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Join the conversation! #AVMAMeets I CONVENTION PREVIEW 23SATURDAY, AUGUST 47:00 am - 11:50 pm Nutrif uent: speak the client's language - nutrition workshopID# 11883 CE: 5.00This workshop packs a lot of interactive learning into fi ve hours! Your team's nutritional knowledge and ability to communicate the importance of good diets can improve pet health. This workshop teaches you how to start or improve a successful nutrition program. You also learn the skills to having meaningful conversations with clients that can be applied to many pet health topics. Enrollment is limited to 100 DVMs & Technicians.Paul Cleland, Laurie MillerFees: Advance $150/Pre $165/Standard $1732:00 pm - 4:50 pm Pet CPR certif catesID# 11884 CE: 3.00Emergencies can occur suddenly and without warning. Knowing what to do in the initial moments can be critical to an animal's life. Veterinary Technicians learn to equip themselves with fi rst aid and CPR skills. This detailed advanced class gives participants the confi dence and skills necessary to tend to unexpected emergencies with both people and animals. Enrollment is limited to 40 Technicians.Amy ButzierFees: Advance $100/Pre $110/Standard $115SUNDAY, AUGUST 58:00 am - 11:50 am Art and science of clicker trainingID# 11886 CE: 4.00This lab incorporates a PowerPoint presentation with break-out sessions where attendees learn to hone the technical skills of clicker training, enabling them to e ectively teach and modify behavior using a clicker. Enrollment is limited to 20 Technicians.Debbie MartinFees: Advance $150/Pre $165/Standard $173MONDAY, AUGUST 68:00 am - 11:50 am Dental charting and scaling labID# 11885 CE: 4.00Participants learn a routine method of completing a dental chart by examining soft tissues, the periodontium, and the dental structures. Using the ultrasonic scaler, principles of instrumentation are practiced. Hand scaling instruments and techniques for use are included. Participants also learn and practice sharpening techniques for maintenance of periodontal instruments. Enrollment is limited to 20 Technicians.Bonnie Miller, Marsha GoldsteinFees: Advance $150/Pre $165/Standard $173Small group settings, expert instructors and timely topics make these interactive labs a must on your convention agenda. Some labs are exclusive only to technicians; note that technicians are also able to register for some veterinary labs listed on pages 17-19. Technician Interactive l????b????Jack L. Mara SeriesJack L. Mara Series Sponsored by Hill'sTIPTechnicians: register by May 7th to save up to $50Select Labs on pages 17-19 are also open to Technicians!

24 CONVENTION PREVIEW I www.avmaconvention.orgTh???????????? Y????????to the following organizations for their contributions to the educational programAmerican Association of Avian PathologistsAmerican Association of Food Hygiene VeterinariansAmerican Association of Human-Animal Bond VeterinariansAmerican Association of Public Health VeterinariansAmerican Association of Small Ruminant PractitionersAmerican Board of Veterinary ToxicologyAmerican College of Laboratory Animal MedicineAmerican College of Veterinary BehavioristsAmerican College of Veterinary Preventive MedicineAmerican Society of Laboratory Animal PractitionersAssociation for Veterinary InformaticsAssociation for Women Veterinarians FoundationAssociation of Avian VeterinariansAVMA Animal Welfare CommitteeAVMA Committee for International Veterinary A airsAVMA Committee on Disaster and Emergency IssuesAVMA Committee on Environmental IssuesAVMA Committee on International Veterinary A airsAVMA Council on ResearchAVMA Future Leaders ProgramNational Association of State Public Health VeterinariansProfessional Liability Insurance TrustSociety for Veterinary Medical EthicsVetPartnersVets Without BordersWorld Aquatic Veterinary Medical AssociationYOU SAID:" The meetings were great and the continuing education was the best." - Dr. Scott Cornwell, FL