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New@ BETT www. bettshow. com Administration A helping hand for schools management RTS Technology Solutions ( stand W45) will launch Kahu, an online system for managing and scheduling the booking of school resources such as classrooms, AV equipment and the other essentials of modern school life. Using a simple calendar interface, Kahu does away with the need for paper systems, multiple spreadsheets and other workarounds. Further to the imminent Government requirement for every secondary school to address the Assessing Pupil Progress ( APP) framework, Prime Principle ( stand SW114) will launch its online interactive markbook Classroom Monitor. Already in use by 1200 primary schools, the new secondary version is specifically designed to meet the demands of the Key Stage 3- 4 assessment. As well as recording on- going assessment for each pupil, the system allows teachers to add evidence and notes to help identify pupils' problems as they occur. In similar vein, Core Education ( stand H9) will launch Navigator, a new tool for Assessment for Learning that translates assessment data into understandable and accessible profiles of achievement for teachers, students and parents. Teachers and school administrators can use the tools to review performance from groups to individual students, while pupils and parents can focus on the most critical areas for improvement and capture them in a personal plan. ITS ( stand B69) will launch Mirtrak, a network resource tracking solution. Mirtrak's reports make the use of hardware and software resources measurable and the users more accountable. IT staff can identify who was using a particular computer at any given time; and discover which applications are really used allowing them to make better licensing decisions. SIMS Discover is a new tool from Capita Children's Services ( stand D20) that promises to make more readily available the wealth of information that schools already hold on pupils, but which is often buried within multiple databases and other systems. Making its debut at BETT 2010, SIMS Discover extracts any data and presents it in a visual form using charts, graphs and diagrams, allowing teachers and administrators to compare academic performance against attendance records, for example, or English results against pupils with English as a second language. From these high- level overviews, teachers can then drill down to individual pupils for detailed individual records. Also new is STARS, the School Tracking, Assessment and Reporting System from Hyperspheric Solutions ( stand X6). Using virtual markbooks to track student progress against target grades, STARS identifies students and groups who need extra help. It also provides a snapshot of each pupil, and the use of comments makes generating reports easy and does away with time- consuming data collection. Secondary considerations: Prime Principle's upgraded Classroom Monitor. New@ BETT in association with45