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74 avma convention preview I . . . . . . veterinary technicians . . . . . . .Saturday, July 16Bird Handling9:00 am-11:50 amID# 10622 CE: 3.00Fee: $175 Enrollment limited to 20 registrants.Learn low-stress handling techniques for different types of birds, from birds of prey to small song birds, including handling for blood draws, exams, and parents with chicks.Linda M CampbellSunday, July 17PSI (Parasite Scene Investigation): A Challenge!8:00 am-10:50 amID# 10588 CE: 3.00Fee: $175 Enrollment limited to 20 registrants.How good are you at 'processing the symptoms and diagnostic scene,' identifying the 'criminal' at fault and dispensing 'justice' when it comes to parasites? Review your parasite knowledge, challenge your ability to recognize the culprits in question and confirm your very important role in helping pets overcome parasitic compromises.Todd HuspaniMonday, July 18Troubleshooting Cytology2:00 pm-5:50 pmID# 10628 CE: 4.00Fee: $200 Enrollment limited to 40 registrants.Review, study, discuss and consider potential differential diagnoses using slides from actual cases. The signalment, history, and aspirate site will be provided. Once you have formed your questions and opinions concerning a specific case, attendees will engage in group learning using projection microscopy. A mini-tutorial will be given for each case.Jennifer L BrazzellSaturday, July 16 & Sunday, July 17Veterinary Technician LuncheonsNoon-12:50 pmVeterinary Technicians and Technician Students are invited to join Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. for a complimentary lunch on Saturday and Sunday at the Convention Center. Representatives from Hill's will be on hand to provide a short presentation. An AVMA Convention badge will be required.Special Keynote SpeakerKara M. Burns, MS, MEd, LVTKara holds master's degrees in physiology and counseling psychology. She has authored many articles and textbook chapters focusing on topics such as nutrition, leadership, and technician utilization. She was the 2010 NAVTA Veterinary Technician of the Year. Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition Monday, July 18Veterinary Technician Reception6:30 pmHill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. and the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America are pleased to invite Veterinary Technicians and technician students for an evening of fun, food and festivities. Pre-registration is required and is complimentary to technicians and technician students. A convention badge is required. Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition & NAVTA Intravenous Catheter Placement in the Equine8:00 am-9:50 amID# 10621 CE: 2.00Fee: $175 Enrollment limited to 20 registrants.Various types of IV catheters and placement techniques will be demonstrated and practiced in vein models. Over-the-needle and over-the-wire catheters will be used.Jamie M De FazionTechnician Program Generously Sponsored by Hill's Pet Nutrition Jack L. Mara Interactive Labs

Join the conversation! #AVMAconv I convention preview 758:00 pm - 9:30 pmExperience gut-wrenching laughter during our Sunday Night Live event! The laughs will be non-stop! Stay tuned on the convention website, Facebook posts and tweets to piece the clues together to find out who will be providing those laughs! Sponsored by Must-attend special events7:00 am - 9:00 amPhilippe Cousteau, Jr. is the son of Jan and Philippe Cousteau Sr., and the grandson of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Philippe is continuing the work of his father through EarthEcho International, the non-profit organization he founded with his sister and mother.Philippe is the Chief Ocean Correspondent for Discovery's Animal Planet and has recently signed on as a special correspondent for CNN International. He has been featured in television, radio, online and speaking programs across the country. He has written for many publications and has lectured at such institutions as The United Nations, Harvard University, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Read more about Philippe and his commitment public education environmental advocacy.Sponsored by 7:00 pm - 9:00 pmThe 5th Annual AVMA Concert features the Plain White T's, an American pop rock band. Formed in 1997 by high school friends Tom Higgenson and Ken Fletcher, the group is best known for the Grammy nominated "Hey There Delilah," "1, 2, 3, 4," "Take Me Away," "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)," "Our Time Now," "Natural Disaster" and "Rhythm of Love."Sponsored by Saturday, July 16Opening SessionSaturday, July 16ConcertSunday, July 17Sunday Night LiveAll events will take place at America's Center. Registration badges are required for you and your guests.