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Maths New@ BETT www. bettshow. com Maths tools to drive up interest rates MangaHigh ( stand J60) will launch its new website, billed as the first curriculum- compliant maths website for secondary level. A key attraction is the social gaming functionality, which introduces team- based competition and Facebook- style social networking features such as custom avatars and rankings. DLK ( stand SW166) will launch a new suite of maths software featuring high- quality 3D graphics to provide pupils with a compelling computer games experience. For example, in NumberWars pupils explore a cave system in which they must survive and defeat enemies by exploiting their knowledge of maths. NumberGym ( stand SW3) will feature the newly- upgraded version of its primary level software. Combining tools for group teaching via the interactive whiteboard, and challenges for individual pupils, the upgrade includes 50 activities for Key Stages 1 and 2. Play Live from EducationCity ( stand E50) is a new mental arithmetic resource. The online arena lets pupils practise mental maths skills and compete against the clock - and each other - in real time. Play Live is designed as an interactive alternative to regular mental maths or tables tests, and is available across Years 1 to 7. SUMS ( stand A96) will launch home editions of its popular SUMS Maths, currently widely employed within the leading learning platforms. The new editions, available as a single CD containing the complete set of SUMS Maths games used in thousands of schools, cost just £ 10 each to make them affordable to all parents. New from the Association of Teachers of Mathematics ( stand Q42) is MTi, an interactive online version of the Mathematics Teaching magazine. With the new interactive journal, the association aims to drive greater interaction among its members, and to promote debate about maths teaching in schools. Features include applets from software such as Geogebra and Autograph, animations and film clips. Mathematicians save the world: number play from MangaHigh New@ BETT SHORTS Computer maker Dell ( stand B20) will launch the Connected Classroom, a purpose- built ICT solution for education. The system includes Virtual Classrooms, Remote User Access and SIF Integration within Dell's Connected Learning Journeys. 32New@ BETT in association with

Packed with great features Elmo's allrounder A truly portable entry model from ELMOLIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT! ONLY 1.3KG! 2MP HIGH RESOLUTION REMOTE CONTROL PLUS AMAZING 41.6X MAGNIFICATION! 30FPS FULL MOTION Come and try them at our stand H19 , National Hall. A Visualer is a flexible teaching aid that will allow teachers to display just about anything from a tiny fish swimming to a book in vivid colour, still or moving, easily and quickly. A Visualiser brings a lesson to life and its applications are broad and across the curriculum. L1- exi- Pochette ELMO introduces two brand new visualisers at BETT 2010 January 14 2010 12.00pm & 14.00pm Joint presenters: Dave Smith : ICT Consultant and Curriculum Advisor - Havering Inspection and Advisory Services Amy Blackmore: e- Learning Curriculum Adviser, Somerset Local Authority January 15 2010 11.00am & 13.00pm Dave Smith : ICT Consultant and Curriculum Advisor - Havering Inspection and Advisory Services January 15 2010 11.45am Seminar Title: Putting the C in ICT Promoting peer dialogue using visualiser technology Speaker: Amy Blackmore e- Learning Curriculum Adviser, Somerset Local Authority JOIN US IN OUR WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS TO SEE HOW THE VISUALISER BRINGS THE CLASSROOM TO LIFE Find out more at www. elmo- visualiser. co. uk Contact us at info@ elmo- visualiser. co. uk Workshops @ ELMO Stand H19Seminars @ Software Zone BETT 2010