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32one is used to living a stylish life in a prestigiousneighbourhood, giving up that lifestyle when you reach acertain age is a difficult proposition. After all, in our "golden years"we want more out of life, not less. So, where do seniors from Forest Hill or North Toronto move whenthe upkeep on their house has become too much effort and thereassurance of additional care when needed begins to have adefinite appeal? With this in mind I was intrigued to hear aboutLiving Life on the Avenue, a retirement address with a decidedlyupscale approach to a seniors' community. It's a place whereresidents can be as independent as they like, in a rich andrewarding environment, knowing that their needs will be catered tolike a five-star hotel. Located at 1066 Avenue Road in the sought-after neighbourhood of Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue, LivingLife on the Avenue celebrated its grand opening on November 6thby giving the public a taste of the vibrant and luxurious lifestyle thatresidents here can expect. As part of the grand opening, Living Life offered tours of thisboutique residence and its facilities, displaying the refinedatmosphere and elegant design of the architecture. The celebrationincluded all-day live entertainment and gourmet refreshments, aswell as cooking classes with Bonnie Stern and Living Life's ExecutiveChef Martin Warnick. There were dance classes, a demonstration ofthe Living Life Spa, and an art class for all ages. Toronto's Finest Boutique LivingLIVING LIFE ON THE AVENUEIf

33Opposite: The grand hotel-style lobby.Above: The relaxing Bond Bar.Insert: Living Life Principals David Laren, Jason Pantalone, DeenaPantalone-Reale, Rocky Pantalone and Matthew Pantalone.The tour featured the superb amenities available here: the formaldining room, the indoor pool, the theatre, the general store, thelibrary with its welcoming fireplace, the fully-equipped yoga andfitness centre, the salon and spa, and, certain to become afavourite gathering place, the Bond Bar. A quick scan of the activities roster for November reveals that atLiving Life there's always something interesting to do. Seminars,lectures by guest speakers and activities of all kinds are offeredon a daily basis, like learning to cook gourmet meals, exploring theInternet, wine tasting, and brain fitness. If you fancy a game ofbridge, or chess --or if you'd like to brush up on your Italian --that's available too. There is a definite emphasis on living ahealthy lifestyle with classes offered in Aqua-fit, Yoga, Tai Chi,Pilates and every day starts with a Morning Stretch. Perhaps evenmore impressive is the number of weekly outings planned: Jazz atthe Pilot Tavern, dinner at the King Eddy, The Royal Winter Fair,the AGO --and the list goes on. Encouraging an integrated, multi-generational atmosphere, LivingLife welcomes friends, family and the community at large. Forinstance, weekly entertainment at the piano lounge will often beopen to the public from 5:00 to 7:00 when friends and familymight drop by for a cocktail. Health experts also formulateIndividual Wellness Plans for each resident, based on their needs. The Living Life Group of Companies is a pre-eminent developer ofprestigious retirement communities. Over the years, Living LifeRetirement Residences has established itself as a respected namein the industry with the launch of a number of new buildings setin such affluent neighbourhoods as Avenue Road, The Kingswayand Bathurst Manor. Principals Deena Pantalone-Reale, JasonPantalone, Matthew Pantalone and David Laren are committed toproviding the ultimate living experience at their signatureresidences. The company determines the needs of eachcommunity through the use of focus groups and designs theirproperties to address the individual needs of their residents. AtLiving Life, a resident isn't just a number. Each is an individualwith a story to tell. Each brings a unique set of needs, history andabilities to the Living Life community. For independent-minded seniors who wouldn't object to someserious pampering, Living Life on the Avenue presents anopportunity to live in high style, with vitality and the confidenceprovided by 24-hour care. It's a welcome approach that allowsseniors to live on their own terms, a philosophy that's expressedin the Living Life motto: "Your lifestyle, your way." For moreinformation, visit or call theMarketing Director at 416-483-9900.