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SSSSAUUATNNUDDR8AADYYA/Y5SUNRISE CEEXHIBIT HALL SNACK BREAK42 CONVENTION PREVIEW I = CE Level 1 = CE Level 2 = CE Level 3 7:00 am8:00 am9:00 am9:30 am10:00 am11:00 am12 FOOD SAFETYCURRENT ISSUES/ADVANCESCURRENT ISSUES/ADVANCESCURRENT ISSUES/ADVANCESANIMAL WELFAREPRACTICE MANAGEMENT 2PRACTICE MANAGEMENT 1INFORMATICS/COMPUTERS: THE TALBOT SYMPOSIUMInformatics standards developmentID# 12055 CE: 1.00'Michael K Martin Accounts receivable managementID# 12091 CE: 1.00Douglas C Jack, Gregg Scoggins Practice sale: do it yourself or hire a pro?ID# 12123 CE: 1.00Byron S Farquer Improved horse handling & welfare, 2ID# 12155 CE: 1.00Don Hoglund Livestock's contributions to climate changeID# 12180 CE: 1.00Frank MitloehnerCreating your dream job- career assessmentID# 12319 CE: 1.00Stephen Sundlof Laboratory testingID# 12187 CE: 1.00Aaron E Scott Workforce needs in veterinary medicine: academic practiceID# 12193 CE: 1.00Sheila W Allen, Gay Y Miller Programming androidID# 12057 CE: 1.00Michael K Martin A day in the lifeID# 12093 CE: 1.00Douglas C Jack, Gregg Scoggins Your fi rst six weeks of ownershipID# 12125 CE: 1.00Byron S Farquer Enrichment for indoor dogsID# 12157 CE: 1.00To Be Announced Marine mammal health, 1ID# 12182 CE: 1.00Greg Bossart (tentative)Networking for your careerID# 12321 CE: 0.50Gary A Vroegindewey Negotiating your new jobID# 12322 CE: 0.50Gary A Vroegindewey Designing surveillance vs surveyID# 12189 CE: 1.00Aaron E Scott Promoting veterinary public practice workforceID# 12195 CE: 1.00Mark T Lutschaunig Epidemiologic disease spread modelingID# 12054 CE: 1.00Michael K Martin Records managementID# 12090 CE: 1.00Douglas C Jack, Gregg Scoggins Veterinary facility: rent or buyID# 12122 CE: 1.00Byron S Farquer Improved livestock handling & welfare, 1ID# 12154 CE: 1.00Paul Rapnicki Genetically modifi ed food animalsID# 12179 CE: 1:00Alison L Van EenennaamFuture directions for veterinary careersID# 12317 CE: 0.50Gary A Vroegindewey Self assessment for careersID# 12318 CE: 0.50Valerie E Ragan Statistical basics for outbreak investigationID# 12186 CE: 1.00Marta Remmings Workforce needs in veterinary medicine: public practiceID# 12192 CE: 1.00Bonnie J Buntain, Gay Y Miller Population health care manager systemsID# 12056 CE: 1.00Kerri E Marshall VCPs & its terminationID# 12092 CE: 1.00Douglas C Jack, Gregg Scoggins Howdy partner!ID# 12124 CE: 1.00Byron S Farquer Puppy & kitten socializationID# 12156 CE: 1.00Sharon L Crowell-Davis Algal biotoxinsID# 12181 CE: 1.00Robert H PoppengaJob researching & fi nding opportunitesID# 12320 CE: 1.00Patricia Wohlferth-Bethke Proving freedom from diseaseID# 12188 CE: 1.00Aaron E Scott Workforce needs in veterinary medicine: corporate practiceID# 12194 CE: 1.00Gary L Cockerell PUBLIC AND CORPORATE PRACTICEPERSONAL/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

EVENINGLUNCHEXHIBIT HALL SNACK BREAKVisit the Food Court in the Exhibit Hall$ = additional fee applies = Hot Topics = Inside the Issues I CONVENTION PREVIEW 4312 pm~1 pm1:00 pm2:00 pm3:00 pm4:00 pm5:00 pmEVENINGOne health surveillance at national parksID# 12059 CE: 0.00Sridhar Papagari Sangareddy Hot tax tips for 2012ID# 12095 CE: 1.00Gary I Glassman Ffair' sta compensationID# 12127 CE: 1.00Karyn Gavzer Enrichment for laboratory animalsID# 12159 CE: 1.00Patricia V Turner Dealing with hazardous waste, 2ID# 12185 CE: 1.00Brett CordesE ective resume writingID# 12324 CE: 0.50Stephen Sundlof Additional educationID# 12325 CE: 050Stephen Sundlof Rehabilitation of shelter animalsID# 12191 CE: 1.00Gary L WeitzmanNatural language processing of dataID# 12058 CE: 1.00Brian Hur How do product sales a ect profi tabilityID# 12094 CE: 1.00Gary I Glassman New standards of client serviceID# 12126 CE: 1.00Karyn Gavzer Enrichment for indoor catsID# 12158 CE: 1.00Ilona Rodan Dealing with hazardous waste, 1ID# 12184 CE: 1.00Brett CordesInterview methods & techniquesID# 12323 CE: 1.00Valerie E Ragan Epidemiolong & statisticsID# 12190 CE: 1.00Marta Remmings Careers in public practiceID# 12196 CE: 1.00Stephen Sundlof PACs & those 'other' modalitiesID# 12060 CE: 1.00Robert P Malinowski Practice transition in the face of tragedyID# 12096 CE: 1.00Gary I Glassman Constructive confl ict resolutionID# 12128 CE: 1.00Karyn Gavzer Enrichment for confi ned livestockID# 12160 CE: 1.00Daniel M Weary Careers in academiaID# 12326 CE: 0.50Valerie E Ragan Building your new skillsID# 12327 CE: 0.50Gary A Vroegindewey Future directions in FDA and CDC careersID# 12198 CE: 1.00TBDinterdisciplinary & inter-institutional researchID# 12061 CE: 1.00Jessica PaigeHospital fi nancial physicalID# 12097 CE: 1.00Gary I GlassmanSta trainingID# 12129 CE: 1.00Karyn GavzerEnrichment in zoosID# 12161 CE: 1.00Doug WhitesideYour career roadmap: transition planningID# 12328 CE: 1.00Valerie E Ragan Veterinarians in governmentID# 12199 CE: 1.00Michael J GilsdorfAVMF's Special Night on the USS Midway6:30 pm - 8:00 pmsee page 9AVMA's A Night on the Midway8:00 pm - 10:00 pmsee page 9Future directions in USDA careersID# 12197 CE: 1.00John R Cli ord, William JamesCheck MapIt on to see the Hot Topic sessions as they are announced.