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Facilities/ Furniture New@ BETT www. bettshow. com Classrooms at the cutting edge Although the interactive whiteboard is now ubiquitous in classrooms, manufacturers continue to improve and innovate. Luidia ( stand F108) will launch the eBeam Edge, a whiteboard system that is smaller and lighter but which offers higher resolution and faster response times. Greater accuracy means that it is possible for teachers to interact with websites since in- text hotlinks can now be selected. MSI ( stand U132) will launch a range of desktop and notebook computers at BETT 2010. New models include the Wind NetOn and Wind NetBox series. The former is an all- in- one design that provides full desktop computing in a slimline monitor form- factor, while NetBox is traditional desktop PC but slimmed down to just one- quarter of the size of a standard desktop. KI ( stand D140) is the world's largest manufacturer of furniture for education and the company will have its latest product ranges at BETT 2010. They include a comprehensive range of seating, including the newly- launched DuraMesh folding chairs; and the KI 800 series of storage solutions. Top- Tec ( stand G46) will launch a number of new lecterns, media racks and display mounts. Exclusively on show at BETT, the new Voyager range of lecterns and media centres is manufactured in the UK and provides a complete set of solutions for projection, presentation and display. Also launched at BETT will be the Levitator, a range of electrically operated height- adjustable stands for plasma and LCD display screens capable of handling displays up to 60 inches. PSA Parts ( stand G127) will be at BETT to help you get the most from your existing technology. The company offers 15,000 replacement and extended batteries for laptop and netbook computers, as well as a range of spares for the leading brands of printers. Videonations ( stand C80) will launch a range of video conferencing solutions, including LifeSize Passport, a mobile system that fits in the palm of the hand yet delivers full high-definition video. LifeSize Passport is also the first HD video system to enable Skype audio calls, making it an affordable solution for education. While wireless technology continues to develop, IT remains bedevilled by the inevitable mare's nest of cables. Exhibiting at BETT for the first time, Octopus Cabling ( stand W24) will be demonstrating ways to tame the cabling nightmare. Offering a range of data cable solutions for fibre optics, communications and servers, Octopus also specialises in electrical power distribution. Program running: Computer- controlled fun and games from Lappset 40New@ BETT in association with