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It's time to spice up your life!Our most artistic and colourful collection to date.Flagship 348 Davenport road | Toronto, ON | Tel 416.929.7929Design Living 1400 Castle eld ave | Toronto, ON | Tel 416.787.7929Designers Walk 162 Bedford road | Toronto, ON | Tel 416.923.7929Online | info@weaversart.comExclusively through designers and architectsModern Element collection 1st column: Phoenix, Africa, Suzani2nd column: Tulips, Patchwork, Aboriginal

8WelcomeWelcomeWelcomelcomecomeWelcomelWelcomeWlwelcWomeellwelcomewelcomecomeWe hope you all had a wonderful winter season. As always, we've been keeping busy at Harvey Kalles Real Estate. It'sa changing world, and we know that people are increasingly getting their information from a variety of sources. In keepingwith our pledge to be the very best provider for all of your real estate needs, we're stepping up our game. From Facebookto Twitter to online blogging, Harvey Kalles Real Estate is getting social. So, if you're locked into your laptop or iPad,then please visit our website at to tap into all the key details. We look forward to interacting with you.Of course, internet aside, there's still nothing like curling up on the couch with a good book or a (favourite) magazine, andwe've got that base covered, too. The COLLECTIONSteam has been hard at work these past few months digging up thestories that make Toronto tick, and I think you'll agree that this spring edition is one of our best yet. From our fabulousfeatured Caledon estate, to our new relationship with Heritage Toronto, to arts, culture, and activities, it is all here. For starters, we are thrilled to present A Designing Man, a design piece from guest contributor, Ron Holbrook. Ron isat the very top of his field, traveling the world to create some of the greatest landscapes and private gardens around.In this feature, he walks us through a stunning Bridle Path estate, describing his design sensibilities and his process. Following that, we're joined by award-winning journalist and author Linden MacIntyre. Linden won the Giller Prize forhis 2009 novel, The Bishop's Man, and he's now back with a follow up book entitled Why Men Lie. He's here for afeature interview on a range of subject matters from the state of investigative journalism, to institutional abuse of power,to the writing process. This is a man who's seen it all and does not shy away from the truth. Lastly, John Horne, Executive Chef of the acclaimed Canoe restaurant is here for a fun take on Canadian cuisine. Weall know French, Italian, and Chinese food, but what exactly is Canadian? John knows, and it just might have somethingto do with bacon. for dessert. Intrigued? Read on. Of course, there's plenty more in store. Theatre Direct is celebrating 35 years of bringing quality theatre to Canadianyouth, Earth Day Canada is gearing up for a month-long celebration of events, and the Evergreen Brick Works is preparingfor a massive exhibition on the future of mobility across the GTA. COLLECTIONSwill be supporting the exhibitionthrough a series of articles on mobility, and we look forward to bringing those to you throughout the year. From all of us at Harvey Kalles Real Estate, enjoy the spring edition of COLLECTIONS, and we'll see you again in June.Harvey KallesChairman & C.E.O. Michael Kalles B.A., M.B.A., dip. RPDBroker of RecordCOLLECTIONSby Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.Welcome to the spring edition ofLetter from the President