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Luxuriate in Huron Shore breezes and woodsy sur-rounds while reading Janis Stein's 211- page Schools of Yesteryear, Vol-ume 1 ( 2008). It's about 15 19th- and 20th- cen-tury Huron County Sand Beach and Sher-man Township rural schoolhouses. Stein's hardcover work in-cludes over 150 pho-tos. Notably, Huron County still houses six of Michigan's 12 remaining one-room schools. Stein, a Huron Shore contributor, describes schooldays when: . Students took turns ringing the school bell . Lunchtime potatoes were baked on a potbellied stove . Students enjoyed exploring, lunches, and classes in nearby woods . Students borrowed books, some donated, from a library nestled in a classroom corner . Popular games included softball and " shinny" ( field hockey), played with a crumpled tin can and sticks from maple trees . Punishment might mean washing the teacher's car . Partial recess minutes were banked for ice- skating outings . Festive Christmas programs entertained the whole commu-nity For purchasing information ($ 29.95 plus $ 5 shipping), contact Janis Stein, 989- 864- 5528, or at books@ steinexpressions. com. Living Water Bookstore 804 N Euclid, Bay City, 989- 684- 1122. Manager Brian Cutshall recommends: 1. Every Now and Then by Karen Kingsbury. Cutshall says Kingsbury is his shop's " hottest author." The tale is about a man who while on a quest to help others to embrace their grief finds he must deal with his own. 2. Heaven by Randy Alcorn. A mystical story about what the " new" heaven and Earth will look like after Armageddon. Says Cutshall, " The first part of the book explains, through Bible passages, what heaven is, and the second part answers questions ( e. g., Are we going to be talking to animals?)." Olivet Books and Gifts 100 N 2nd, Alpena, 989- 354- 3331. Owner Mary Rajasekhar recommends: 1. The Shack by William Paul Young. Rajasekhar says the book is " a beautiful fiction novel for healing and expanding our understanding of who God is." 2. Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis. The children's book is an adventure set in a fantasy world of knights, dragons, and fair maidens. The plot helps kids recognize and develop their God- given strengths. Reading & Rhythm Bookstore 110 E Huron Ave, Bad Axe, 989- 269- 6300. Owner Matt Knarian recommends: 1. The Thumb Pointed Fingers by Jacki Howard. This true, unsolved murder mystery tells the story of a man and his four sons who die agonizing deaths within three years of each other in Michigan's Thumb. 2. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Knarian says people are raving about this book, and describes it as a hysterically funny and warm- hearted story about the people of Guernsey Island, England, and how they survived hard times post- WWII. Forget Fast- Paced by Nancy Sajdak Manning Huron Shore | Summer 2009 . 11

icnicking is best described as a pleasur-able excursion with family and friends to enjoy an outdoor meal- ideally in a beautiful landscape. And what better place to picnic than along the captivating Lake Hu-ron shoreline! So, gather up the crew, grab a picnic basket and blanket, and hop in the car. Whether you want to munch on a light lunch at the park, host a complete cookout, or create a picnic on the beach, we've compiled a list of unique party and general stores along the shoreline waiting to warmly welcome you on your quest to fill your basket with a vari-ety of interesting goodies. Located right on the enchanting Au Sable River in Oscoda, The Au Sable River Store has " got it all." This one- stop conve-nience and bait store carries essential pic-nic items like fresh sub sandwiches and ice cream. For afterward activities like swim-ming, fishing, or canoeing, water cannons, river tubes, sunscreen, sunglasses, water-proof cameras, live bait, tackle, and fishing licenses can be purchased. The Au Sable River Store also offers boat rental, lake and riverboat charters, and bass- fishing guide services. Klenow's Market, conveniently locat-ed one city block away from East Tawas City Park in downtown East Tawas, has been providing wholesome products since 1900. The store stocks all the classics ( like hamburgers and hot dogs) you need for a good old- fashioned cookout at the park, and specializes in smoked products, including award- winning smoked fish, onion liver sau-sage, bacon, ham, and 14 varieties of home-made jerky. Klenow's has a complete delica-tessen with 20 salad selections, 24 varieties of cheese, and 22 types of homemade lunch meats for subs. Signature spices and meat sauces are a great way to add extra flavor to already savory fare. Main Street Liquor & Deli in Caseville is a full- service convenience store located within walking distance of the beach. It stocks all the supplies you could possibly need for that perfect picnic: frozen coffee drinks, chips, candy, and aisles full of your favorite snack foods. The store has the larg-est wine and liquor selection in Caseville. Main Street is the only party store in the area with a deli; its best- selling items are mouth- watering rotisserie chicken and rotis-serie ribs. Happy picnicking, and don't forget to tote the plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery from home to enjoy your basket full of goodies! Au Sable River Store, 680 W River Rd, Oscoda, 989- 739- 5332, www. ausableriverstore. com. Klenow's Market, 201 Newman St, East Tawas, 989- 362- 2341, www. klenowsmarket. com. Main Street Liquor & Deli, 6592 Main St, Caseville, 989- 856- 2600. Life Along the Sunrise Coast P Picnics and Of bPy Sararh DouRussvel isions SEhast 12 . Lakeside Lifestyle Magazine