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10Shelley Kirsch is a residential designer based in Toronto with 28 years ofexperience in the fields of interior design and decoration. Her work is regularlyfeatured in national newspapers and magazines., and along the top rail, a line of oval cutouts inset withtiny glass mosaics in shades of mandarin orange. Overhead, wedealt with a ubiquitous problem in condos --boring, badly placedoverhead lighting --by enclosing the coffer in translucent glasspanels framed in walnut, and adding a small vintage chandelier.The double doors leading to the master suite gave us anotheropportunity to express the Indian/Art Deco theme. Solid doorswere replaced with French doors with custom stained-glass panelsfeaturing six-pointed orange-red stars. This is an iconic symbolthat shows up frequently in Indian liturgy. One of the challengesin the master bedroom was its surprisingly small size for a unitthis large. We couldn't do much to enlarge it, so the trick was tocreate the illusion of more space. I chose to design an expandedheadboard that ran from wall to wall, with the top sectionupholstered and buttoned, and a single quarter sawn natural oakpanel underneath. This design incorporated floating side tablesand a bed frame, with recessed lighting panel above the bed.Paired with soft creams and pale blue and grey fabrics, it feelsmuch more spacious than it really is.There are actually two opportunities for guest accommodations inthe other "wing." The library sofa is a pullout, but in the den, thebuilt-in unit on one wall contains a Murphy bed. The couple's sonis in the music business, and sometimes works with friends inToronto. If the rehearsal runs into the small hours, it's a simplematter to pull down the bed and catch a few hours of sleepwithout disturbing others.The clients love the way the public and private spaces worktogether, and how the entire design is geared to the way they live.But what they tell me pleases them the most is that we were ableto take a featureless white box, and transform it into somethingsensual and magical --like India itself.My favourite piece is the chaise longueby Deganello for Cassina. It's an iconicdesign, part of the Torso series, which is very form-fitted. It's a marvelous piece that even incorporates a little side table for a martini.

successtower.caTABLE FOR TWOTHE BEST IN TOWN(RESERVATIONS REQUIRED)aWELCOME TO THE LIFE ABOVERising stately into the clouds, standing luxurious in attitude and altitude. This private collection of residences offers bountiful space up to 2,112 sq.ft. Phenomenal designs, and beautiful aesthetics. Your window to the world of opportunity begins on floors 41 to 53. The Palatial Residences, embracing the city skyline and beckoning you home! Residences from $749,900 to $1,999,900.ELEGANTLY APPOINTED MODELS TO VIEWPERFECTION - PERFORMANCEDEVELOPED BY:PRESENTATION CENTRE: 16 Harbour Street, Toronto | Open Daily: 12 - 6pm | 416.360.0673YOURSPACEYOURSTYLEYOURADDRESSActual View From Suite 4506Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Images are for mood and impression only. E. & O.E. 2010