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33Opposite: The grand hotel-style lobby.Above: The relaxing Bond Bar.Insert: Living Life Principals David Laren, Jason Pantalone, DeenaPantalone-Reale, Rocky Pantalone and Matthew Pantalone.The tour featured the superb amenities available here: the formaldining room, the indoor pool, the theatre, the general store, thelibrary with its welcoming fireplace, the fully-equipped yoga andfitness centre, the salon and spa, and, certain to become afavourite gathering place, the Bond Bar. A quick scan of the activities roster for November reveals that atLiving Life there's always something interesting to do. Seminars,lectures by guest speakers and activities of all kinds are offeredon a daily basis, like learning to cook gourmet meals, exploring theInternet, wine tasting, and brain fitness. If you fancy a game ofbridge, or chess --or if you'd like to brush up on your Italian --that's available too. There is a definite emphasis on living ahealthy lifestyle with classes offered in Aqua-fit, Yoga, Tai Chi,Pilates and every day starts with a Morning Stretch. Perhaps evenmore impressive is the number of weekly outings planned: Jazz atthe Pilot Tavern, dinner at the King Eddy, The Royal Winter Fair,the AGO --and the list goes on. Encouraging an integrated, multi-generational atmosphere, LivingLife welcomes friends, family and the community at large. Forinstance, weekly entertainment at the piano lounge will often beopen to the public from 5:00 to 7:00 when friends and familymight drop by for a cocktail. Health experts also formulateIndividual Wellness Plans for each resident, based on their needs. The Living Life Group of Companies is a pre-eminent developer ofprestigious retirement communities. Over the years, Living LifeRetirement Residences has established itself as a respected namein the industry with the launch of a number of new buildings setin such affluent neighbourhoods as Avenue Road, The Kingswayand Bathurst Manor. Principals Deena Pantalone-Reale, JasonPantalone, Matthew Pantalone and David Laren are committed toproviding the ultimate living experience at their signatureresidences. The company determines the needs of eachcommunity through the use of focus groups and designs theirproperties to address the individual needs of their residents. AtLiving Life, a resident isn't just a number. Each is an individualwith a story to tell. Each brings a unique set of needs, history andabilities to the Living Life community. For independent-minded seniors who wouldn't object to someserious pampering, Living Life on the Avenue presents anopportunity to live in high style, with vitality and the confidenceprovided by 24-hour care. It's a welcome approach that allowsseniors to live on their own terms, a philosophy that's expressedin the Living Life motto: "Your lifestyle, your way." For moreinformation, visit or call theMarketing Director at 416-483-9900.

34a child and teenager, my mother offered me plentyof advice including "dressing for the weather." Heradvice on the subject served me well as a child anddidn't serve me at all as a teen. Now, as a parent often advisingmy own kids with the very same words, I'm reminded that withage comes wisdom.As an enthusiast of all things active, it's perhaps only naturalthat when winter arrives, I wish for snow --and the more thebetter. As any school child will tell you, snow createspossibilities for fun, and fun and physical activity go hand inhand. Watch upon the arrival of our first real snowfall as schoolkids take to the fields to roll massive snowballs, make snowmenand snow angels and build forts. Watch as older children andyouth defy the rules and engage in fun, friendly and evenflirtatious snowball fights. Snow creates possibilities.Snow also provides us with options: ice skating, outdoor hockeygames, XC skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, sledding, andwinter hiking. But what about keeping it simple and heading to acommunity park or your own backyard with the kids? On a fewoccasions when my kids were very young, I declared "snow days"and kept them home from school in order to let them experiencethe fun of an all-day snow day --the kind that warrants extraloads through the dryer, mitten changes every hour, and cups ofhot cocoa as dusk rolls in.While many physical activity enthusiasts do spend more time inthe gym over the winter months, perhaps trading in outdoor runsfor spinning or regular hikes for swimming, winter provides theperfect playground or natural gym. Further, as so many of today'schildren aren't well-acquainted with nature and don't engage inactive outdoor pursuits, winter presents us with yet anotherseason for outdoor discovery and family fun.Peek outside and you'll see countless walkers bundled andstriding briskly as they show winter they're not about to be bulliedindoors. Runners, including myself, learn to dress for winter's fury,and with a shorter gait and lower posture, leave tracks that tell ourstory of commitment and devotion.Venture into Toronto's trail system or many parks on winterweekends, and you'll soon discover that what appears at first to bean artist's blank canvas is really a playground for people and theirdogs, Nordic walkers, snowshoe enthusiasts, XC skiers, and thosesimply unwilling to spend winter indoors. My family and I areSNOWFind the fun in Canada's mostcontentious seasonWhether your take on winter is frightful or delightful, there's little doubt that winterweather is a subject with potential to divide the nation. Anticipating winter's arrival hassome enthusiasts leaping into their long undies eagerly awaiting snow, while othersresign themselves to months of near-hibernation. Regardless of your preferred side ofthe fence, one thing is certain in Canada. winter always comes. Fortunately, uponarrival it provides us with opportunities, options and possibilities, and leaves us in thespring with the gift of appreciation and wonder as our natural world Catherine Cameron, Ambassador, Active Living, ParticipACTIONLET ITAs