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18 CONVENTION PREVIEW I www.avmaconvention.org1:00 pm - 4:50 pmLocal anesthesia blocks: improve your success with pain management!*ID# 11869 CE: 4.00Participants will learn and practice various local anesthetic techniques, including peripheral regional blocks, dental blocks, epidural blocks, and regional local anesthesia of the forelimbs and hind limbs. Use of a nerve fi nder will be discussed. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs and technicians.Bonnie WrightFees: Advance $250/Pre $275/Standard $288SUNDAY, AUGUST 58:00 am - 10:50 am Have you got rhythm? Interpretation of ECGs in practice*ID# 11877 CE: 3.00Participants in this case-based laboratory will learn about evaluation of ECGs, starting with the basics and progressing to more advanced ECG rhythms. Stabilization and emergency management of dysrhythmias will also be discussed. Enrollment limited to 32 DVMs and technicians.Gareth Buckley, Elizabeth A RozanskiFees: Advance $125/Pre $138/Standard $1448:00 am - 11:50 am Radiosurgery: use of energy based technology for dissection and hemostasisID# 11874 CE: 4.00Participants will learn how to safely use standard and specialized monopolar and bipolar devices for tissue dissection and hemostasis in surgery. Participants will also practice the use of a harmonic ultrasonic scalpel and endostapling equipment. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.John HuhnFees: Advance $375/Pre $413/Standard $4328:00 am to 11:50 am Of mice and men: common techniques in pocket pets*O site: Salk Institute for Biological SciencesID# 11866 CE: 4.00Participants will gain hands-on experience in general handling, physical examination, injection techniques, diagnostic sample collection, and necropsy techniques and learn about anesthetic protocols, surgical techniques, and available diagnostic resources for smaller animals, such as mice and rats. Transportation costs are included in the lab fee. Enrollment is limited to 24 DVMs and technicians.Jon Reuter, Mathias LeblancFees: Advance $250/Pre $275/Standard $2888:00 am - 1:50 pm Approach to canine lameness: orthopedic and neurologic examinationsID# 11861 CE: 6.00Orthopedic and neurologic experts will assist participants in evaluations of specifi c lameness and mobility conditions of dogs. Participants will learn helpful state-of-the-art information on diagnostic tips, radiographic diagnostic tips, and relevant treatments. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.Randy Fitch, Kristin Kirkby, Sean SandersFees: Advance $325/Pre $358/Standard $3741:00 pm - 4:50 pm Therapy laser lab: evaluation, implementation and practical clinical useID# 11878 CE: 4.00Participants will learn how to evaluate and compare various devices and about practical application and implementation of therapy laser treatment into their practice. Business considerations will also be discussed. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.Peter EegFees: Advance $375/Pre $413/Standard $4321:00 pm - 4:50 pm Basics of acupunctureID# 11859 CE: 4.00Participants will learn the locations, associated anatomic structures, and neuromodulatory e ects of stimulating key acupuncture sites and how medical acupuncture treatment for pain or functional disorders links structure and function (i.e., anatomy and physiology). Enrollment limited to 20 DVMs.Narda G RobinsonAdvance $250/Pre $275/Standard $2882:00 pm - 5:50 pm Puppy behavior: train them early and train them well*ID# 11873 CE: 4.00Participants will learn how to recognize a puppy's body language and positive reinforcement exercises for use in training clients to train their pets. Participants will interact with live puppies and older dogs in a social, informative manner that is fun and educational. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs and technicians.Patrick MeleseFees: Advance $250/Pre $275/Standard $288* Indicates technicians can also registerInteractive l????b????

Join the conversation! #AVMAMeets I CONVENTION PREVIEW 19MONDAY, AUGUST 68:00 am - 10:50 am How to keep them alive when they're trying to die: emergency approach to the trauma patient*ID# 11880 CE: 3.00Participants in this case-based interactive laboratory will learn about treatment of trauma cases, identifying and managing causes of respiratory distress, and thoracocentesis and thoracostomy tube placement. The ABCs of trauma, pain management, and fl uid therapy will be emphasized. Enrollment limited to 32 DVMs and technicians.Lauren Sullivan, Elisa MazzaferroFees: Advance $125/Pre $138/Standard $1448:00 am - 10:50am Exotic handling and husbandry? You bet it is!*ID# 11872 CE: 3.00Participants will learn the basics of safe restraint and handling of small mammals, reptiles, and birds. Participants will be able to practice restraint and handling and learn basic husbandry techniques of rabbits, snakes, turtles, and birds. Enrollment limited to 20 DVMs and technicians.Katrina La~ erty, Todd CecilFees: Advance $375/Pre $413/Standard $4328:00 am - 11:50 am Surgical approaches to orthopedic repairID# 11870 CE: 4.00Participants will learn about orthopedic surgical approaches of the stifl e, hip, shoulder, and long bones, including common surgical approaches for medial patella luxation, cranial cruciate ligament stabilization, femoral head and neck excision, and osteochondrosis desiccans. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.Randy Fitch, John PayneFees: Advance $400/Pre $440/Standard $4608:00 am - 5:50 pm CO2 laser workshop: from basic to more advancedID# 1186 CE: 8.00 Participants will learn the basics of CO2 laser surgery and will practice the techniques, including skin incisions, cystotomies, and enucleations with minimal blood loss. Advanced techniques will include performing onchyectomy and soft palate resection with the CO2 laser. Enrollment limited to 36 DVMs.Noel BergerFees: Advance $495/Pre $544/Standard $5702:00 pm - 6:00 pm Patellar f xationID# 11871 CE: 4.00Participants will gain a better understanding of patella luxation and treatment, including the causes, associated pathology, and treatment options. Participants will learn several surgical techniques and the relevant anatomy essential for successful repair of patellar luxation. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.John Payne, Randy FitchFees: Advance $400/Pre $440/Standard $4602:00 pm - 4:50 pm Gasping, coughing, breathing! Approach to the patient in respiratory distressID# 11879 CE: 3.00Participants in this interactive, case-based laboratory will learn the ins and outs of evaluating and managing patients in respiratory distress. Obstructive, restrictive, and other causes of respiratory distress will be included. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.Elizabeth RozanskiFees: Advance $125/Pre $138/Standard $144TUESDAY, AUGUST 78:00 am - 11:50 am Transfusion medicine and hematology workshop*ID# 11876 CE: 4.00Experts will assist participants with the ins and outs of transfusion medicine. Participants will learn about and practice collecting and processing blood banking products and use of hematology equipment as well as analyzing information during a case-based discussion. Enrollment limited to 32 DVMs and technicians.Urs GigerFees: Advance $125/Pre $138/Standard $1448:00 am - 4:50 pm Ins and outs of stem cell therapy in your practiceID# 1188 CE: 8.00Participants will learn about stem cell therapy, an innovative technology that involves tissue collection, harvesting stem cells, and then infusing the cells back into the patient. Participants will discuss marketing of stem cell therapy and management of cases with this technique. Enrollment limited to 32 DVMs.Michael HutchinsonFees: Advance $450/Pre $495/Standard $5188:00 am - 4:50 pm Feline clinical proceduresID# 11867 CE: 8.00Participants will learn to better serve the medical needs of their feline patients. A board-certifi ed feline specialist will assist with participants as they practice procedures, such as placing feeding tubes, urinary catheterization, bone marrow biopsy, and bronchoalveolar lavage. Enrollment limited to 24 DVMs.Susan LittleFees: Advance $450/Pre $495/Standard $518 Interactive l????b????* Indicates technicians can also register