment. Advances in operating system options and software can empower the casual user in protecting your computer by activating firewalls, enabling virus protection, preventing pop-up ads, running updates on the operating system, cleaning up nonessential files, and backup/recoveries. Identity theft protection will also be discussed. Cheryl R Dhein, Laurel Schedin